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  1. The pitch looks as bad as Grant's hair
  2. Went for a wizz at 1-3 come back 3-3 lol
  3. Georgevski is a better option than slater for pre game stuff
  4. Meier Duke. Muller Swegs Baccus. Jurman Willmering Mcgowan zeigler Georgey Lopar I want to see swegs at 10 and this is probably the best line up to play barring injuries. I don't want to see wingers/forwards forced to play creator when swegs is the best choice
  5. Disappointing lose but fair result needed to force babbels hand to rethink things going forward and sort out AM and front formation, clearly evident the difference is having a diamanti running the show and we don't have an answer without raddy. Bye will help figure this out and the bones of a good team is there so no need to panic.
  6. Muller as well and our dm's can't find them, babbel doesn't have alot of options with no sulivan or AM. Finally an adjustment has been made Meier up front with speedy player looking to feed him
  7. Anyone else think that Meier seems ineffective in his midfield role, I'd like to see him swap with Yeboah. Also is Meier the only player to have both names on his Jersey?
  8. Ref is a bit whistle happy but still a good flowing game
  9. Kubi in for Berisha Babbel hat on 3 Germanders starting We got this 2-0
  10. Geee that looked inside the box handball
  11. That Panamanian guy does do some sexual football Merrick got the shitz about at half time Go var give the pen in the box
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