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  1. Well, they hate football. And football fans. Might as well add "progress" to the list.
  2. So. Update: Haven't *officially* had an interview yet (it's been ******* flat out with sales and whatnot). I get into work yesterday, and before I've even got to "base"for our morning meeting.... thing.... I run into *department supervisor* "DontcallmeJacko... Sorry we haven't had a chance to talk just yet... what I'm going to do is... and I've spoken with *my current supervisor* is steal you, either today or tomorrow, or today AND tomorrow... just run you through what we do in each aspect of *department*, see what you think. And then we'll aim to sit down e
  3. In cereals talk.... as someone who has limited exposure to my namesake.... is this a good move by the club?
  4. It had its moments. But some of it was cheesy as ****. Way better than SvsB, but doesn't say much. I'm still looking forward to justice league. Hope they don't **** it up. Meanwhile, at Marvel. Spiderman looks awesome. Black Panther looks amazing. CAN'T ******* WAIT FOR INFINITY WAR
  5. They were called "Sniperival". Supported Strung Out, and No Use for a Name (R.I.P Tony Sly) at the Metro... I want to say 2009 or 2010... around then anyway (For those playing at home, Sniperival also featured a young JulyAugustReno a.k.a JAR a.k.a Brendan from AroundTheBloc)
  6. My thumbs are too fat to click between the vids, or maybe I should have typed this before posting the clips. The first one is just a ******* great song that popped up on my ipod. Kind of "current mood" Third one is from my favourite band of all time. My second tattoo was a Strung Out tattoo (a bunch of mates have the same or similar tattoo), lucky enough to see them play heaps of times, in Oz and the U.S. The song was written about their former bass player, who passed away way too young. A bit over two years ago, one of those "same tattoo" mates passed away.
  7. WGMG: Vego pizza. Also: Vegetarians. Eat a ******* steak, ffs.
  8. "Invented" pineapple on pizza. Should have been executed the next day. Heathen. (Also. RIP. Thoughts are with his family and all that.) (but mostly: what a ****. ******* PINEAPPLE ON A ******* PIZZA GET ****ED ****)
  9. So I'm at lunch yesterday, and warehouse manager (big boss... There's about 5 supervisors between me and him) approaches and says "DontcallmeJacko. Question. Have you considered applying for the vacant *supervisors role in a completely different department*?" Somewhat taken aback, I say "I hadn't. I'm certainly interested in a supervisors role. But I haven't even *literally done anything in this department*" Him "It's not about *this department*. We've seen the way you carry yourself, and how you approach your work. It's about utilising your skill set, and getting
  10. Get in to work this morning. One of my friends has forgotten her hi-vis vest (we have to wear them) and asks if I have a spare. "No, but you can wear my (hi-vis) jumper until you get one from the office" (thinking it would be 20 minutes tops) Two hours later, I get my jumper back. No worries, it's a warm day. I've only just put it on. WFMB: Holy ******* **** it smells amazing. I know it's creepy as ****, but ****.... wowwww. Sidebar: Coming home smelling like perfume. If I had a girlfriend, she'd kill me.
  11. We are literally two years away from re-re-signing Kerem. 2019/20. You read it here first.
  12. WGMG School kids on non-school buses. **** off. If you can't get to school on school bus: walk.
  13. Soz. WRGMG: Forgot that it's not Friday #Drunk
  14. ..... that's what she said ****, I don't even know anymore
  15. I tried to comment on the player thread, and now my dick is stuck in the toaster. Instructions unclear. 1/10. Would not post again.
  16. There are some who call me...... Tim.
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