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  1. he also goes down with minor knocks every game. best to have him as a strong impact player - which we are lacking atm
  2. Last night just showed our lack of depth outside the top 12 or so players
  3. Harper says Najjine has potential after shooting 5+ times off target. Major hits a bunch on target last season and Harper says he should be doing better.... Fk his biased rubbish annoys me to no end. Funny how fox never showed any replays for Macca being offside too... Not even questioned at all.
  4. Nice. My weekly <striker's name> hattrick prediction might finally come true!
  5. Signing Marchisio will help give us some depth He used to play with Mandzukic so there will be instant chemistry there.
  6. When did he get injured? At training? If so...that's not a good sign
  7. But the owners don't spend any money!!!1111!
  8. Was left out of the UCL squad too. Not in Sarri's plans at all. Will bring back all the Cros.
  9. why would you play a "derby" in preseason? Highlights show a Hamill special though
  10. Which is ridiculous. One is an FFA Cup match, the other is a FNSW NPL Final. Different competitions. Should not be missing a match for a red card in one.
  11. I said Jumpei was shite the moment he was signed yet many said to give him a chance. Even Fox commentators fapped over him on numerous occasions because he made a successful dribble. Almost trying to justify the visa spot they he "must" be good because Japanese. One foot wonder. And even that is an over statement. Useless player and I hold no regrets in slamming him every week on ATB.
  12. Depends on how serious Popa takes it. Our last campaign he wasted it trying new formations and experimenting instead of taking it seriously. We got spanked every game because of whatever the fk he was doing.
  13. Makes no sense and never has. These countries have their own domestic comps why would they put teams in the Aleague? Sage thinks we are bringing football to uncharted territory to tap into some market. They are already football mad. It's just dumb and will be shut down by AFC/FIFA anyway
  14. That bench isn't good enough, nor will it strike fear into opposition teams. Need someone that can change a game on the bench and unfortunately having just kids is too much pressure on them. Also shows a lack of depth for Starting XI spots. I love the kids, don't get me wrong, but we need a bit more on the bench.
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