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  1. I thought those of us who were at training the other day were supposed to spill the beans so no one would have exaggerated expectations. Oh well, I’ll mark that up to experience.
  2. Bang goes your credentials mit Der Babbel. Not revealing relevant & informed factual information until after the game also blows your cred on the forum too
  3. Echoes exactly what the likes of Meier, Georgievski & Duke have said. Quality post digger!
  4. If he hadn't saved those shots on goal he wouldn't be in the team of the weak
  5. Seem to recall a club from western Sydney winning the ACL with that kind of attitude. Course people were bitching about how they capitulated against Ulsan Hyundai in the rain and pyro back then too...
  6. Check out posts where some people in this thread are yammering about how players and Babbel should piss off because of yesterday's effort. And people making stupid comments about if player X wasn't around we'd be on 0 points. He played, we got the points...deal with it. That's the kind of inane BS that deserves a bollocking.
  7. That's because he knows what he's talking about
  8. Wow! And there may have been a great result in the Berlin derby too...
  9. First rule of watching sports tv in this country...don't watch 'Offsiders'. Second rule of watching sports tv in this country...don't watch 'Offsiders'. Third rule of watching sports tv in this country...don't watch 'Offsiders'. And just in case you're uncertain.. Fouth to 150th rule of watching sports tv in this country...don't watch 'Offsiders'.
  10. Thank Christ for the likes of Lloydy & FCB...lads, you bring the rational & intelligent commentary that sadly some of our more petulant, obtuse or hysterical comrades can't.
  11. Your first statement is utter BS. It doesn't matter who pays and who is paid; when keyboard warriors come out and make ridiculous statements without a shred of experience of what the players are doing, how they train, what they've been told to do, their physical and mental fitness etc, then it's perfectly appropriate to call out hyperbolic BS. The whole point of trying to appreciate and deconstruct what has transpired this season so far is to understand that we have a limited and biased perspective, and that is based on the fact that we aren't professional footballers, we aren't on the inside
  12. Love seeing all these people attacking the players for today's performance. Yeah, would love to see some of you go out there and try and play top quality football in the humidity and heat that was felt by all of us sitting in the stands. Oh, and do that with a packed oppo defence, your key playmaker off injured in the early stages of the first half, a ref who seemed to have an inability to let the game flow, and some players who have been carrying niggles since the derby, are returning from injury, or have just arrived from Europe. Now was it what we wanted, expected? Of course not.
  13. Notice in the last 20 mins Müller got the ball into Meier, but Fußballgott was a bit lethargic in his finishing. Hopefully that’ll get better.
  14. Needs to be said that whilst we were pretty ordinary the heat/humidity out there must’ve been a bugger for Meier, we lost Schwegler after 15 mins or so, the ref was fücking woeful, & when Müller came in you could see the quality improve. Disappointed we didn’t do much better, but again last season this would’ve been a game we would’ve lost. We’ve dropped 2 points playing spotty football & it’s obvious there is still much development to come. Would we rather we lose 2-3 at home and play like geniuses after only four rounds of a long season, or grind out results & keep near or o
  15. That’ll explain the Hooray Henrys I saw on the train heading to Parra
  16. Not denying it'll take some work but everything seen so far about the Meow is that they are bog standard. Last Friday a half arsed One-Victory made them look ordinary and again, Fowler may be a legend as a player but he is still learning how to coach. Babbel has our guys humming mentally if not 100% tactically or technically, and when it comes down to it we are winning games now because of this confidence & team spirit. It's been said elsewhere and in other contexts, but this squad looks far more likely to find a way to win, whereas in previous seasons we had squads that would find a
  17. Virtually lived at the Westmead Tavern in the late 90s...every Thursday night was trivia & my old team, ‘Brian Mannix’ won shitloads of $ free beers pizzas etc. Was a very decent boozer. i was actually talking about it as a hypothetical option the other day. It’s probably too far but hey, nice to think it’s on the radar.
  18. Yeah, Hoffman had two sitters and stuffed both of them.
  19. Yup....plus Ninkovic had a big ouchy lol so AB had to stay on. He was utterly fooked at the end of the game also. Not used to having to play so many minutes. And his contribution was, as always, more flash than cash.
  20. They have a less than quality defence and aside from Petratos & their Panamanian not much going forward. Moss is past his use by date & no one has come through the ranks and become a stalwart. Miller scored a goal but he had a big part to play in the first goal too. The way everyone was talking it sounds as if Hoolahan being injured has hurt them badly. However when you put so much of your club's hopes in one player it's no wonder things turn to shite if he's out. Also, I don't know if Merrick has the answers or is all that invested in trying to turn things around either. Poo
  21. Going to be tight between them & Nux for bottom of the table going forward.
  22. Newy are shite. They literally have nothing
  23. No concerns whatsoever. First off, as Flytox cites, they will be lucky to call upon 10% of our existing membership, plus the 10% smurf membership. The potential for any turnover in membership, particularly with us being back at Parra & (so far) doing almost everything right on & off the pitch should keep almost all aligned already to us with us. Plus, as previously discussed vis-a-vis the Members Committee, the club ain't going to be walking away from the Macarthur and south west. Second, there club raison d'etre is supposedly designed to tap into both unaligned football fans
  24. That would be a leading contender for worst game day ever... Hmmm, now there's an idea for a tournament
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