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  1. 🤣😂 Thanks kitto that cracked me up hard and needed it 👍
  2. Can't believe how Americans are destroying their own country some scary videos from at least 20 states of violence and police beatings and running cars through crowds. Can't look at it as I seen some truly horrific stuff even innocent people being mob attack. Thankfully we don't have a leader like trumpet, he will send in the army and people will die.
  3. It's funny you mention this today in a nrl game the commentary of fox pundits was calling for sponsorship for a high view camera as foxtel can't afford it anymore hahaha how low will foxtel go getting Commentators to sell it live during a game. This camera was wired fixed like a spider cam and did provide a good sideline view.
  4. When we know about football returning, we'd likely keep jpd now for 1 season. Add a poll to the topic asking if we want to keep him now or not, interested in the results.
  5. Yeah that's what is concerning he could get 500k and an aussie could get 50k instead of 200/250k, probably will see marquees on less money and won't see 800k football god players, will be up to cashed up owned clubs to invest and will also create a quality gap but i can live with that situation of city, esfc, vic and us being dominant for a couple of seasons. I'd take any football at the moment, so boring with no wanderers.
  6. Kinda scary that kids could spread it again and a friend family member tested positive for covid19 last week and has no symptoms and was told he could have been carrying the disease for weeks with no effect on him, they even organised to come to his home as he lives alone and been isolated so they wanted to test surfaces and things in his home.
  7. Muller definitely wants to stay and his family is happy here, definitely need to try keep him unless financial restraints my force him to another aus club. Going to be difficult moving forward with pfa fighting against the 80% wage cut and could be 80% if this season goes on then perhaps we'll see 60-40% next season until money comes back into sports revenues and sponsorships.
  8. That's funny because I ordered shoes from Nike which came from overseas took i month delivered today. I was hesitant to order but worked out well, already i cancelled ordering shoes from Indonesia as no guarantee from seller. I think my last package is lost or stolen but I'm not upset over a used $20 ps4 game from ebay.
  9. 1 in for has made it the other 3 tracking auspost is a joke and i understand the covid19 delays but even an inquiry i get a weak response saying it is still in transit lol for 3 weeks and shipped from nsw. Should have paid the extra for express postage.
  10. Australia Post, i have 4 items all being tracked in transit for delivery for over a week overdue
  11. How nice is it to watch football on a Saturday night again, bundesliga worth staying up for and turn off the ps4
  12. Yeah i don't feel bad for murdoch with him melding in politics rather than integrate with technology. I'm still keeping fox as I'm bored and a bit old school and don't enjoy Internet tv, but inevitably I will upgrade and that would cancel out foxtel.
  13. With technology improvements these days it's not about brand names my friend bought a generic brand tv 65inch for $700 and it looks as good as my Samsung tv and has same options. I also have an old Sanyo tv in my bedroom that has lasted over 15 years and will probably outlast my Samsung tv.
  14. I'm getting allergic from this thread as to many stingers
  15. My mate was telling me about the idea that a few npl clubs might be interested in a nsw cup in a few months with a league teams and was to be offered the idea to optus.
  16. Definitely not interested Everyone should always turn off Bluetooth when out of home or car as my mate got hacked outside of a bank via Bluetooth and they were able to transfer money, was a few years ago but it is still hackable. Only time I'd consider having it if i get the virus to warn friends/family but I'm a responsible adult and would do so regardless of app.
  17. Lol i tried to buy something today from jb-hi and they wouldn't accept cash money because of covid19, so went to bigw and they had the same thing cheaper. Amazing to see alot of the closed shops in bankstown all are starting to be emptied and don't look like returning.
  18. Haha yeah i seen it, i sort of like him he's a bit different and actually a decent down to earth person and has helped alot of aussie make it in Hollywood. You can find extras rolls for aussie shows/movies via his agency, I've had a few friends do some extras work who met him on set and is happy to chat to everyone. WRGMG is kardashitan types posting super luxurious food and stuff with the country is in turmoil.
  19. Was always going to be trouble brewing against China and other countries will also be pushing the question and it could eventually lead to war hence why the media haven't been pushing the issue of how it started. ScumO needs to be careful as even Trump won't be that silly to provoke China.
  20. Had enough of ps4 and playing games, now it's just boring feeling like a hibernating bear grown a thick beard in a few weeks.
  21. That's why they outsource it to a private company and here is an interesting article. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-24/amazon-to-provide-cloud-services-for-coronavirus-tracing-app/12176682 Can't trust big companies, just look at woollies they use your shopping rewards details to manipulate prices in different stores. If you go to 20 different stores you will find some items a different price in different stores.
  22. I switched to Huawei after using Samsung and it is exactly the same phone but better. The only reason the USA is biased is because of the apple connection and apple make money on buying music or upgrades when they deliberately slow down old apple phones compared to an old Huawei which keeps going forever. As to the argument of the app, no thank you I'd rather turn off phone data if i was forced to have it. Can't trust our governments these days, they have their own personal agendas and corporate buddies with deep pockets.
  23. https://giphy.com/gifs/fat-110gqI69qjVAkM
  24. So the question of where the virus actually came from are ramping up, will we find the truth or will some of these conspiracies theories continue.......batfood or sex with a bat, batman went to a dirty brothel, wuhan lab fuq up, 5g towers radiation, rothschild family did it for profit, zionists world cleansing, bill gates who profit on medical supplies...... Yadda yadda
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