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Everything posted by DontCallMeJacko

  1. ..... It's like we're the same person. What an album! What a ******* band! Can't wait for "Trouble Maker" to come out next month. Think I really, really like "Ghost of a chance", even if the highlight of the video is Lars' "Granddad Skinhead" get up (that he's been working on a couple of years now), and Tim's..... actually, I don't know what the **** Tim is doing Coming to realise that the only way I'll see them live is to head OS. Punk Rock Bowling next year, maybe.....
  2. How have I not seen this before? Amazing. Fun fact: I've been there! Akhibara Electric Town! Like, 3 weeks ago!!!! Now I have a sad..... because I'm not there... Also: This forum needs more Rancid. AUSTRALIA needs more Rancid!! FFS IT'S BEEN 19 YEARS YOU ******* ****S ******* TOUR ****
  3. The son was just on whatever bullshit channel 10 show is on Friday nights... Holy ****. I'm checking under the bed, and in the wardrobe, before I go to bed. Creepy little ****
  4. Steve Irwin was a tosser. And his kids are Satan incarnate.
  5. Bought a six pack of something called "mango beer" on the way home. It was cheap, and old mate (or should I say EX old mate) at the bottlo recommended it). Tastes like mangoes and arse. 0/10 would not drink again. Forced myself to drink it all (waste not want not etc). Now washing down with some whiskey. Might even go to work tomorrow. Who ******* knows!?
  6. Hahahahahaha ****. Sotirio getting a lifetime contract now fo' sho'
  7. Younger. Cheaper. Less involved in the player's union..... perhaps
  8. Turned on at 2-1...... what the actual ****?? Skipped this one. Haven't been able to make a home ACL game this year, finishing late at work and all that. Truth be told, still recovering from that time I went to Japan for some reason. After five seasons, can we stop with the dick measuring "true fans" etc "I was there" etc "Call yourself a fan?!" bullshit etc? *not a shot at anyone in this thread, or even on this forum. Stopped in at the bottleshop on the way home
  9. So auto-renew is still happening? Sick. I don't have to do anything.
  10. Street Dogs (includes former DM singer) have done the same. Several times. Nazi punks: **** OFF!
  11. A serious, thought provoking discussion about an important issue??? Yeah..... is it though? (A serious discussion, I mean. It's definitely an important issue.)
  12. Is this still a thing? Wow. Okay. Sounds fake.... but okay.
  13. Waited 15 minutes for a train at Parramatta. Yes, I'm milking the whole "Japan is better" thing for all its worth
  14. Big Baccus is 26 this year, and was already 23 when he first signed on with us. Why does everyone keep bundling him in with our youth product? He -should- be pressing hard for a first team spot at that age. In contrast, Sotirio is 21 right now, Aspro turns 21 in a couple of months and Scott just turned 20. i forgot how young Sotirio was/is he was even younger before. Sauce?
  15. I was having a slash. Didn't know he'd scored until after the game. *sigh* Japan....
  16. I'm moving to Japan. THERE! I SAID IT!!
  17. This thread was better when it was called "ALCOHOL!" Also: Tokyo. Heck of a place. I'll be back
  18. Did we win? Actually, I don't ******* care. That was a lot of fun. Japan ******* rocks.
  19. I'm having a "lost all the time" time over here... Google maps is no ******* help either
  20. Star of India in Glenbrook is my go to for Indian. Usually take 6-7 of us and share so we can get a good variety. Bit further for a lot of you than it is for me, but might be a decent end to a day up the mountains
  21. Just ordered a beer at a pub in Shibuya. Bartender sees my jumper "Western Sydney Wanderers..... Ahhh... Ono Shinji" Day made.
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