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  1. Somebody get a message to Georgievski, that if the opportunity arises, “Cut it back!”. *****.
  2. Collected Black family membership pack today from post office. No major sponsor. Left side of white cap and stickers have Coffee Emporium only. Right side of cap blank. Empty.
  3. Brilliant idea Prydz! I would love to join and sit with fellow WSF forumites, but my apologies, I'm going to have to disappoint you by choosing to stay where I am because my kids prefer to be closer to the RBB end... Black family membership since S3, after starting off with White & Black in S2. I was in Bay 21 at Parra, 2nd bay from the right in the Eastern stand, two-thirds of the way up, looking towards the Western stand. Our seats were behind the goal line at the RBB end, in line with the goal nets. When originally allocated those seats, I was a tad disappointed. But for
  4. I was at AAMI Park last night with my kids, after my MV-supporting nephews in Melbourne have pleaded with us for the last 3 years to join them for a MCY vs WSW match in the away bay. When the team came around to the away section at the end of the match, I stood 1 row behind my kids. Bridgey & Santa went out of their way (& caught me off guard!) to walk right up to the fence line, & stuck their hand out to shake my hand. These 2 were hurting. It was written very clearly on their faces & slumped shoulders. There is not an ounce of doubt that these 2, like all of us, bleed re
  5. In + 4. Away bay 3/4 full. Win or lose. COYW!!
  6. Quoting my own post: The Manchester United of Australia. Indeed. Fu#k off East Sydney.
  7. That penalty was brought to you by One HD, Fox Sports, & the FFA. And the fact ESFC were 2 down. Never a penalty. Arm raised by Carney first.
  8. To answer my own question, yes, Robbie is 'ere in Sydney! Search @ArsenalFanTV on Twitter.
  9. Seriously, are Robbie & Co from ArsenalFanTV here? Get the RBB's equivalent of Troopz to 'av a chat, like. Know wot I mean? As an LFC fan, I follow RedMenTV, but Robbie runs a brilliant fan channel!! Paul & Chris from the RedMen tried to get to Brisbane in 2015, but airfares were $$$$$.
  10. Family tickets in 139. *****. No intention of sitting with "soccer" Eurosnobs. Should have bought active tickets to begin with, but too cheap... Moving the family to active. To join THE family. (Hopefully from k.o., & not have to wait until half time!) Now, more than ever, "Suits will come & go, but the Bloc will never fall..." Joining you all in full voice tomorrow night.
  11. In the event of spot kicks, Janjetovic >>>>>>>>>> Young COYW!!!
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