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  1. Erebus

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Whole thing is a mess. There is no real outright winner that will be good for the game. No one wants pro/rel because it affects their revenue stream. Everyone out for themselves. They are too focused on the Foxtel money and trying to appease them, instead of getting their **** together and getting a proper pyramid structure in place. The broadcast deal will follow once everything is sorted.
  2. There are many old blood feuds in Asia that we in the west aren't aware of. Dating from WW2 and prior. Just read the comments section of any ACL highlights vid on YouTube. They all rip into each other eg "congrats China from Thailand, **** Japan!"; "**** Korea, from Japan!" etc etc
  3. No transfer fees is a massive amount of income some clubs (and NPL clubs) can earn. Teams like CCM can focus on development with their COE and gain income from selling off their players to other HAL teams. But 10 teams is too small. We need 2 tiers of 16 minimum so there are more places and opportunities to play and sell/buy from. Most of the recycled HAL players will end up in A2 (as you see overseas) where the A1 start buying better players to remain in A1 and fight for the prize money of winning and the broadcast money of A1 (and ACL). Increasing salary cap isnt the sole answer. It just means the PFA will argue for a new CBA and everyone that is currently a mediocre HAL player just gets paid more. But because there is no real competition or consequence, it means the same recycled players "with A-League experience" and lack of real intensity in training.
  4. Same. the clickbait headlines act as if we released him or cast him off. He was an injury replacement ffs
  5. Those words are said every year by incoming/outgoing foreign coaches and players. Until there are actual consequences of failure, nothing will change.
  6. Erebus

    2018/19 A-League Grand Final

    Garby pretends that only SFC are mates and every other team aren't as good mates as compared to them. The guy is clueless.
  7. Erebus

    Brendan Hamill

    See ya. Have had enough of our team catering to passengers who say the same crap every week when they are the problem and the ones making the mistakes. He may have played with heart at times over the years, but too many times he was found out and just wasnt the leader or captain we needed. I will have fond memories of him chasing down an FC Seoul player from halfway to stop a one on one opportunity in the ACL semi final and many last ditch blocks or headers in that ACL campaign, but most of all assisting my other favourite player Jumpei.
  8. Erebus

    Team Name

    Isn't she a SFC fan anyway? Her bf certainly is.
  9. With Zeigler an Aussie it means we have 4 more Visa spots. So we can easily fit Montolivo, De Rossi, Ribery and now Griezmann has signalled he is leaving Atletico. Get on the phone Babbel!
  10. Not sure how ANY WSW fan can be upset with 90% of our squad leaving in the cleanout. Babbel said it best - this squad came 7th and 8th consecutively. Change is needed. You can't keep a core of a squad that has performed so badly 2 (3) years running. Need a clean slate.
  11. Crisis that our leadershipless captain might leave. Well done Bossi.
  12. Erebus

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Is anyone surprised by the riot squad following him and his family to Maccas? We heard of cops and Hatamoto following WSW fans in the early years as they made their way to their cars or train stations. Not sure what they hoped to achieve by following him and 3 young girls. He left the vicinity, their job was done. But its ok to let brawls happen every week at the AFL and no security in sight for the entirety of the brawl.
  13. That article from TWG was so random. Who is asking Gallas? Why does he have an opinion? And it was all hypotheticals. He hasn't spoken to Ribery at all about this. Clickbait at its finest.
  14. He's Aussie now. So maybe. Hasn't been great at City. Was decent at Adelaide when they won the double.
  15. Montolivo and Ribery as marquees