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  1. Everything I've read about NSWPol antagonising, creating hostile situations then trying to justify their actions (especially with what went down in Central Station) doesn't surprise me at all. We've seen it countless times at AL games over the years. But we were just low-born sokkah hooligans that deserved it with our violent conduct I guess.
  2. It wasn't viewed by 25 million Italians. The POTENTIAL audience was 25 million Italian homes. That's what Hill said during the broadcast. That figure has somehow now turned to "25 million Italians watched the match" which is incorrect. In terms of revenue for the HAL/FFA. There would be NO extra revenue. These would be from existing broadcast contracts that are in place. Its just that now everyone is at home and want some football so the potential is more than normal.
  3. Our crossing was terrible and predictable. All our corners were wasted. DG telegraphs his cut to the right foot every single time. Yeboah is frustrating. We didn't deserve to lose that match so happy with the draw. Especially with a couple of key players out. Not sure why people are talking about finals. The league will be suspended before that happens or it'll be a shortened finals anyway. FFA pay for and reap the $ for finals. No point in having 5 games if no one is paying and no profits can be made.
  4. Been the case for 2 seasons now. Any country that doesn't have a broadcast deal can stream the games on YouTube.
  5. "Clearwater" as the name of that beach has to be satire right?
  6. @Taurus was looking for one. Not sure if he has acquired yet.
  7. What a shambles of a club. Exodus of entire management structure, a season before they even start lol
  8. All week they've been talking about mentality and yet that is what was served up. JP Masterclass 😂
  9. The responses on SM are hilarious and so delusional. The conspiracy theories of SFC and FFA not wanting to play the game, darling boys of FFA, SFC not wanting to play WSW, SFC not wanting to get wet etc. Look outside the window. A years worth of rain in 2 days. Kogorah has hardly any cover for spectators. The crowd would not have been a sellout and the hill would have been a mud pit if they opened it. People thinking it's so easy to change venues don't understand commercial agreements. Would you rather they said the game was on, have everyone show up and delay the game every hour as the ball rolls 1 metre? Those stating SFC are soft because WSW played in worse in Morocco are morons because that game should not have gone ahead and was a farce, but FIFA forced it to go ahead because they didn't want to reschedule.
  10. let's not forget, Meier scored in his second game. Still early days for Cox. But the comparisons should stop. I've seen it all over SM too. Completely different players and at different stages of their career. Meier should get some respect for bowing out gracefully. The system we played didn't play to his strengths either. Anyway, yay we won...against an extremely poor CCM. But fox would have you believe JP is the second coming.
  11. People also are taking basic Google translate as a word for word account of what he said. Not sure why people get precious when someone calls the quality of the Aleague "low". They are comparing to the BL1/2 and EPL ffs.
  12. Smash and grab again. Arnie Ball is ugly af. 35 min in and Speedy is naming possible over age players to go to the Olympics, before we even scored. Not sure why they are naming Ryan when Glover has done well all tournament from all reports? And isn't the overage players an option anyway? I'd be surprised if Arnie didn't just produce a replica of 2008 based on what I've seen thus far
  13. Apologies. I'll let the mass hysteria continue I guess it's more fun that way for some
  14. You think by now WSW fans would know that the club does everything behind closed doors and only announces things once they're done. Do people really expect the club to tweet "JT just sent an email to X coach, we'll keep you posted"? We may not always agree with their decisions but to think they make decisions rashly is a bit naive imo.
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