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  1. Was it soft? Probably. Does that mean it's not a penalty? No. Will I drink the tears of butt hurt roar fans? No, that's disgusting. I might catch something. But I enjoy seeing those ******* ****s upset. Suck it.
  2. Can confirm the merits on a stinking hot day. Big fan of this one. Decent price. Very easy to drink.
  3. Supposed to be 15 to 20 and cloudy with showers all next week. Apparently. I'm landing 6AM Sunday, can't check in until 2PM. Going to drop my bags at the hotel (whether they like it or not) and go exploring. Any pro wrestling fans? Thinking of going to the New Japan card at Korakuen Hall on Sunday night (depending on jetlag and what not)
  4. I'm leaving Saturday night to get to Japan... that bus deal is actually very ******* tempting
  5. I'm sorry, did you just say "Star Wars... meh"? Reported. Enjoy your 24 hour ban
  6. This is all well and good, but what did WST do during the game? Were they next to the RBB? Did they join in with the RBB on their chants, or do their own thing? FFS people! Priorities!
  7. I've heard rumours that a football game was played. Can anyone confirm?
  8. From the MLS Commissioner on facebook: "Dear MLS Supporters, With Major League Soccer kicking off its 22nd season tonight, I want to thank you for supporting your club and helping make MLS a “League of Choice.†In 2016, more fans engaged with our games than ever before -- in our stadiums, via our great broadcast partners and via digital and social channels. Meanwhile, our clubs are attracting top talent from around the world. During this past offseason, MLS clubs signed more than a dozen new Designated Players at an average of 25 years old, the youngest group of new DPs in ou
  9. How good was the kit though? Woeful performance from a woefully chosen team. Nuff said
  10. They might not have a clue about active support (with some obvious exceptions); but **** me the MLS knows how to expansion. Could teach the FFArseholes a thing or seven. From 10 teams in 2002, to 22 in 2017, with plans to have 26 by the 2020 season. And here we are with Gallop and Lowy. Couldn't organise a root in a brothel (sorry, Unlimited. Should have had a "trigger warning")
  11. Nah, **** that. Arrest the lot of us. Fold the league. Ban sokkah Straya wide- Punishable by death.
  12. Calling it now 5-0 Sorry... sorry.... it's OUR home game 0-5 See you ****s there
  13. And it's 10 minute walk from my place. #CookParkIn .... it does have a koala problem though...
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