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  1. Yeah, that number sounds about right Course they were all full season memberships too. No 4 game deals till after Xmas from memory
  2. Some reasonable performances from most of the clubs in the last two weeks. Reds: up nearly 25% but in a one club city with a long history of decent results should be doing better yet again CCM...17% up but they have such a low base & have been guilty of underperforming for years, so guess that's pretty good Jets with a 10.5% rise should be welcomed. For all the issues they've had as a club in the last decade, and considering the size of their market etc, they are one of the best performing HAL clubs around. Perth: 13% rise is not bad, and of course they're performing better thanks to their 2018/19 success. Nux up a whopping 32% in the last two weeks...should be very happy with that. I wonder if the Return of Rudan helped things We're up 11% which isn't bad. The return to Wanderland and the upcoming derby must've helped, and the aggressive membership promotion by the club has been good. Western United...wonder how their numbers stack up against ours in 2012/13. Reckon they might not be too far off at a similar stage. The other clubs all had sub 10% improvement, with Victory & Smurfs both approximately getting only 5% more. Considering that Victory are twice the size of the smurfs in membership you can suggest they have possible market saturation sorted (one more rival club than ESFC in Melbourne). Pretty piss-poor effort from ESFC though maybe they're learning what happens when you don't have a real home ground for three seasons. City (8%) and Brisbane (6.5%) are a little better...reckon Roar should be a little unhappy considering the club rebuild & bringing in Fowler as coach.
  3. Surprised at that. Newy have a squad that isn't that drastically different to last season's, with perhaps the best signing being Arroyo (now that Hoolahan is injured). They've lost Vargas, O'Donovan & Georgievski so are nominally weaker, and as much as I like Topor-Stanley, he must be in the absolute twilight of his career. When your club signs Fitzgerald and expects big things from him disappointment is only a 20 minute cameo away. Perhaps the defining battles will be between the coaches and between the younger Dynamo Woy Woy lads up against the older Newy squaddies. Could be a tasty match for the neutrals...
  4. Have amended the above gif so that it can now be downloaded or maybe added to our emojis...
  5. Make no mistake...both Fury & Palmer FC were primarily designed to get two key planks of the Lowy agenda up & running (i.e. broaden the base of stadia & sokkah visibility for our 2022 World Cup Bid, and more dollars for the FFA coffers), and they failed dismally because they were so opportunistic. I thought of these two failed ventures as well Lee. As for us and City, well call me cynical ("You're cynical") but I'd argue that the jury is still out on Heartless. Yes, they have a very secure backer and have achieved a modicum of success, though not as much as they nominally should have considering who they've signed in past years and their financial situation. Has to be said that the Tarnheit Travellers have a geographical identity that they can exploit, whereas no one has ever been able to posit a raison d'etre for Melchester City beyond 'they're not Victory'.
  6. In the grand scheme of what the A-League "needs" I'd suggest they are about 3 rungs below a decent ratings result on ABC TV, and so far behind the importance of the suits doing more to get rusted on sokkah fans throughout Australia into HAL games, no matter their club affiliation, it's not funny. Right now they're like that expensive extension to the house that you pushed through even though the missus thinks the money should've been spent elsewhere and you aren't too certain that the builders got full council approval. No one wants them to fall over now they're up & running (unless you're an unreconstructed NSL bitter). However the expansion of the HAL that got them & Macarthur Bullshitters up & running was such a missed opportunity.
  7. Of course if they did it would be vital that they only allow John Aloisi on once every 10 episodes...not like every fecking broadcast of their old TV shows on 7, SBS & Foxtel.
  8. Early numbers coming in for the semis & so far there is one trend that is expected & one that is a little surprising...
  9. Yeah, lets go all kumbaya and have a group hug over a franchise that bought its way into the HAL with no home ground at the expense of real clubs like the Wolves or South Melbourne, or where the A-League really needs to go, i.e. Canberra. Or how about their promise to bring in a shitload of kids when in fact they've got more veterans playing for them than the cast of 'Old Age Home for 4 Year Olds'. And I guess when you lure away the coach from the Nix and he drags a few players with him, it must feel good to know that you're ace at undermining other clubs. Or perhaps we should remember how the FFA blocked the Victory for wanting to sign Diamanti, yet now it's roll over and let the WU fraudsters get him no questions asked. And ask JT what he thinks about them...I know what he told me and those of us on the Members Committee, and it wasn't generous as you are positing. I could like a Newy or a Mariners, even if I had enough to drink, a Perth or Roar. However Tarnheit are just another Melchester City except they are playing most of their games at an AFL oval.
  10. According to the Age they got off to a 'dream start'... https://www.theage.com.au/sport/soccer/united-declare-allegiance-to-the-west-following-dream-a-league-debut-20191014-p530gd.html Guess Tarnheit Travellers O/35 have pretty pissweak dreams if beating a Wellington squad that includes Shotirio as one of its key attacking players is their their standard...
  11. Simon Hill has rejoined sokkahtwitter
  12. Right, here are the details for the Semi Finals of the Madaschi Cup 2019 Semi Final One: Aritz Borda (QF1 winner) vs Chris Herd (QF2 winner) https://linkto.run/p/LBKOBU72 Borda must be the fave to win this...have heard a lot of chat with other forum members that he is a very good chance win the entire tournament. Herd will have his supporters and I guess it comes down to who did more on the pitch to help lower our standards versus who did more off the pitch Semi Final Two: Federico Piovacarri (QF2 winner) vs Seyi Adeleke (QF3 winner) Two of the sentimental faves of all WSW fans when it comes to Madaschi Cup candidates. Arguably this semi should be the final however the draw has panned out accordingly. Pio is my tip for the win but this is going to be very close. https://linkto.run/p/JVBDV8X9 Voting starts at midnight tonight and will end at Sunday midnight. As in past knock out stage match ups no figures will be released prior to the end of the individual duels. The winners will go through to the grand final and the losers will meet in the third place play off. Thanks for all who will vote and as always commentary & observations are welcome.
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