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  1. Speedy knows jack sh1t about football. Its why he talks in stupid cliches and then goes on random crusades trying to egg on his co commentators for a reaction. At least Bozza just no sells him every time because he knows that Speedy has nfi.
  2. Kamau taken out twice in the box. Play on #Aleaguerefs
  3. Cows defender slips in front of Dorrans who has his foot half raised to cut out a pass...makes contact with the falling over defender. Yellow card for Dorrans. #aleaguerefs
  4. Who says we're unfit? We've finished most games strong as opposed to previous years. And we have a bit of a squad that can rotate starters
  5. We're going to have games every 3-4 days soon so a squad is needed. Teams who stacked the cap in 13 players are going to suffer once the schedule ramps up
  6. Fck all clubs that charge anything over $25 for an away ticket. Stop giving into these gaugers because of FOMO. Only way they'll learn is when sales drop to zero. That whole article was excuses bs. "It's reflective of the entire Aleague" Ridiculous. Aleague already charges too much for games. Now using covid as an excuse to raise prices to minimise losses. Boycott. And lulz at SFC vs Cows being deemed medium to high risk by the cops.
  7. New episode is up 904 – Undefeated & Marinated | Around the Bloc
  8. If Aquilina is going to find himself in the box all the time, he needs to practice his shooting. Go watch some Shannon Cole highlights of how to score from the WB/FB position for us. Or maybe Zambrotta.
  9. We seem to finally have the #mentality we've been hearing about for so long. Now let's see it ramped up a bit more for the derby
  10. Not sure why many people are only singling out Ziggy when then entire back 3 were solid. McGowan has stepped up since last season and Tass is showing why he should have started 2 seasons ago. Imagine the player he could be already. Thankfully Ziegler is no longer a visa spot so him on the bench doesn't annoy me.
  11. Considering the cows had one drum going on and on in Rd1 and a few chants going, surely we can do something similar. Even if its just La Banda or a mini La Banda jamming for the majority of the match and people jumping in with chants or clapping every now and then spontaneously. Anything is better than silence.
  12. Episode 902 - The BankWest Buck 902 – The Bankwest Buck | Around the Bloc Also check out our podcast feed for ATBit post game (these will be semi regular) and reaction video as we watched the game at Bankwest Around the Bloc - YouTube
  13. Well they lost to Mariners lol. What are the experts saying now I wonder?
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