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  1. Just look for the fat bald old sod with a bad attitude. Tanking up on these to keep my strength for the Gov tomorrow...
  2. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    In case no one has seen the RBB post pre-game drinks start at the Gov from 2pm local time. Aside from Andypk who else will be there?
  3. ManfredSchaefer

    Wanderers Bombed By Newcastle Jets

    Pizza & beers at the Royal Oak with Stringer and Ossified was great. We looked sharp, ready to put in a great shift, confident, aware of what was needed. Then we turned up at the game and after kick-off realised we were watching the same old WSW hacks.
  4. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    Looks like a decent pub & not badly situated. A bit of a walk from the O'Connell Street Bakery lol. I might see if there might be any other possible go to venues from my local connections Also, anyone able to advise the status of booze at Coopers Stadium. Surely they do full strength paleys there Sad Cynth...guess you'll have to miss out on the wine & beer sodden companionship me & a few other stalwarts will be offering.
  5. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    Ticket sorted...so all in readiness for the actual match. Thoughts re the pre-game boozer?
  6. ManfredSchaefer

    Vitor Saba

    Dare I say that the double of his getting that Guangzhau twat sent off & then his own red against the smurfs cruelled his pitch here. The media were out to get him after the first incident & the second reinforced that plus made him a target for the Wrath of Popa. Sure, ill-discipline hurt him but a bloody decent player when he put it together.
  7. ManfredSchaefer

    Australian National Teams Thread 4 + Asian Cup 2019

    Meh Ryan was never troubled, Ikonimides, Mabil, Irvine & Behich pretty good...Grant was scheisse, McLaren lucky, rest average.
  8. ManfredSchaefer

    Australian National Teams Thread 4 + Asian Cup 2019

    Feel less engaged with this current mob and especially their dickhead manager since the heady days of Jimmy Shoulder. Don't get me wrong, I want to see us win. However so much surrounding the Socceroos nowadays is beholden to back room twats, PR types & coaching staff that have talked far bigger than their results should permit. Throw in a media pack that have the attention span of a dyslexic blue arsed blowfly, with the same ability to differentiate partisan fantasy from lies as the Trumpster has, well...Meh. Time for the players to put up, and the non-playing parties to shut up.
  9. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    So, want to try and lock in some traveling WSW activities on the Friday if anyone will be in town on the 15th Feb. At this point almost certainly doing a run down to Maclaren Vale for some wines etc.. Sadly Coopers tour is out as it's fully booked. If anyone is staying in central Adelaide that day maybe could meet up for brunch at the Central Markets (lots of great tucker there) then head south. Perhaps finish up the day have a few pints at the Victory at Sellicks Beach, or head further up towards Brighton or Henley.
  10. Just a reminder that the same küntz that manage ANZ will be running BankWest aka Wanderland 2.0
  11. ManfredSchaefer

    Wellington Steal 3 Points Late On

    After last night I'm basically done with going to games this season. Fed up with crap refs, with a venue that is taking the piss out of us every time we turn up, the general stench around the A-League and sokkah in this country, and players who wear our colours like Hollow Men. In for the 18th then Adelaide away and that'll do me. Will always be red and black but over the BS.
  12. Who in their right mind is anti-Baumjohann? Our most consistent player this season & one that is certainly worth retaining as you say Lloydy as a base to build on next season.
  13. Been ages since I've posted here but last night's effort has got me off me arse so here goes. First off, the response from the players was exactly what was needed after the City match. No one likes losing, especially those of us who have been on board since before the first HAL game and know what it was like in our halcyon first season. However what really makes everyone fking rage is when players exhibit zero pride or commitment whilst repping us and the west. We saw that happen against Melchester and if the players did the same against Victory well it would've been a stab in the cruets. Thankfully the guys brought the right attitude and did far better, and dare I say played far more in a commensurate way with their (supposed) abilities. Perhaps the prime case in point was Tarek. He is a great guy & has had some banner moments over his career. However his age & lack of pace is telling against him, and to be honest I have always believed since his signing he should have been a squaddie, not a starter. Last Tuesday he was embarrassing, whereas last night he put in a big effort. Okay, he was partly responsible for the second goal, losing his man due to sheer pace. However for most of the game he used his football brain to great effect and never gave up. Obviously the find of the game (and possibly our season so far) was Tate Russell. He was a breath of fresh air and showed great promise. Of course (as pointed out on Twitter) he needs to keep posting efforts like this so as not to become our next Daniel Alessi. I'd like to be optimistic and say he will go further, partly because he has been developing for several months now (as per Taurus's reports) and also Babbel is bringing the right attitude to inculcating a squad culture where the young uns will be given chances. Majok's cameo was frustrating and entertaining; how he was called offside beats the **** out of me however his ball control is still like watching a cat and an armadillo trying to root in a sugar bag. Poor bugger is so tall it must take his feet 30 seconds for the brain to get the right message to them. He's no sure starter in the future however the lad shows promise & I hope Babbel persists. Biscuits is obviously going through a shocker right now and I really hope he can correct it. I don't want to write him off after last night, however he is certainly not leading the line as we need. Having said that, the lack of scoring issue needs to be spread across our entire attacking group. If Oriel was supported by Roly, Kamau with more goals then perhaps our resident Catalan would be less pressured. Sadly however he is at the blunt end of an attack that is a very plae shadow of those days when we had St Dino, Fat Head and Hersi, backed by Shinji. Could talk a lot more about individual players etc but will leave for later. However a few things comes to mind. First off, hats off to anyone who went last night; to keep coming to matches in such dire conditions is what you have to put in so you can savour the good times more so. Also, considering aspects of the venue and the issues that arose since the City game, respect to the RBB folk who brought the noise. We all know how scheisse ANZ is, but there was some good vibes coming out of the active end. If Babbel's Boys can continue on the trajectory we saw last night then there's hope for a reasonable end of season ladder position. Cull some of the baggage he and we inherited from last season's Gonebau clusterfuq, keep hammering the attitude, bring in a couple of higher quality recruits & cultivating our youff, then our return to Parra Wanderland 2.0 may be a good one.
  14. So any hools looking to congregate at the Royal Oak in Lidcombe?