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  1. ‘Herr K’ has been doing some training with a Regionalliga club to get fit. Thats what was added overnight from my contact in Nord Rhein Westfalen area.
  2. Interesting. I wonder if they are in the age bracket that would require a career relaunch
  3. Maybe. Apparently saw that Broich doco from years ago & intrigued with what he experienced. There was some discussion about it tonight at our NPL2 game.
  4. This is not going to be a repeat of the Troisi affair (hoffentlich).
  5. Hearing whispers from an old contact back in Deutschland that a prominent Ex-Mannschaft player is interested in coming out to Australia & reviving his career under a German coach. No names but may have a turbulent history under Jogi Loew. And the guru of all things dark arts Taurus has said ‘no comment’
  6. Might have to get there early to ensure place in the garden
  7. So where are folk assembling pre-game? Woolie?
  8. Just to expand upon some things raised here by Ed (ta mate). The club suits are talking to all invested parties regarding security/crowd management and the way I understood it was that they are using these discussions to try and get the best outcomes for all bar those activities that the police will act upon for being illegal. The discussion in the committee meeting was mostly fixated on the police at the start, with some reference to how the local LAC need to be educated and how the past LAC (Homebush) were pushing an anti-sokkah agenda through leadership and ignorance. When I brought up the issue with Rory the smurf I wanted to bring the focus back to the seccos who, as most of us know and have possibly experienced, are the ones that cause most of the probs either by being too dogmatic in their attitudes and/or running to the cops for a bail out. The suits reiterated they are talking to Venues NSW re security and one issue they said will be addressed thanks to our new home is that they believe there won't be issues with 'no go' zones or unclear divisions in where attendees can be. Also, and this is where the suits seemed to be really pushing hard, was the idea of using a mix of marshals, volunteers and customer support staff to try and mitigate against heavy-handed seccos. The recent AFL issues were contextualised in the discussion of how aware everyone now is of the potential for game day to become a negative experience through heavy-handed secco/police actions. Now this has been on our radar for ages, but perhaps not so much on that of the general public, pollies, business operators etc. How it all plays out...well who knows. Personally I reckon we will still have incidents at Wanderland 2.0 where someone will be given a banning etc all because of a Little Hitler wearing a uniform thinks these sokkah hools needs a lesson.
  9. It won't happen. Venues NSW will have to work with the club and Foxtel plus possibly council to get any broadcast happening, and there is no way that it'll come about if it means dollars have to be spent or it'll detract from the revenue of Parra business. Plus, as said before, the club & stadium are looking to maximise activations, entertainment etc outside the stadium pre-game.
  10. No...we neither asked nor were told anything about the squad beyond what we already know
  11. Okay, back from tonight's Member Committee Meeting & here's some notes etc I took during the discussion. There ma be some items, issues that I have missed out on or misconstrued, however other forum members who were there can help flesh out or correct what I am posting: Red membership at Wanderland 2.0 is maxxed out...there are nominally no spaces left there Zeigler is still not an Aussie citizen but this is being worked on. All are happy with his attitude & work since last season's injury woes Target membership for 2019/20 is 22K. The club is looking at bringing back the seat resale system as we had at Pirtek, however the dynamics, system is yet to be worked out A new member's loyalty scheme is also being developed, with the uts & bolts to be worked on. Thinking is the point system was unfair With the return to Parra the club is working on developing a 'whole Parra' experience...more activities, engagement, banners etc around Parra on game day and at Wanderland 2.0 Public transport will again be integrated with membership and ticketing The march is hopefully going to return The club is in ongoing talks with the active supporter groups and these discussions have been described as good There are poles that will be/are located in front of the northern end active section of Wanderland 2.0 that may be used for Tifos etc Safe standing area is fully subscribed 1880 club for the rich end of memberships = $1190 & has a few unique bennies Next teir down in premium memberships is Gold Star ($790 full, $370 upgrade) Members will be receiving some unique merch/souveniers including a commemorative key for returning back to Parra & loyalty key rings for 3 or 5 year contnuous membership Quality of membership packs is being improved All member pack kit for foundation members will show such status 2/3rd of all tickets for Leeds game have been sold We get the exact kick oftime tomorrow & negotiations are ongoing for a TV broadcaster (I asked who & no comment) 14000 Wanderkids packs will be made available for grassroots distribution Female sizes in kits etc are limited due to demand, however they are trying to improve the availability time frame (last season an issue was sponsorship) This is the last cycle of the current Nike contract...it may or may not change, negotiations are ongoing We will have 2 entirely new shirts this season...we were able to have 3 last season as we recycled the basic away shirt from 2017/18. Possibility of safe pyro is still to be organised...club is talking with Foti firewroks Club is still working with both Parra LAC & Venues NSW re security. Some optimism from the suits but...well, yeah...we'll see Much more focus being placed on fan activation and entertainment around Wanderland 2.0 precinct planned First round will be October 12th and draw is still to be finalised. Don't be surprised to see and hear similar stuff as the upcoming members forum
  12. Not the best episode I've ever seen of a TV quiz show...that guy who was on first was definitely ripped off https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/1481769539847/mastermind-australia
  13. Saba had far more energy and more creativity, but far less control over his passes & his temper.
  14. Our midfield both defensively and on the attack was at time a fooking shambles for almost the entire first half. The lack of controlled possession, the miscommunication and miss-hit passes, the lack of energy and situational awareness was shocking. Time and time again the lads were caught napping or out-hustled by a smurf unit that looked far more fit, focused, passionate. Then, whilst they didn't rectify every mistake and every lackadaisical run or pass, they did lift enough to make the match far more even. We probably had the better of ESFC for maybe 5-10 mins in the first half and most of the second. We did look far more fragile than we needed to be, however if there was going to be a winner it probably should've been us. Biscuits obviously killed a sitter, and he is so frustrating because of his form (up and down like a whore's panties) . Vedran had his usual mixed bag of shite & amazeballs, and as has been said already Duke was always on the job. Aside from our win against the smurfs back in 2016/17 tonight was probably the best derby we've had at the Olympic Stadium. Now we have only one more t go then we can spend at least 2 more seasons laughing at those karnts in the east as they whinge and whine about being Alan Jones' buggered boys.
  15. How did 'Heil Honey, I'm Home' miss out?
  16. From twitter "I want to score, but most of all I want, finally after two years, to win my last derby." - @wswanderersfc striker Oriol Riera 📺pscp.tv/w/1djxXpgRgdExZ
  17. Decided to go via train there & back...the run up was good...took about 3 hours. Run back required waiting at Broadmeadow for about 20 minutes, then an all stations train to Wyong where buses were on duty as there was track work between there & Gosford. Got to Gosford & no train south for 45 minutes. Then from there to Strathfield where, because someone got themselves killed at Granville there were no trains leaving on the western line. After an hour's diversion to Olympic Park & switching to another train it was an all stations to the Riff. Gotta love public transport.
  18. Can't speak for other members of the committee who are here in the WSF, but I'm happy to receive DMs that I might then be able to raise when we have our next meeting. Has to be said that I don't believe we can act as advocates (for reasons I've outlined previously). Additionally, considering the desultory manner in which the committee is being engaged with by the suits, I'm not expecting too much from them even if advocacy was a role we had.
  19. Dunno about the relationship between theft and tax, but can definitely see an association between the former and oxygen in some individuals' cases...
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