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  1. ManfredSchaefer

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Saba had far more energy and more creativity, but far less control over his passes & his temper.
  2. ManfredSchaefer

    Last ANZ Derby Drawn

    Our midfield both defensively and on the attack was at time a fooking shambles for almost the entire first half. The lack of controlled possession, the miscommunication and miss-hit passes, the lack of energy and situational awareness was shocking. Time and time again the lads were caught napping or out-hustled by a smurf unit that looked far more fit, focused, passionate. Then, whilst they didn't rectify every mistake and every lackadaisical run or pass, they did lift enough to make the match far more even. We probably had the better of ESFC for maybe 5-10 mins in the first half and most of the second. We did look far more fragile than we needed to be, however if there was going to be a winner it probably should've been us. Biscuits obviously killed a sitter, and he is so frustrating because of his form (up and down like a whore's panties) . Vedran had his usual mixed bag of shite & amazeballs, and as has been said already Duke was always on the job. Aside from our win against the smurfs back in 2016/17 tonight was probably the best derby we've had at the Olympic Stadium. Now we have only one more t go then we can spend at least 2 more seasons laughing at those karnts in the east as they whinge and whine about being Alan Jones' buggered boys.
  3. ManfredSchaefer

    Television Thread

    Looking forward to this...
  4. ManfredSchaefer

    Off Topic Thread 4

    How did 'Heil Honey, I'm Home' miss out?
  5. ManfredSchaefer

    Off Topic Thread 4

  6. ManfredSchaefer

    Oriol Riera

    From twitter "I want to score, but most of all I want, finally after two years, to win my last derby." - @wswanderersfc striker Oriol Riera 📺pscp.tv/w/1djxXpgRgdExZ
  7. ManfredSchaefer

    Mark Bridge

    Decided to go via train there & back...the run up was good...took about 3 hours. Run back required waiting at Broadmeadow for about 20 minutes, then an all stations train to Wyong where buses were on duty as there was track work between there & Gosford. Got to Gosford & no train south for 45 minutes. Then from there to Strathfield where, because someone got themselves killed at Granville there were no trains leaving on the western line. After an hour's diversion to Olympic Park & switching to another train it was an all stations to the Riff. Gotta love public transport.
  8. Thought it worthwhile to put up some info here that was discussed in tonight's members committee meeting with some of the suits as it may help give forumites a handle on where the club (thinks) it's heading, where it's been, and what they are saying to us or asking for. Before I continue, a few points...first off I have no minutes or other official documents, and others who were at the meeting may interpret what I saw and put down here differently. I will try not to speak for others, but if my observations are worth correction from other forumites who were there please go for it. Now there was an agenda for those present (about 20 members) and the following points were covered: South West Sydney A certain balding club chairman fired up over this and how the FFA handled the expansion, not just with respect to SWS but also the Western Melbourne Generics. The phrase 'dutch auction' may have been used regarding the decision to expand via these franchises, and said chairman may have said that the Wanderers will continue to do what it can in servicing as much of the new mob's catchment. The club was certainly opposed to the SWS bid, especially after the two previous groups combined into one), but the opposition was left behind closed doors so as to avoid the bad look given to the sport & HAL via the smurfs stoushing with Southern expansion. Corporate facilities & western stand Bottom line the almost complete lock out of the western stand at Bankwest from members was driven by the design of the new stadium as laid out by Infrastructure NSW & the govt. Whilst the club might be able to position more members over that side further down the road, it would appear that for now politics and economics associated with the new stadium have driven the agenda. Police As had been spoken of at last year's members' forum at Marconi, the Homebush LAC have been pricks and the suits have struggled to get any lee way from them. The discussions with the North West LAC commander for the return to Parra are apparently more positive, due in some part to the chief rozzer being sokkah compliant. However said balding man with a Greek surname did reiterate that the club is very much at the mercy of the venue providers & NSW Police Farce when it comes to how games are policed. In my opinion not enough focus was placed on how dodgy seccos can be/have been, and it would appear that just like the police situation the venue management will be the one deciding how the goon squads operate. Active support & the decline in crowd attendance Plenty of chat here about how the club was supportive of the RBB but also how logistically problematic it was dealing with them at times. That same bloke with the lack of hair put as much of a positive spin on the relationship between the suits and all actives as he could...I'll leave it up to those actually engaged in those discussions to present a complementary or contradictory standpoint. The decline in crowd numbers was certainly linked to the shite venues we've endured, and also to the misfirings and bad luck seen this season on the pitch. Snakes got a few mentions for his brain explosions, whereas on the other hand the introduction of rising young talent through the academy & youff was lauded. One very telling comment was made about last season's coach...Gonebau apparently never spent any time with any of the NYL group etc after one first introductory match. Wanderland 2.0, seat allocations and 2019/20 memberships There's going to be a flood of info coming out from tomorrow onwards. Bottom line seat allocations will be coordinated initially via group leaders and by category (Red, then Black, etc etc). Membership prices are going up, but based on a desultory review of my own situation it's possibly around a hike for an individual of $30 for 2019/20. The message was the pricing modelling was extremely hard to develop and the overall aim was to keep membership prices at the lower end of the range contrasted with other clubs. General stuff Nothing was discussed re the W-League team...hope to address that later Marquee for 2019/20...see today's World Game report...it's the same we heard tonight Mudgee...the chief suit was livid that the FFA scheduled the Matildas in competition with our community round...reportedly not telling anyone until after the Mudgee announcement and then it was by email Safe standing...after a bit of argy-bargy the new safe standing fixtures will be a drop in model so as to not disrupt the poor ickle NRL twats Unless there are 60,000 people hanging to go to a derby we will never be going back to ANZ for such a game Leeds fans have at least one bay sorted in the new stadium & may be allocated more seating around the venue. Hope this gives some idea what went down. I can't speak for the others, but I'd be okay if anyone wants to DM me on something that they want the club to hear about. I might not be able to help, but perhaps I can at least suggest who and how to approach.
  9. ManfredSchaefer

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Can't speak for other members of the committee who are here in the WSF, but I'm happy to receive DMs that I might then be able to raise when we have our next meeting. Has to be said that I don't believe we can act as advocates (for reasons I've outlined previously). Additionally, considering the desultory manner in which the committee is being engaged with by the suits, I'm not expecting too much from them even if advocacy was a role we had.
  10. Dunno about the relationship between theft and tax, but can definitely see an association between the former and oxygen in some individuals' cases...
  11. ManfredSchaefer

    Mark Bridge

    On the six hour run it took me to get home last night from Newy I happened to hear King Fat Head do a radio ad for a certain bunch of ̶a̶m̶b̶u̶l̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶a̶s̶e̶r̶s̶ compensation lawyers. Definitely an inverse relationship between his goal scoring capabilities & public speaking talent.
  12. ManfredSchaefer

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    I would still argue that Redmayne was a worse keeper in general, whereas Snakes is the one who makes the worst mistakes. Not going to defend him for the multiple fook ups this season, but you have to wonder how he would go if he had a better and more consistent group of backs in front of him. Or perhaps vice versa. When one considers the heroics of Ante in the club's first few seasons he was ably assisted by having some of the best defenders the A-league has ever seen in front of him. They lifted for him and perhaps he lifted with them. Come forward to now and when you have Hamill, Elrich, Llorente, Risdon, Russell etc forming your back 4, is it any wonder Snakes is going to make blunders? One thing for sure, he needs to be ditched if possible for next season.
  13. ManfredSchaefer

    What Really Grinds My Gears 5

    Six fücking hours to get home from Newy thanks to Sydney trains.
  14. ManfredSchaefer

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    It's basic The team dominated for first 30 mins & then after huffing & puffing only had 1 goal to show for it Newy came out in the 2nd half & did what they had to do to get level. Then Vedran allows himself to be pushed into the goal with the pill in his useless fücking gloves, then looks around as if he's a spotlighted Roo (a sight so common this season he should be kicked to the curb the minute the whistle blows against Victory) The best Baccus is ours More defensive errors from guys who would struggle to get a start in any of our first 4 seasons teams, and are barely a step up from the likes of Golec & Mullen. Babbel has tried his best to polish a Richard the III he inherited from Gonebau, & whilst some of his signings have worked out the lead ballast in the squad is killing the club oh & a big thank you to the Little Hitlers of Newy's secco crew & their Sicherheitdienst comrades from NSW Police. They made sure that any dangerous practices like fans being active were kept under a tight lid.
  15. ManfredSchaefer

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Suspect it was lard.
  16. ManfredSchaefer

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Have it on good advice that Elrich, Janjetovic & a third player were seen grabbing a kebab at 2.30 this arvo from a Newcastle shop. Make of that what you will re motivation for a game kicking off 3 hours later...
  17. https://www.newsweek.com/poland-anti-semitism-newspaper-jews-how-spot-only-poland-racism-neo-nazi-1362406 Looks like 'Der Sturmer' might have an audience in 21st century Europe after all...the shades of Julius Streicher will be pleased.
  18. Folks Heading down to the FWF on the weekend of 23rd/24th March and would welcome any fellow travellers in red & black. The program looks fantastic and includes some of the most intelligent, passionate voices in Oz sokkah (Simon Hill, Craig Foster, Ian Syson, Andrew Howe, Bonita Mercades), as well as Ray Gatt Tickets for both days (excluding accommodation & meals) is only $15. https://www.footballwritersfestival.com.au/program If you want to know more check the above link or send me a DM
  19. ManfredSchaefer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Yep. He'll be sitting back waiting for whoever is running things at Western Generics for the yell to come down to Tarneit. Waste of two seasons and will be yet another ex-Socceroo for the rest of his career.
  20. Oh dear...burning books is sooooo 1934 folks:
  21. ManfredSchaefer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Brattan is the poor man's Nichols
  22. How those in the right wing aligned media really perceive 'free speech'...
  23. ManfredSchaefer

    Football Writers' Festival Jamberoo 23/24 March

    More of the Festival podcasts are up on Fair Play Publishing's web site Here's the one with the panel including Ian Syson and Andy Howe talking the game's history Oh & if you listen carefully you'll hear the Neo-Falangist tones of Zeke Trumper of Sokkahtwitter & defamation accusations fame
  24. ManfredSchaefer

    City Crunched 3-0

    Watched the game this morning after recording it last night. Have to say that Melchester were better than I thought in the first 10-20 minutes, and no McLaren must've stung them. And in case anyone missed it, those flogs Slater & Speed did the call and before the game kicked off there was a dig at Babbel vis-a-vis not having won as many games as Gombau. Course they said jack **** about how well he has recruited since the beginning of the season, brought in a few youngsters who have stood bloody tall, and had his record sullied by idiot moments & dodgy ref calls.