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  1. Would be epic if the cause was that you just forgot to turn the power button on 😂😂😋 a similar thing happened to me with an ex where she forgot the button and called tech support 😂🤦‍♂️
  2. Everyone going on about Kobe, me personally I don't care
  3. Great acl performance, they haven't played this decent all season.
  4. Bushfire charity game confirmed with Drogba first big name to play at ANZ on May 23rd https://coupler.foxsports.com.au/api/v1/article/amp/football/a-league/didier-drogba-new-football-for-fires-australia-bushfire-relief-football-match-david-trezeguet/news-story/1540182b2489b35605ce6aa9602b90f0
  5. Truth is a-league is amateurish and the ref performances have been horrible at times and the only reason I watch a-league is because I support a team, more of the same same moving forward with eventually kill off the rusted on fans.
  6. How did that go in, lol deflection
  7. Dirty bamjo var should intervene for the card to go back to bamjo
  8. Thrillhouse finish, the big blue better be decent can't watch esfc dominate
  9. Good action second half even shitorio slotted one in
  10. Burgerman

    Tarek Elrich

    He is not a fan of JP's and going to popa says alot, besides he won't get an extension so smart move,i don't believe he would be a snitch and to me it felt like a jp/muscat leak in an attempt for muscat at the time looking for a job. he hasn't been bad just hasn't got the legs to be a starter and probably be productive for glory.
  11. Hitting up his milf buch before heading home
  12. Bring back Gorman he has proven to create the right culture, just look at what he done with the sharks going from drug cheats to a respected club again. No community feel anymore just a dull corporate feeling with plenty of junk mail flogging corporate or sales crap. A serious review needed in all aspects of operations then implement some changes.
  13. Piss weak press conference and JT is a corporate scrooge and I can't see JP staying on
  14. Wow take off your most creative player Just eff off babbel, bring in Gus
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