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  1. Handheld metal detector - results may vary. also your belt buckle might be alloy. I was more concerned about the copper who cradled my junk lovingly on the way in. I felt like I should have tipped him afterwards
  2. I know, pretty rough tackle. He could have just grabbed her she was moving so slowly. doesn't everyone do this?
  3. Casting your eye over the media reports it would seem that some was bludgeoned with a hammer during massive riots. When I got to work everyone asked me about the violence at the game - I had no idea what they were talking about until I started browsing. Business as usual.
  4. Came back to the forum for the lulz re: West Sydney Terrace but found informative and stimulating discussion on crowd management practices. Well done
  5. OglenLangden

    Nick Ward

    awful luck for Nicky, best wishes on the recovery
  6. Its a matter of national security! Terror alert!
  7. Cant make kick off, football training back on. Might manage to get there for the final 15 minutes City have been impotent in front of goal for most of the season, therefore I'm only tipping them by 2
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