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  1. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Brisbane Roar (Rd4) https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/the-best-and-worst-of-wanderers-vs-brisbane-roar-rd-4/
  2. Are people seriously still questioning the Gombau sacking? The guy is a fraud. There's a reason the majority of the team refused to play for him. He couldn't even name one youth player.
  3. makes sense to give him 2 more weeks to get 100% fit. No point rushing him for a trip to Mudgee.
  4. We've been waiting for Sotirio to have that break out year for 4 years. Its never coming.
  5. Gombau is struggling in India. Same rubbish as last year. All this useless possession and balls into the box but losing matches. But I bet they played well....
  6. lel at Riera hate. Its the same stupid argument that Viduka was getting heaped crap on for the Socceroos. Riera is a workhorse on and off the ball. He probably has more defensive headers than our entire backline combined. He links up with those around him, holds the ball up for the wingers and wins most long ball challenges. Just because he hasn't scored in open play, it doesn't mean he is a massive part of this team. He's only had a couple of clear cut chances. The rest of the service he's been getting has been rather average. If people are seriously $h1tting on Riera, they can GTFO and go back to playing FIFA where every player needs to be fast and sprints forward all the time.
  7. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Wellington Phoenix (Rd 3) https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/the-best-and-worst-of-wanderers-vs-wellington-phoenix-rd-3/
  8. Still have the likes of Ziggler, Tokich, Grozos and the other youngens to get into the squad. Next week is probably a better indication imo.
  9. TWG articles creating mass hysteria about expansion being delayed based on nothing but a "source" that isn't named or any context. Let's be real. Current board wasn't going to make a decision. New board hasn't been elected yet ffs so how can a decision be made? Also, new FFA Board have a mandate to provide the new operating model for the A-league by 31 March 2019. Dare I say that expansion won't be announced (if at all) until the new operating model is released and implemented. Agree with the above. The whole expansion process was smoke and mirrors to try and get people on their side. They expect the new teams to run at a loss and not receive any TV money until the current deal runs out. Thats a massive unfair advantage compared to other A-League clubs. And its also why bids such as Wolves were dropped.
  10. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    706 – Sydney VARby A bumper show where we discuss the latest weekly Wanderers news and all things the Sydney Derby had to offer. This is Around the Bloc. Out now on your podcast app, Spotify or web https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/706-sydney-varby/
  11. Erebus

    RD 3 - Wellington - Sat 3 Nov 2018

    Not Babbel.
  12. Erebus

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Companies have branding guidle lines and theirs obviously requires the filled in circle.
  13. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    Much like the North. The West remembers.
  14. Yeah I can see this point. They are choosing to take up most of the Eastern stand as red memberships. Hey, if it fills up, then they won't complain. Also, general public/extra ticket sales can be at a premium for these seats. Club's gotta get paid somehow. The rent will increase significantly since the past Parra deal that Gorman got a bargain for. The red membership area might squeeze inwards if there are no takeups. You never know.
  15. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    I didn't catch ShootOut this week. I might watch the replay if its on demand.