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  1. Anyone know if Seb Ryall is still hanging around ESFC?
  2. Just checked the voting trends for the 3rd place play-off & the Madaschi Cup final. The former is way too tight to call at the moment and with a tick over a day to go both Herd & Adeleke could win. Here's the link for anyone who hasn't voted as yet: https://linkto.run/p/KJX5FSQT The final is nowhere near as close, but I wouldn't be surprised if the current runner-up stages a rally. The final vote link is here: https://linkto.run/p/HZ92IPAP
  3. Thanks Wendy When it works, it's one of the sweetest jobs out there...
  4. WGMG... This could go in the Stadiums thread or the Australian Current Events thread, but instead I'll post here. When you have a class of teenagers who are already a bit fractious, becoming almost intolerable and uncontrollable because the air conditioning isn't up to scratch in your public school classroom, and the inside room temperature is easily over 30C, and you keep hearing the boosters for the state government's stadium policy that not only is it okay to spend over 1 billion on the SFS & ANZ, but the government can do it at the same time as improving school facilities...well... Instead of pandering to the arseholes at the SCG Trust and other vested interests that keep dissembling about how needed a new stadium was in Moore Park, or that ANZ needs to be rebuilt, and still pissing away $20 million to the NRL so the grand final stays in Sydney, spend that money in front line services NOW on things that actually have an immediate community benefit. I bet all those pricks who are loving the state government stadia policy send their kids to GPS private schools with a/c subsidised by tax payers, and have never had to deal with 20+ hot & pissed off teenagers.
  5. WFMB... Working as a casual teacher at a rather rough & ready western Sydney High School, and with little experience in general & bugger all specific insights into the kids, having a lesson where you connect with the students & get stuff done. Had a Year 9 support class and the lads were approachable, happy to talk with me & I think they actually learned something.
  6. Zuruck nach die qualitat Deutsch musik...
  7. Perfect answer to all their talk about how big they are as a club, how they cover the entire city, not just the eastern suburbs & shire. Course they wouldn't go near ANZ because their members would whine about having to play a home game closer to western Sydney than Leichhardt Oval.
  8. Certain players last season were about as committed to WSW as John Holmes was to celibacy. Some didn't even have the spirit to be considered journeymen or squaddies.
  9. Confirmed with Dmyxda that he's got us the room at the Royal Oak behind teh back bar...got it for 20 people starting from 3pm. I'll be there from thereon.
  10. In the past I have had no issue with anyone from WSW heading to another club. Every one of them has been positive about what they experienced with us and been good with the fans. Likes of Topor, Elrich (when he went to Adelaide), Covic etc...always good for a wave to the RBB or a nice word. Then there is this arschloch who never really put in the hard yards, and can only bad mouth the club. I hope he gets taken out by Georgievski as per Jerome's hit on Garcia back in the day, and of course knowing Baumjohann he'll probably come back with a few shots of his missus and her fake boobs.
  11. So any chance I can get some confirmation vis-a-vis attendees numbers by midnight tonight...want to see if Dmyxda can sort out a reservation
  12. It has to be said, and this nominally takes the preceding discussion out of the thread, that if Australia was to combine its bid with NZ then many of the probs discussed would disappear. Plus, as suggested by the likes of Bonita Mersiades, it would strengthen our bid substantially. Course FFA have their thumsb up their bum and minds in neutral so nothing happening on that front, and probably won't.
  13. Dylan and Cash...rarely gets better than this
  14. Channel 9 line up in the 70s on a Saturday morning was something like this: 8am-11am: Hey Hey It's Saturday 11am-11.30am: Joe the Gadget Man 11.30am-12.00pm: Clarence the Clocker (review of the day's horse races) 12pm -1.00pm: World Championship Wrestling with the likes of Milano, Arion, Haystacks Calhoun, Skull Murphy, Mark Lewin, Brute Bernard, Larry O'Dea, Mr Fuji etc Great days lol
  15. Nervous as buggery, very hopeful but at the same time there's the pessimism of knowing how in past seasons we've had dumb football moments, VAR, refs or just bad luck screw us. I think we can win and believe we have the better team in terms of how we have coalesced, thanks in no small part to the combo of quality imports & a cadre of improving youngsters. Also, and this needs to be considered, hardly any of our current team has the history of losing to the smurfs in derbies. They should be free of the mental burden some of our past players had. Oh, and we're back at home in our Wanderland, where we will be a sea of red & black. It's a big ask, but we can do it.
  16. Overnight votes have made the third place play off very interesting and it is very tight indeed. The final on the other hand is more clear cut but there's lots more time for voting.
  17. Central Coast would not have the requisite corporate & other fit out requirements needed by FIFA as a WWC stadium. It might be suitable as a training ground however.
  18. Who? Spiros Arion & Mario Milano...now there is a real iconic duo of Australian wrestling.
  19. Sometimes the original language version sounds better...e.g. This Deutschie description of Meier..."Torschützenkönig"
  20. Very early trends however enough to comment on. Third place play off is close and already in double digits regarding votes. The final, which I accidentally opened early, has less votes and so no trend can be given for now. One thing; it would appear that someone may have voted twice. I have removed the duplicate vote.
  21. So far the only state governments that have signed up to the bid are NSW and Queensland. Based on that info the following stadia are probably going to feature as possible venues in these two states based on the criteria set out by FIFA (details listed at the bottom of the list) NSW: Parramatta Olympic Stadium (assuming it is either left untouched or renovated in time) SFS (assuming rebuilt in time) Newcastle (assuming it is upgraded to include all seating & meet corporate, change room requirements) Wollongong (same as Newcastle) I would suspect that Soulless will be out of the running as it will not be made available due to the probable availability of other venues plus its AFL focus) QLD: Suncorp Robina Townsville Right now of the stadia listed I'd suggest only Parra, Sydney Olympic, Suncorp and Townsville are definite starters. The 2019 WWC needed 9 stadia so the FFA, our bid team and FIFA will want at least 5 stadia ready to host games that meet the FIFA requirements. AAMI in Melbourne should be added to the list, but then it gets very problematic thanks to the AFL. We've already seen South Australia's state government reject the bid, and won't change its mind on Adelaide Oval unless they, SACA & the AFL can get the deal they want (Hindmarsh is a non starter). Optus in Perth would meet the technical requirements as would the MCG in Melbourne, but as we know the AFL will kick up a stink. As for the ACT Bruce Stadium could be considered if they do more with their change facilities etc. Bottom line, the 2023 WWC bid is still to present a satisfactory range of appropriate stadia across most states that will not be liable to issues re the AFL or other sports. If, as may happen, the 2023 Finals go to a 32 team comp that may mean 12 stadia will be required, and that is definitely out of the reach of the FFA & those associated with the bid politically. Oh, and let's not forget the requirements re training grounds etc.
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