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  1. You think about it, most people are out there going to work, some driving and others using public transport and then performing there work duties under strict protocols. What's the difference between us and them.
  2. There was some real fine one touch passing today from the boys and to do it without Muller and Schwegler.
  3. And while being in groups while announcing those measures.
  4. And he actually can cross. He put one on Duke's head last night.
  5. To have 4 of our starters out, playing City with their seagulls, I thought it was a big improvement from last week. The young kid did well. Russell didn't have a great first half but scored a exceptional team goal. The second half was a big improvement from Tate.
  6. You missed a few there: - global cooling - global warming - climate change
  7. That swear word (common sense) has gone out the window long time ago.
  8. Like any flu, they can all mutate. Every new strain a vaccine takes time to develop.
  9. The regular flu kills more people. Exactly as you have stated exaggerated beyond belief. Just waiting now for the compulsory Covid 19 shot.
  10. And while that was happening thousands and thousands of people where in shopping centre walking past each other, sitting at table having coffee and eating food while fighting over turd paper.
  11. You're right Beatsurrender. AAMI Park to be 'intensively cleaned' after man with coronavirus attends Rebels match The lower bowl of Melbourne's AAMI Park will undergo intensive cleaning for the next three days after it was revealed a man with coronavirus attended last weekend's Melbourne Rebels match. The Olympic Park Trust confirmed the man had attended the match between the Rebels and Lions on Saturday night, sitting in section nine. A coronavirus-infected fan attended the Rebels-Lions clash at AAMI Park on Saturday.CREDIT:GETTY While the next match at the venue - an A-League clash between Melbourne City and the Western Sydney Wanderers - will go ahead, the lower bowl will be intensive cleaned. "Department of Health and Human Services has advised that the patron who attended AAMI Park for the rugby union match between the Melbourne Rebels and the Lions was diagnosed with COVID-19 overnight," an Olympic Park spokesperson said. "The patron sat in Section 9 on the east side of the venue. The case has been classified by DHHS as low-risk of spreading COVID-19 to surrounding members of the public and staff. 'DHHS recommends that those who were seated in Section 9, can go about their regular activities, but to monitor their health and remain mindful of their hygiene practices. "As a precautionary measure, M&OP have initiated intensive cleaning of AAMI Park today and will follow a rigorous cleaning regime over the next week. "During this time, M&OP will continue to work closely with the government and health authorities.
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