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  1. So it seems it'll be the NYL midfield haha. unless Ziggler gets pushed into the DM with Hamill and Tas behind? Might be worth a shot, but Ziggy's knees aren't 100% and might not be able to handle the load.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised to see Tokich Roly and Mahazi midfield. Or Tokich Roly with Fitz in front again. Kamau, Yeboah, Majok wingers. Babbel is going to have to put Roly in the midfield somewhere simply due to no other options.
  3. Erebus

    Tate Russell

    Starting RB next season when Risdon fks off. Hell, starting RB for the rest of this season.
  4. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    716 – The Ghost of Nishimura https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/716-the-ghost-of-nishimura/ new episode. Out on your podcast feed, Spotify and our website above.
  5. Hasnt Tokich been on and off injured? That's the only thing that makes sense with him having good bench appearances to not being used ahead of mahazi. Nichols is done. Babbel/JT wouldn't risk bringing him into the squad for next year. We need better players than those that were potentially good 8 years ago.
  6. Erebus

    West Coast Collapse

    Exactly. Extremely harsh to blame Suman for any goals when he made some great point blank saves to deny what normally would be a sure goal. The follow up is not solely on him and our defence has to put their hands up to take responsibility for that. Babbel said as much in his presser.
  7. Erebus

    West Coast Collapse

    Even new signings like Babbel and AB10 are wondering what the club did to be cursed.
  8. Erebus

    West Coast Collapse

    Because every little touch a WSW player does is considered a foul or a yellow. Whereas opposition players have been hacking legs and elbowing heads of WSW players and getting away with it all season. Look at the ridiculous yellows we got last night and yet Yeboah gets elbowed in the head and Lowry got off scott free.
  9. Roberts finally named in extended squad. Might see him be a surprise package and get some minutes.
  10. Kamau is wasteful af. He's a flashier Jaush. Every single shot just hits the defender in front of him. As you said, he runs into traffic every time thinking he can beat 4 opponents.
  11. Erebus

    A letter from the Chairman

    Babbel has also bemoaned that he thought we'd be further along by this stage and after 7 months. But there has been improvement since he arrived.
  12. TWG as a source isn't really a source. its like those pop culture articles of all these theories of certain movie franchises which are basically just stolen reddit forum posts.
  13. That Antonis dive going completely unpunished and the constant fouls by MV without cards was ridiculous. And standard, Riera commits one foul and gets a yellow.
  14. Yeah I don't get whey they even bother to divide the concourse. We're getting 8k to a game and the RBB has 200 people in the entire section. What a waste of resources. I know people have said that we may have similar issues at Wanderland 2.0. The difference is, we'll be major tenants and our complaints to the club might actually be followed up because the last thing they'd want is to have every fan disgruntled over the management of the new home.
  15. Elrich will struggle to play yet another game in such a short period. Russell you'd think will recover quicker due to his age. I'd be happy for both Russell and Cordier to start tbh. Tarek on the bench as cover maybe.