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  1. We have 10 days to discuss how little we care, how little half the team cares, how tired the Olyroos will be, and how we'll throw away the match because no one cares.
  2. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    725 - Hackerers https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/725-hackerers/ Spotify:
  3. Salary cap may be completely changed with the new Independent HAL working model which is set to be released around 31 March.
  4. Erebus

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    There's a reason he hardly played in Serie C. The A-League is fast moving past these kinds of players.
  5. You're better than this mack. TWG can't confirm anything
  6. Erebus

    Wellington Demolish Wanderers

    We were always on a hiding to nothing with a midfield duo of Mahazi and GG. Said it during the week, and probably the preview thread that we'll get run over. And we did. Lack of pace at the back, Hamill stopping his run to let Krishna shoot instead of continuing and getting in front of him, Vedran thinking the FK was going wide, AB10 not even hitting the target when gifted a pen, noone being able to put a simple pass successfully, Kamau the weak af winger that gets pushed off the ball every single time (ffs Hersi was the same build but won FKs every time. Kamau shows the ball too easily), too many low percentage passes to no one and Kurto didn't have to make a save all game. The Olyroo camp killed us by removing our spine. MB has brought these young kids up to speed because of necessity and we lose them. Thanks Arnie. Not sure why MB didn't give a couple of the NYL mids a start instead of the posers Mahazi and GG. I know the NPL2 season it on and theres a conflict of interest now. HAL season is done, NPL2 just starting so there'd be internal talks as to what the focus should be now... We have decent numbers up front but our back 7 were terrible. Massive overhaul required. Whole season has been plagued by injuries and low motivation by those players still standing.
  7. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    I liked the outro song choice personally.
  8. Erebus

    Jaushua Sotirio

    I like to think its because he 5hittalked his own fans with his mouthing off gesture and then attacking fans on Instagram after that goal. **** him
  9. a Mahazi/GG midfield duo will be the death of us
  10. Its because Southern Districts aligned with them apparently, so they are trying to claim the SW areas of Fairfield to Liverpool. Liverpool should be the absolute border and they should be concentrating on the Ctown region and beyond - like their bid said they would. No wonder WSW as a club don't want this team. They are clearly targeting WSW heartland. The T-Way on game days was always packed going to Parra. its WSW territory. They can gtfo
  11. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    new episode 724 - Roaring Ahead https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/724-roaring-ahead/ ATB on Spotify -
  12. Erebus

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    so much for not signing HAL players eh
  13. That game (so far) seems to be a line in the sand. Guys like Yeboah and Duke seems to have had a positive effect in the dressing room too. Dare I say, Bridge too now that he is with the first team properly. Signs are good for next season with Duke/Yeboah there.
  14. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    The Best and Worst of Wanderers vs Brisbane Roar (Rd 21) https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/the-best-and-worst-of-wanderers-vs-brisbane-roar-rd-21/
  15. Erebus

    Around the Bloc Podcast Season 7

    same. #BlameTurner