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  1. Nope. They will change accordingly. Why should WSW fans have to compromise at the tail end of the season and have seats? This was a design choice by both major tenants and thus there is a job for life for the dudes swapping them in and out.
  2. https://www.dailymotion.com/panuccioproductions
  3. He said "see you in a year" to his friends. Either he is talking about the off season holidays or not looking to try and stay beyond this season. Time will tell.
  4. USA have been given soft pens all tournament. Any little contact and Morgan goes down looking for it. But because she is so popular (for some reason) more often than not she gets it awarded. USA team were a protected species all tournament. No way that was a pen. She jumps up, turns her body to make contact and goes down. Never had the ball, never had control of it, and jumped facing away from it ffs. Soft af and changed the game. Both their pens vs Spain were soft too. Everyone that goes on about how the women's game is more pure and they don't dive and play act like the men are kidding themselves. VAR had some questionable calls every game and some of the handball pens and "contact" were marginal at best. Screwed a number of teams.
  5. The away derby the week before really kicked it off tbf. WSW announced themselves on the pitch, RBB announced themselves completely, off it.
  6. Bay49 have as much credibility as me saying we're signing Montolivo, Marchisio and Schweinsteiger re: Brattan. I think he fits the SFC mould perfectly as I was never a fan of his. nekminnit we snipe the bid and sign him
  7. I think many Aus football fans are getting fatigued with these Euro friendlies. They ticket prices do not help at all either. You're better off having one of those round robin comps with a HAL team included and package deal tickets. WSW are pushing hard with the "first game at BWS" as the main marketing point, which is fair enough but we've all just forked out $350 for our memberships and now wanting $50-150 for the Leeds friendly that means nothing.
  8. Was told that by my BIL too. Said talent wise he is better than Broich but his attitude was his undoing. Let's see if Corica has the balls to drop him to the bench like MB.
  9. Don't see why we would waste our time buying and throwing plastic snakes at AB10? He didn't jump ship, MB didn't offer him another contract. Its not like the Vedran situation at all. My response to him at the derby will be complete and utter indifference. Its not as if he won the hearts of all WSW fans and this feels like a betrayal. I'd rather focus on our team to finally dominate and get the W in a derby. We all said last season that he needed people on his wavelength to be effective. Whether he gets that at SFC will be seen. Those comments in the interview are generic af these days as every single new signing says that about their new club.
  10. Erebus

    Kearyn Baccus

    because even they don't care lol. Bart got a sad goodbye post, Baccus got a "oh yeah, he's leaving too"
  11. Good news is that the clubs are finally going to own their IP which means they can now make proper money off merchandise and not this communist system of sharing it amongst everyone. Also means you might finally get a wider range of random merch and hopefully unique websites across the clubs.
  12. Mario Mandzukic may be available now that Sarri has apparently come out and said he isn't in his plans....
  13. why would he? Gallop is CEO of FFA which aren't going anywhere. Perhaps Greg O'Rourke may go since he is the Head of the A-League.
  14. How many times have we said the security guards are different every week and this a massive part of the problem?
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