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  1. I voted yes, before I read the comments (I've since deleted the vote), Didn't realise the connection with the Tards. All I know is, I was lucky enough to go to Oktoberfest in Munich a couple of years ago. Sitting in a massive beer hall, listening to this Oompah band bust out the opening riff of 7NA every hour on the dot, and literally THOUSANDS of people picking up the tune and BELTING it out. Good times. **** the Tards. Ruin everything.
  2. The list of players who have extended their stay at the club is: Right fullback Jerome Polenz Utility fullback/winger Shannon Cole Left fullback Adam D'Apuzzo Central defender & Captain Michael Beauchamp Goalkeeper Ante Covic Defensive midfielder Mateo Poljak If you didn't realise it before, you should now- DEFENCE is the main focus of popa's short and long term planning. And whilst we're sitting third: I AIN'T GONNA ARGUE! That being said- I'd be happy if they kept the core of the team together- including Dino and Bridge. Yes, it'd be awesome to bring in another striker for sup
  3. I wasn't a massive football fan growing up (there, I said it). If anyone asked, I always said "Newcastle" (still do) because that's where my Dad was born. He came to Australia when he was 5 or 6, but as the third youngest of nine kids- it was kind of passed down to him. I have vague memories of my Uncle Ray turning up to a reunion about 15 years ago wearing a Sunderland jersey (the black cat sheep of the family) and another uncle practically hitting him for it. Anyhoo, NUFC. Not religiously, that commitment is reserved for WSWFC.
  4. On a different note: How's the Woolpack's form being closed before 8:30 pm on game day?? Anyone else more than slightly miffed, or do I need to get my alcoholism sorted??
  5. What a game, what a night. Deserved the win from where I was standing, Victory were brave in defeat. Bring on CCM!!
  6. Mate- you're not far off. The confidence and trust in each other that these blokes are starting to play with, the community spirit... It's hard to believe that this team is STILL less than a year old. I'm not a massive "Dicko" fan (don't particularly have anything against him) but in the video they play before all home games he says (words to the effect of) "100 years from now, the wanderers are going to be one of the biggest clubs in the world"...... Let's do it. In our lifetime. Spread the word. I'm also a bit p***ed. Happy New Year.
  7. Glad I was too drunk to place the bet... Now for WSW to beat Perth!
  8. Putting $100 on 10- nil. Shits and giggles and why the heck not. I like the new format too, especially the TWCHDBLW podcast tie in
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