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  1. My only concern with the HAL running the league is that they'll strive to keep it a closed shop. Hence the leagues need to be run independently so it can open up with pro/rel.
  2. Trust me, those running the club hurt when we lose. Especially in the manner that we lost many times last season under JG.
  3. We've been issued double whammys of terrible performances in a terrible SOP. There are people who simply refuse to attend at SOP no matter what, for whatever reason.
  4. We've been in a transition year for about 3 years.
  5. Erebus

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    I would say its silly of WSW not cover all their bases in terms of internet presence, but again...do they even own wswanderersfc.com.au or does the FFA?
  6. Erebus

    A-League 2018/19 Predictions

    Who's MV defence? They seem to be buying players for the attacking third more often than not.
  7. Erebus

    Nicolas Martinez

    Can we lock this thread please? Nico was one of many players we've had that shows "potential", never really reaches it, leaves and then swaps clubs every 6 months after his visit to Australia.
  8. Lol...SOUTH Sydney. First they move their games to SOP and now even further west. Agree that its really dumb to have 2 stadiums unavailable at the same time. its going to put a strain on the few stadiums we have.
  9. Erebus

    Wanderers Ease Past Bonnyrigg

    If Roly is on the bench and only used as cover for ABs, then its a waste of a VISA signing.
  10. Yeah they do blitzes all the time. And idiots basically jaywalk right in front of the cops who are handing out fines. It happens all the time in the city (the missus informs me). its revenue raising at its peak, along with all the mobile speed cameras, fixed speed cameras and red light speed cameras. Its got nothing to do with safety.
  11. Ziggler to start next week to shore up our backline. Roly has scored more goals in the last month on the wing than he did all last season.
  12. Is there evidence of the new stadium hire price being the reason for the Eel price jack? Or any evidence of a new stadium hire price at all? Seems its just fear mongering. Let's not jump to conclusions re: WSW membership prices. The club know they are in a precarious position and they'd be extremely silly to double membership prices after the last 3 years. It makes no business or logical sense. Eels can get away with it because they've been around for so long.
  13. Erebus

    FFA Cup 2018

    There's still 2 months before the season starts and squads haven't been finalised yet. Way too early to call.
  14. If MB can instil this attitude into the team then we can be successful. They have to buy into it though or ship out. The performance against Hellenic is a long ways off how we should be performing in any game. I expect to see a much more improved performance and dedication against BWE.