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  1. So any hools looking to congregate at the Royal Oak in Lidcombe?
  2. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    Not a big fan of Vili's pies, as when I'm back in the Vaterland I prefer pasties. However what is definitely the go is the sauce under the crust tradition. Stops the crust from going soggy and also ensures no dead horse gets lost in transit from hand to gob
  3. ManfredSchaefer

    FIFA: Hotbed of Corrupt Criminals

    So, we all have stood there and laughed as the recent heavily censored redacted report on the 2018 and 2022 World Cup Finals bids has been released by FIFA's ethics committee. We all know about the accusations against all the related bids, the behaviour of many of the ExCo members, the continuing populist Putin-esque approach to power that Sepp Blatter has. Question is... Is FIFA doomed? Can anything be done to clean up their mess? Implications for Australia and the FFA over FIFA's ****-ups? Feel free to go into a tumultuous rant....and consider even a bone headed union ex-player and 'sokkah' troll Peter FitzSimons actually understands the farce that is making all of us cringe when we look at how our sport is governed globally: http://www.smh.com.au/sport/the-fitz-files/fifa-has-seen-the-enemy-and-it-is-us-20141114-11mm8u.html
  4. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    Just a few travelers for the trip...
  5. ManfredSchaefer

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Some footage from last night, taken in the company of Edinburgh & 30,000+ others (including Wallaby shirt wearing sokkah tourists) Have to hand it to the Lebanese support...put in an excellent shift.
  6. ManfredSchaefer

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Hey Adam! Hey Tarek!
  7. If anyone deserves to be lied to so they do their dosh its Arnie and Slater
  8. ManfredSchaefer

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Why would he be asking for peace? (Latin joke there)
  9. ManfredSchaefer

    Dino Kresinger

    He'll be playing until they disconnect the life support...
  10. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    A long way off, but can confirm I will be in town before and during this tour of duty match. If people are going to be travelling over for maybe the Friday/Saturday/Sunday can suggest the following: d'Arenburg Winery, MacLaren Vale Bakery on O'Connell (North Adelaide)...damn good pie floater on offer there, open 24 hours Royal Oak Hotel, North Adelaide Oh, and if anyone is interested there is a tour of Coopers Brewery running on the Friday at 1.00pm...happy to coordinate that with anyone hitting town and available https://coopers.com.au/our-family-brewery/brewery-tours
  11. ManfredSchaefer

    Dino Kresinger

    Been too long with no posts celebrating St Dino of the Blessed back Heel So here is a salutary lesson for all ye heathens who have forsaken our fărken idol
  12. ManfredSchaefer

    Jerome Polenz

    Jerome is very busy with his German football blog and analysis, in partnership with Thomas Broich... https://zonal.ly/ Shame he can't come back here and replace the likes of Harper, Slater, Thompson, Speedy & almost every other muppet on FoxFootball
  13. ManfredSchaefer

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Didn't watch the game so have no real insights into how the Arnieroos played. From Twitter & other social media it sounded like a WSW performance of recent seasons. Off to see the #ByeByeLegacy match tomorrow night. Edinburgh I got us tickets brother.
  14. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    A few thoughts... The drive down late Friday night was good. The 'I married my nephew' bogans were out & about in Lithgow's Maccas at 10.30m. Made sure to avoid the wombat who wandered onto the road just before Cullen Bullen, then the roos on the outskirts of Mudgee. Saturday morning brekky at the Mudgee Brewery was tasty, especially when including the schooner of Porter to help wash down the big fry up. Looked around town, then over to Robert Stein's winery for a few reds with Edinburgh & his kin. Back to the Lawson Park Hotel where more forumites arrived and started in on an arvo of Cooper's Pale Ale and slabs of meat. From there to Kelly's where the RBB were keeping things busy. The march was a bit half-arsed, but still enjoyed it. As for the game, well we threw 2 points away. Glen Willow is a neat little venue...would be happy to return (next time with a chairs millionaire). After the game back to the digs where Jess & I gave Balks the shits lol. Sunday, brekky then off to Gulgong for a long around, then back to Mudgee for Remembrance Day ceremony. Cleared out and headed home not long after. Drove through Capertee and CB (shame the Royal there is closed), then deviated to Portland. Met up with Stringer and his family...great coincidence and lovely little town. After a feed back on the road. Stopped in Lithgow for a bit of a scrute, then up the Hartley Vale Road, back over the Mountains at a slow pace, and home...shagged out but very happy. We MUST do this again!
  15. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Get in...
  16. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Probably hitting CB around 8pm tonight...might have to have a traveller
  17. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    You'll enjoy it Em so long as you focus on booze, food and sokkah. A bit Deliverance-y, a bit Yuppy trap....
  18. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    The run between Mudgee and Dubbo is not too bad. Sealed road, very little traffic, only a couple of villages to drop the speed through, and if you want a drink the Ballimore pub might be worth a drop in
  19. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 4 - Mudgee (vs Brisbane) - Sat 10th Nov

    Coupla things First off, driving up on Friday evening, heading back Sunday so ready to revisit Mudgee for the right reason for a change. Anyone who hasn't driven out that way before just be wary of the trucks and road conditions around Wallerawang. Should be okay but have seen it a bit dodgy around dusk. Obviously also keep an eye out for roos etc. Re heading to wineries for a taste and a feed; I'm thinking of heading out on Saturday morning to Robert Steins. They do a very nice Rum Cask Port. Not sure about grabbing a feed there...possibly better off doing a late lunch/early dinner at the Lawson Hotel... https://www.lawsonparkhotel.com.au/menus I'm sure folk have already seen that there is a Remembrance Day service on the Sunday. Perhaps before heading out of town a feed of bacon & eggs followed up by this might be an option. Looking forward to seeing comrades there...and maybe even grab a beer at Cullen Bullen or Sofala as a traveller...
  20. ManfredSchaefer

    VAR & FFA Must Go After Derby Disgrace

    Oh and if you think Beath wasn't put out there post-game by the suits to dissemble about the VAR...well I have some shares in Ansett I'd like to sell you
  21. ManfredSchaefer

    VAR & FFA Must Go After Derby Disgrace

    It's simple. No more away games, bare minimum commitment to home games. No more focus on other clubs or the A-League in general. Tell everyone why and make sure the feedback goes back to the clubs and the FFA. Losing a game because you are outplayed is part of the deal with football...with any sport. But having the soul ripped out of you time and time again because of the consistently anti-football measures in effect on and off the pitch is killing my love of the game & my care factor for the A-League. Always Red & Black Barely caring now about the league and those associated with the sport outside my club.
  22. ManfredSchaefer

    RD 19 - Adelaide - Sat 16 Feb 2019

    Hearing that this is an official Tour of Duty away trip... Also a very good chance I'll be back in my hometown in the week leading up to the match, so might be able to help some travelling hools get up close & personal with KGW, pints of pale & a visit to the Victory at Sellicks pre-match.
  23. ManfredSchaefer

    Alexander Baumjohann

    Zwei Deutsche Profis?
  24. Just some pics I took these about last Thursday week...enjoy