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  1. Burgerman

    Nick Sullivan

    Probably jp had a hand in his decision and went elsewhere before robbo, don't blame him and a sad loss
  2. Alot of the big clubs seems to switch off at the end of each halfs with Chelsea yet again blowing a win in the 92" and a goal end of the first half, good attack style but frustration always showing with the young talent, instead of switching back on and press they throw their hands up. Missing a leader to settle these guys or lose them to big clubs eventually. Good games about and got me interested again along with the mls
  3. So how long till #RobinsonOUT Clubs lost it JT has to go, I've decided to let go of my foundation membership that's how bad this club has fallen. JTOUT
  4. Meh it's ok badge and jd logo looks like a quick photoshop and could be sized better , looking forward for the jackets i use to have a nice waterproof kappa jacket they were quality back then.
  5. Leicester burned piss this morning, not surprised with Chelsea so far and looking like a fight for top 4 this season.
  6. Would be disappointing to see Sullivan go, but going on last season not getting a go would expect to be a starter somewhere else. This one will come back to bit us a good kid and I'd want him a starter for 5 games straight at least to show potential.
  7. Burgerman

    Mitchell Duke

    Gee already showing why we shouldn't of let him go, captain material and a true goer not as talented as some but a long term contract was worthy.
  8. The staff are all employed by centerlink now whilst judas is cruise boating up at Nelsons bay laughing at the $300 each kid holidays clinics and he is expecting our membership cash for an inferior product that's not guaranteed but don't stress u get 10% off. Fuk u judas keep my foundation membership
  9. Haha some of the rants in here crack me up. Needs a rant, corporations that have cut back staff putting pressure on the ones working from home, my mate is struggling with the workload and took stress leave twice, his phone and email are non stop. Also the insurance company I'm dealing with has this issue and my poor case manager i have is cracking to but was able to cheer him up telling him of my 1 year ordeal. Also government is cutting the payment amount which could hurt alot of people heading into Christmas/new years.
  10. It's a bit of a lottery with the commentary with who can enter grounds or comment on streaming. Think it's an opportunity for a mid placed side to shine or even upset livo, be interesting if Messi joins city for 600mill deal.
  11. Yep foxtel went down hill after they let that Saturday epl, a league time slot, use to be a good night in or out at pubs but even alot of pubs stopped epl nights when optus stepped in. Our league needs to sort out its financial position as union has secured funding same with other codes. Optus deal could be as low as 10mill a year for a couple of seasons.
  12. Bit hard only a short window and you have to write and wait forever for a response. Will renew but if next season is budget cut and run like the mariners I'll question my membership loyalty.
  13. Dirty beath typical... Harsh call
  14. They better defensively without him as he is lasy out there Lol get in there.... Ffs var
  15. Doing that will be like American states with ridiculous different laws and opens the gate for corruption were people like Gina rinehart can take advantage and more mining and gas fracking.
  16. Own goal now 2-0 game over which is disappointing as WU looked the better team just couldn't capitalise.
  17. Looking like could be goals it's opening up counter attack football nice
  18. 5pm Wednesday kickoff should be interesting giving WU a bit of ball speed advantage, bet they come hard and try blow city away.
  19. Come on lederer if you sign Messi I'll forget and forgive you for being judas
  20. He is handy with his pace but perth shut them down and he is better on the wings doing inverted runs and pace down the lines, he should of been taken off at 60" talay was out coached and pressed great between the lines around midfield not giving davilla anything. Don't know if they can hold out esfc but should be interesting go glory.
  21. Shitorio has cost them a few chances and u can see his team mates not feeding him balls Is a decent game Perth resilient like a Popa team
  22. They could have been up 2/3 but most not up to diamanti's level and let esfc back in this game.
  23. Diamanti is pure magic, esfc look beatable ead
  24. Ibini scores a nice goal jets somehow up 2-0 nix have blown alot of chances Haha lol 3-0 after clear pen not given.
  25. Yeah been really hard getting through doing nothing, but I'm confident that I can recover and return to work. Will be interesting to see what industries are hiring next year as the metal manufacturing industry has been effected and I may have to change industries. I feel for the older people who have to live with sever osteoarthritis as you wouldn't think that it being in your toe would be so painful. My surgeon was excellent and told me that I'm lucky to have it removed as when older a fusion surgery isn't recommended. Got good support and medical treatment so all good despite feeling down at times, but I'm tuff and will get move forward eventually. Thanks for your support cheers
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