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  1. And what the **** have the Cowra U12 district team done to deserve this bullshit?
  2. Just thinking the same thing. Why wouldn't you go with "United" and "Wanderers"?
  3. Interesting rendition of the "National" anthem ...... Last post gets me every time COYW
  4. Took me five attempts at guessing my own password..... Ok, see ya!!
  5. I wonder when the media will find the connection between Kristi Abraham (who murdered her daughter, Keisha [spelling?] a couple of years ago), and Lance Pearce (who murdered his ex-girlfriend last weekend)?? Spoiler alert! They were in the same year at St Clair High School!! Source? Me. I was in the same ******* year.... And went through primary school with Lance as well. The horrible ******* prick
  6. I knew Natasha a little bit through work. Lovely, friendly, funny young lady. She'll be dearly missed.
  7. WGMG: "Corporate speak" I have to say "I don't think she's going to work out" I can't say "She can get in the bin" Bull. *******. ****.
  8. Another work related WGMG: And long story short, because it's been a long week. Check my emails on the train home. I get emails from AusPost in SA, VIC, and QLD for our "priority" orders, usually "jobs listed on manifest xx. Actual jobs received xx". The goal is to have the "xx" numbers match up. For example "jobs listed on manifest 45. Actual jobs received 45" Get the email from QLD. Numbers match up. You ******* beauty!!... .... Please note: we have also received the following jobs for VIC. The ******* ****s on the dock sent an enti
  9. A/ It's the "in thing" for A-league clubs. 50/50 whether it'll be Adelaide or Perth next. B/ You expect consistency from the FFA? Seriously? C/ Yes.
  10. Don't half mind their new logo, and the story that goes with it. Still won't make the finals though
  11. Farewell, sweet prince. Don't let the door hit you on the way out
  12. Further proof that the FFA couldnt organise a root in a brothel.....
  13. Arsenal may have been the home team, but the "leaked" mostly black jersey, black shorts, and black socks would have been less of a clash than what was worn. Also: still at work. Out.
  14. ****er is two days younger than me. The ******* ****. Welcome!!
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