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Everything posted by DontCallMeJacko

  1. "Give it up for 'PYRO' the fun loving 'smokie'!! Look out, kids! Here's 'Cuuntstable Care' with his pepper spray (brought to you by PEPPER) and intent to ban notice!!" Seriously though. **** this. Kids love the wanderers as they are. Don't insult them. It's unnecessary
  2. And I quote "Those bastards didn't even give me a ******* credit!"
  3. I sat, and stared at the sky. I knew I'd find myself there again.
  4. The "leaked" kit (if real) would have been perfect. As opposed to the red with white sleeves vs white with red sleeves. ******* idiots
  5. Ummed and arrgghhhed about this for 10 or 11 months. Finally gave in and bought a ticket at the weekend. Three days later , I get the biggest "**** you" email I've received in my life. **** it. $70 down the toilet. Ticket torn up. **** it. **** them.
  6. People still quote that ******* dud JayZko? ******* hell, Jack. Thought you were better than that.
  7. I knew you were for me when I saw the first Vandals EP I found SNFU and "cool, I owned that record too!" Seems we both had Social Unrest and sung "she's a pervert nurse" We both had the first pressing of 'How Could Hell Be Any Worse?'
  8. I love how the subtitles are English when they sing in English, and Japanese when they sing in Japanese. Brilliant! Also, the band ******* rocks. Just watched a 1 hour 53 minute long live performance on youtube, didn't understand any of the banter... but they were ******* awesome
  9. You know it. I know it. They know it. But Twatty McFarkface in the corner doesn't. And he'll be the one to kick up a stink coz his beer "doesn't taste right" So, barman is better off explaining it. To everyone. Including the bloke wearing the "I went to the Guiness brewery and all I got was this lousy tshirt" tshirt. Everyone. Just say "cheers, mate", nod, and move on.
  10. Agreed to do "Dry July" this year with a couple of mates. Lasted four days. Maybe next year?
  11. How the **** has Chubba not been banned from this site? Oreo is a signing. Not particularly exciting, but not a dreadful one either. Herd is a weird one. Weird. Nico coming back would be fapworthy. It's sort of kind of maybe coming together possibly
  12. Agreed. Wish I'd started in high school, to be honest
  13. Watching 'Masterchef' in Japan.... making me "homesick". How can you feel "homesick" for a place you spent less than a week in?
  14. Some of us do it once and don't look back. I was about 23 with clippers, and about 26 with a razor. Easy to take care of, feels great, and I don't have to spend $15-$20 every month or so. Every couple of days- Ot takes five minutes after a shower, quick rinse and a bit of moisturiser... good to go I'd actually recommend everyone shave their head at least once in their life (maybe not a razor straight up, but a 2, 3, or 4 on the clippers). Can be liberating, refreshing.... a fresh start. Or maybe I'm talking ****... who knows?
  15. I remember recording that Xtina song onto vhs, from Channel V back in the day (would have been about 17... maybe).... must have worn the damn tape out.... watching the video over... and over.... and over.... sometimes I'd even leave the sound on.... Huge fan of the..... music.
  16. A mate and I did the Boxing Day Test/ MV vs WSW double that year, only found out about the shenanigans an hour before the game. Solid day out. Would do again. (Also: would look at a Brisbane/Perth/Adelaide away game that lines up with a test match. Wellington away again is the priority though. Obviously...... OBVIOUSLY)
  17. Thanks all. Update: Finally had the "sit down"/ interview today. It has been ******* madness at work. Spoke for a good 25-30 minutes. At the risk of counting chickens (or T-Rexs) before they hatch, I have never felt this confident about an interview. I can't believe how well that went. Even if I DON'T get the job- I'm actually really ******* proud of myself. I think this has been the professional kick up the butt that I needed. Obviously, I'll be disappointed if I don't get it. But the company is getting bigger and bigger; I know another opportu
  18. Stopped in at the pub on the way home from work. Because that's apparently what I do now... anyway, I digress. I order two beers. One for me, one for Jesus ("if you want me to drink this beer too, give me no sign..... Amen"). Give the bloke a twenty... and he gives me $16 back. I look at the change. I look at him. I look at the beers. I look at the change. I say "mate. I think you've given me too much change. WAY too much" Give it back to him. He counts it. Apologises. (He actually apologised for giving me too much money). Gives me $6 back.
  19. Been smashing the Abbotsford Invalid Stout (I'll try to post a picture later..... actually, I probably won't. **** it) lately, get it delivered from old mate Dan's. Solid winter drop. Meat and potatoes etc etc know you're drinking it. So I'm taking myself off the hook. Not having a single dark beer on tap is ******* pathetic. My local didn't even have Guiness BOTTLES last St Patrick's Day. What. The. ****.
  20. Trains delayed due to a fatality earlier. At the risk of sounding insensitive It was five ******* hours ago. Sort your ******* **** out. You dumb ****s.
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