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  1. Bridge went to Thailand for $ NTS went to middle east for $ Jamo went to Sweden for $ FCB is right, we never replaced them. NTS was the biggest loss because we ended up with makeshift backlines with Thwaite, cornthwaite, Borda, Hamill etc
  2. Broadcasters didn't want it either. It's called competition. Fox had the monopoly for ages but did a poor job. Took too long to bring in an OTT solution. People forget very recently we didn't get entire competitions available live and on demand. Were lucky to get one game a week which was a round behind.
  3. Is CR seriously turning on the players? Still blaming set piece defending? Nice deflection. It's your job to solve these problems. The depth we have on the bench is ridiculous but he insists on terrible tactics and formations without the correct personnel. Nice way to implode after 2 wins in 11 games or something ridiculous
  4. My missus once asked her cop friend and he basically responded with "all WSW games are considered high risk" It was asked after a midweek game against the likes of Adelaide or Nix a few years ago.
  5. You'll never get non membership active end anymore. The entire league forced membership so they could pin the blame on members and lock it down when a flare was ripped. The restrictions at WSW Bankwest games is nothing compared to what MV fans have had to endure in the past.
  6. There's absolutely no excuse not to have the safe standing installed now that stadium capacity is at 100%. It'll stop power tripping riot cops threatening to kick people out for standing on seats - that's how **** bored they were.
  7. That's why we need to change to a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 and play Muller and Kamau on the wings
  8. You don't need to be a 90min midfielder/forward with the 5 subs. It's the only reason why we're so strong in the 2nd half. We change our entire front third and half the mids. With our depth it makes us dangerous. It's why players like Kamau aren't starting because he guarantees 25min of 110% against a tiring defence. But we need to sort out these slow starts.
  9. Our back 3 has been exploited since rd1. Even in the early rounds opposition was getting behind our WB and putting crosses in unopposed. We were just lucky they couldn't get onto the end of them or were poor finishers. This is not a new development. Better teams will just finish their chances. Ibini still being unfit is ridiculous. Season started 9 weeks ago AND you had some preseason. This is just extremely poor imo.
  10. Those who think that JT walks away from poor games and poor results with a delusional smile on his face have clearly never spoken to him after a poor result. He's usually more pissed than we are.
  11. That's going to be difficult when we have to play only a few days apart. Squad rotation is inevitable. We have enough quality to win these kinds of games no matter who is on the park
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