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  1. He shouldn't be taking up a VISA spot. Was good business to buy him and naturalise him after 6-12 months but I don't think that has happened yet. Waste of a VISA spot imo and hasn't been consistent or solid for us to justify a VISA spot.
  2. It's a 2 month preseason. You'd think there would be a few practice matches. Unlike some euro leagues that went straight into the comp.
  3. JP pre covid results were again "new manager syndrome" Post Covid break and we were stale af and he refused to change lineups after terrible performances. We all complained about it here. Replacing him now before preseason is better than in week 8 of the season.
  4. More and more I think JP was given the gig just to lock in something for the uncertain future. Until something better cane along
  5. Add Brebner, Veart etc. The majority of the league has new coaches that have never coached in the AL before other than a few weeks at the end of last season. Majority of the league will be youth based and most coaches will have directives to cap youth. It's a completely different proposition now compared to previous years. JP was never the right option under these circumstances. He couldn't even motivate or rotate an experienced squad that knew they had to win every game after months off.
  6. Gatt is throwing every name he can think of to get rumours going
  7. Yeah MV became the biggest club in the competition under Merrick. Fred, Allsop, Archie, Hernandez, Muscat, Theo, Vargas etc. Also great players like Claudinho and Leandro Love. They struggled a few years after they sacked him and only became competitive again under Muscat.
  8. exactly. Everyone just looks at the "results". They forget the games. The game we won was Rd1 and that was more the players putting in a huge shift as an FU to Popa and sticking together. Foxe threw away a 2-0 lead to SFC by refusing to do any subs and SFC came back to draw level. He was too focused on the FFA Cup semi on the Tuesday which we got completely outplayed in and lost. Many of his "fans" forget this game. We were useless. The rest of the AL games were not great and we were going through the motions. There was no sign of tactical nous at all. Would not have been a good appointment to give him the full time job. Then again, we got Gombau and we know how that went.
  9. Lol Bossi. Where did that start date come from? Nothing has been announced yet. Late December= xmas. Season will most likely begin next year. Again, nothing has been announced so it's just him throwing more bs into a WSW story so make it seem more dire.
  10. Has anyone else reported this other than TWG? Because I never believe a word they type.
  11. Well if they're not going to use white shorts (as they should be), then they have to put white somewhere. I'm more interested in their marketing lines of "the future" and they use Tass and Tate. Getting the new captain to model the new kit
  12. Key word here is co-owner. Lederer isn't the sole owner of WSW. The others are happy to sit in the shadows and let PL take all the heat as the Chairman. If the club isn't spending money (no AL club is atm btw) then that ire should be directed to the owners collective. I doubt any sane businessman will throw his own cash constantly into something if the other owners aren't willing to. He might as well buy them out. There's so much uncertainty with the league atm, its hard to take aim just at WSW on what's happening. These PFA negotiations are stalling frakking everything. Based on the signings announced across the league, it'll be a youth focused season across the board.
  13. Erebus

    Macarthur FC

    The OG RBB membership/leadership all came from the Parks district (Bossley, Edensor, St Johns etc) iirc There's a reason why the away games were viewed at Marconi. Its because it was nearby to everyone lol. Just because King Tom is in Edensor doesn't mean the entire suburb is Croatian. Bossley is hardly Italian these days, despite Marconi. This. I don't believe people from Liverpool identify as from CTown and surrounds. Cows are having a laugh if they think they can claim all of Liverpool and Fairfield. Its just because the management has ties to SU58 and South Districts. I'm still laughing/shaking my head they are training at Fairfield Showground.
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