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  1. Not fun shoving that thing into your brain, i had to do it just to see an orthopaedic surgery trauma specialist who was so strict when seeing him he was dressed as a storm trooper basically but is a good bloke and had a good laugh about it. Funny i asked him about the app and yeah he wasn't impressed and hinted at not trusting the privacy and he knew about the fact our government overlooked aus companies questioning the motives.
  2. Finally football will return and the team is looking together still and a fresh start, i hope we play some attractive attack and not too defensive. Will have an advantage over the interstate teams and would be nice if us and esfc can help out if needed. Be interesting to see how they select the 25% capacity of people and if i get selected i will pass on to anyone here as I will be having surgery and will miss out. Hopefully at least they add 500 rbb but social distancing and policing will be an issue. How many home games do we have or interstate teams play us in Sydney that would be possible to attend?
  3. So it's a non issue that it be forced into your device without permission even our government working with them to do so .I'm sure a profit making corporation will do the right thing hahaha
  4. So just a disturbing fact for everyone that Google have automatically added a covid19 tracking to your Google, go to your settings and see it for yourself. No update authorization required and have forced it on everyone's devices and is active on Bluetooth. I deactivate Google completely.
  5. I'm now more concerned about china vs India army clashes killing 60 soldiers and the beginning of ww3, what i can't understand is the media isn't reporting anything despite 3 days of killings. Can find videos on YouTube and Instagram but are constantly deleted.
  6. 🤣😂 Thanks kitto that cracked me up hard and needed it 👍
  7. Can't believe how Americans are destroying their own country some scary videos from at least 20 states of violence and police beatings and running cars through crowds. Can't look at it as I seen some truly horrific stuff even innocent people being mob attack. Thankfully we don't have a leader like trumpet, he will send in the army and people will die.
  8. It's funny you mention this today in a nrl game the commentary of fox pundits was calling for sponsorship for a high view camera as foxtel can't afford it anymore hahaha how low will foxtel go getting Commentators to sell it live during a game. This camera was wired fixed like a spider cam and did provide a good sideline view.
  9. When we know about football returning, we'd likely keep jpd now for 1 season. Add a poll to the topic asking if we want to keep him now or not, interested in the results.
  10. Yeah that's what is concerning he could get 500k and an aussie could get 50k instead of 200/250k, probably will see marquees on less money and won't see 800k football god players, will be up to cashed up owned clubs to invest and will also create a quality gap but i can live with that situation of city, esfc, vic and us being dominant for a couple of seasons. I'd take any football at the moment, so boring with no wanderers.
  11. Kinda scary that kids could spread it again and a friend family member tested positive for covid19 last week and has no symptoms and was told he could have been carrying the disease for weeks with no effect on him, they even organised to come to his home as he lives alone and been isolated so they wanted to test surfaces and things in his home.
  12. Muller definitely wants to stay and his family is happy here, definitely need to try keep him unless financial restraints my force him to another aus club. Going to be difficult moving forward with pfa fighting against the 80% wage cut and could be 80% if this season goes on then perhaps we'll see 60-40% next season until money comes back into sports revenues and sponsorships.
  13. That's funny because I ordered shoes from Nike which came from overseas took i month delivered today. I was hesitant to order but worked out well, already i cancelled ordering shoes from Indonesia as no guarantee from seller. I think my last package is lost or stolen but I'm not upset over a used $20 ps4 game from ebay.
  14. 1 in for has made it the other 3 tracking auspost is a joke and i understand the covid19 delays but even an inquiry i get a weak response saying it is still in transit lol for 3 weeks and shipped from nsw. Should have paid the extra for express postage.
  15. Australia Post, i have 4 items all being tracked in transit for delivery for over a week overdue
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