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  1. Shannon Cole made the best XI side of the ACL 2014 campaign. Had Elkeson in his pocket all match. Pity he became a scapegoat by $hit fans after the Club World Cup horror show and S3.
  2. praying he doesnt get injured
  3. Gold Stars and Red Cards – Wanderers vs Western United (2019/20 Rd5) https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/gold-stars-and-red-cards-wanderers-vs-western-united-2019-20-rd5/
  4. Was a grind of a game and a disappointing result when many felt we had the ability to put Brisbane away and extend our lead at the top. Instead we earned a point which in the grand scheme of things is fine. But there are holes and weaknesses within this team and many are hoping when it comes together we'll be dominant. But what if we never get our best XI on the park? The lack of depth in the midfield needs to be addressed because we struggle big time when Pirmin goes off. Relying on Lopar to save us points can't go on for the entire season. WU have quality on the park but we can beat them with speed since they are an o35s team.
  5. Comparing Baumjohann to Del Piero ffs
  6. They are one and the same to me. Both were granted the expansion slots on "future potential" and "population growth corridors"
  7. A home building company as sponsor. Not surprised in the slightest for realestate FC
  8. Can we get a rant next week of how you got attacked for your opinion and it was misinterpreted, Robbie Slater style?
  9. Can also be argued that he treats every game equally important and focuses equally on all of them to a high standard? I think when players say "its just another game" they are trying to convince themselves not to let the occasion get the better of them and to focus on the game of football at hand. When you treat a game differently, sometimes emotion gets involved and gets the better of you. Nick, it was a TWG article. Credibility lacking.
  10. I would expect Muller to get 30min at the end of the game, instead of struggling for 60min at the beginning.
  11. Thank **** Roar used the Voice because that song does not represent WS in the slightest nor dare I say, resonate with many either as a football anthem. I won't quote what my wife said when she heard it on the tv last night lol
  12. capo is a mafia term, but they completely skipped over the roots of it in Ultra culture in regards to football. It just painted an organised crime organisation running rampart in the streets of western sydney with their manifesto. Article says "suspension of points". Caption says "were docked points" #FACTS Violent? it seems media and A-League in general are forgetting the Big Blue days pre WSW were marred by massive brawls in both cities. Everyone pretends that WSW brought it to the league and everything pre 2012 was kumbaya singing.
  13. Her argument of "you westies don't even own Wankwest stadium" is hilarious though
  14. Did the Cove get a similar warning? Or is it because cameras don't seem to exist around the Cove during their marches or bay so it never happens?
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