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Posts posted by DontCallMeJacko

  1. 8 hours ago, ZachMercer said:

    My "favorite" parts of the game.

    1. VAR that doesn't understand 5th grader geometry.

    2. Slaters inability to have a single positive, constructive thing to say about our team or imports ever. It literally makes watching a poor performance feel like your spending 'quality' time with your step father.

    3. The fact that we have multiple bundesliga standard players but play like the Cowra U12 district team. They didn't have Berisha and lost Kone. We should have punished them.

    4. That Diamanti is allowed to put on multiple Oscar performances, and put the refs right in his pocket. Just give him the whistle.

    5. Rudan. That guys a pr*ck. Always has been, irrespective of whether he poached players in contract. Hate losing to that guy.

    6. That every former player has something to prove against us, and often does.

    And what the **** have the Cowra U12 district team done to deserve this bullshit?

  2. I wonder when the media will find the connection between Kristi Abraham  (who murdered her daughter, Keisha [spelling?] a couple of years ago), and Lance Pearce (who murdered his ex-girlfriend last weekend)??


    Spoiler alert! They were in the same year at St Clair High School!!


    Source? Me. I was in the same ******* year.... And went through primary school with Lance as well. The horrible ******* prick 

  3. Another work related WGMG:


    And long story short, because it's been a long week.


    Check my emails on the train home. I get emails from AusPost in SA, VIC, and QLD for our "priority" orders, usually "jobs listed on manifest xx. Actual jobs received xx". The goal is to have the "xx" numbers match up. For example "jobs listed on manifest 45. Actual jobs received 45"


    Get the email from QLD. Numbers match up. You ******* beauty!!...


    .... Please note: we have also received the following jobs for VIC.


    The ******* ****s on the dock sent an entire ******* bag of orders to the wrong ******* state. Ruined my whole weekend, AND I'll probably have calmed down by Monday.... still going to rip them a new one

  4. 1 hour ago, Erebus said:

    A/There was nothing wrong with their original logo. So not sure why they decided a facelift was needed. 

    Also, it has Maori on it. B/What happened to the NCIP from the FFA? C/ Only applies to wog teams?

    A/ It's the "in thing" for A-league clubs. 50/50 whether it'll be Adelaide or Perth next.

    B/ You expect consistency from the FFA? Seriously?

    C/ Yes.

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