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  1. Also how hard is it to sleep with the brain on overdrive thinking about the situation, im lucky i know I'll get through it but very worried for a few close mates who have alot of young kids and will be off work for months and are now desperate to find any work. One m8 already told me that depression is kicking in and being trapped at home isn't helping, I'm trying to help but it's hard to. Alot of helpline services are swamped and m8s like mine won't call anyway. If anyone can help everyone with ideas or activities to help keep the brain stimulated on here would be a nice gesture.
  2. At least these overpaid politicians are finally earning their money, what is disturbing is the number of major ceo's that all resigned from large corporations so that they don't have to deal with the situation and protect their own financial interests.
  3. Well said and is what I was thinking as Lederer will no longer be a billionaire after this and with other clubs and nrl/afl doing similar it was on the cards, just dirty about the foxtel and this virus probably set football back 5 years. However it is an opportunity to start a new league with surviving clubs, nsl, npl state leagues to rebuild together and have a relegation 2tier competition and no more buying licences. Just feel for all the youth players that will probably have to walk away from the game as finances will be tough for everyday people let alone low paid footballers, would be nice to start a go fund me page for struggling wsw and a league players to keep these players involved somehow.
  4. Fax foxtel and knew this was going to happen deliberately pulling the deal without the pay leaving clubs in the bankruptcy area and should be the death of a league and will be a chance to start again and possibly including npl teams, might be a good idea to start a nsw competition for now if the npl doesn't recover and in the future look at a national competition when finances improve.
  5. https://www.bronsonsafety.com.au/ppe-first-aid/hand-protection Work gloves are more comfortable to wear and not that expensive especially if you buy in bulk , also sell industrial face masks but not necessary to wear unless you have health issues. Plenty of aussie online business still supplying just got to have a look and would suggest against buying from overseas as items might not get sent.
  6. They would be better off adding more security as it would be difficult to put screens in over 400 stores and from experience shopping so far would be better to police distancing and all staff should at least wear disposable gloves. I feel as if I could catch the virus going when it's packed, best time i find is after lunch. Been seeing some dirty people spitting on stuff in woollies on snapchat so i wear workshop gloves when i go and advise people to do similar
  7. Dan Murphys is woolworths owned
  8. Might be the last a league game on now
  9. This is being done in every state in America
  10. Compare what the martial law military and police is doing in the USA shows they can get through it, scary scenes in us with the military to take over the streets and videos of them shooting people with pelet machine guns on beach goers, imagine what will happen with majority of the population own a gun and things get out of hand.
  11. I personally think that the comp should keep going, not just for the foxtel money but in defiance of the virus and to show the world life can go on.
  12. Yep horrible service makes duke/cox no options and it's frustrating when we play decent.
  13. Missing Muller or a sulivan to go forward into the box, playing not bad defensively and good press just lack attack.
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