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  1. Balotelli's name has been mentioned as being shopped around aus and mls between 5~8mill, not sure that nutta would actually play ball or just party.
  2. My boss thinks he's Elon Musk, but in reality we all call him a stupid genius and professor Farnsworth,we even have a competitor who has an Ogden Wernstrom and if they ever in the same place it's like a futurama episode 😂
  3. So tomorrow's media reports will be this, so I'll throw out some more bread crums with Gary Hooper has boarded a plane and heading for a new destination.
  4. 5k Leeds fans seriously? Parra will be rocking again tipping a draw as got no idea what to expect from our new team this early.
  5. Last of the Lowy puppets to go out and goodbye asshole thanks for milking the game.
  6. Is jedi still in the country, will the beard one be mentioned at the forum?
  7. Such a gun that the mariners never gave him an opportunity to shake their sauce bottles like they do with our rejects.
  8. I wants it too, does look like the emblems aren't stitched on thought. I'm guessing to say $200+ for one.
  9. Gary Hooper, Fraizer champbell and stturidge
  10. Not bad, could be a gem https://www.transfermarkt.com/ulises-davila/profil/spieler/108820
  11. Brat, Jedinak and a pom ss should be in the cap
  12. https://www.transfermarkt.com/richard-windbichler/profil/spieler/74770 Million dollar cb probably somehow under the cap
  13. Bashir for wanderland2.0 ground announcements
  14. Not a lowered gemini, he ain't coming west in that.
  15. Didn't Saba command a transfer fee and didn't he pay his own transfer bill...... That went well didn't it mr Saba, or was it a tax write off on his t-shirt business 🤣
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