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  1. Hi all, Torrent for the video now available here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iafmpwcsf55y1ow/Wanderers%20-%20Champions%20of%20Asia.mp4.torrent?dl=0 We have a few seeders going but we appreciate all of you seeding this as much as you can. Thanks.
  2. Yeah I remember the last time Sydney had 40k to a game before Wanderers were around.... must've been the same time they had about 30k members too... Oh wait....
  3. Couldn't disagree more. As a huge fan of the Thief series and stealth games in general, I found the game immensely satisfying. Storyline was decent enough and I really liked the steampunk world (also somewhat similar to Thief). There's a difference between graphics and art style, and that's the style they went for which I actually liked. If you want a game that actually gives you a decent amount of choice in both gameplay (stealth vs killing everything in site) and story (how people react and the game ends), and a decent length, Dishonored is great.
  4. So I thought I would sell it.... for $50.... when you were given it for free.... Yeah right. I'd love to see what the dvd looked like, because I know I'd love to buy a burnt dvd with an mp4 file on it for $50....
  5. Watch this space. Will try and release a PG clean version over the weekend Sweet. My nephew and niece will love it. As did I, great stuff. Should be up sometime later this weekend (probably Sunday). I've changed the main culprit to the Radio Edit version and I've edited the credits/derby2 songs. I'm kinda kicking myself that I didn't do this from the getgo. It was a massive oversight, but will be rectified soon. Family friendly version is complete and now available: Now all the kiddies can enjoy it too
  6. There were some other quality tweets during that piece of footage saying that we had no chance and why are we taking so long to sign Ballack, etc, etc. Very funny looking back at it all.
  7. charonis

    Win Or Lose

    I think a lot of people prefer it to be "let it rain, let it pour" so they think that's what they hear, but if you carefully listen to it, it's not. The original sound cloud clearly says "Let it rain and pour" as does the video above. https://soundcloud.com/officialrbb/rbb-ole-ole-ole Btw, love this chant. Best one so far (though we say that about every new chant ). It's just a killer to belt out continuously; feel like I'm going to collapse everytime, but hey... you do what you gotta do ha
  8. Agreed (and they can't even get "Let's go ******* mental" right!). Maybe next season we can do this after scoring.
  9. awesome to see just how much the rbb has actually grown, its crazy Was so much better back then... but amazing to see our growth not so many flogs back then i guess Wow... that actually has a tune.... Felt like soooo long ago.
  10. Bay 55 FTW! Absolutely amazing night. The best we've ever had if I dare say so. It was the dream to one day get the whole stadium involved with the chants, and to have that happen to such an extent during the first season is just incredible and breathtaking. My body feels absolutely exhausted but it's all worth it. Going to be an extremely loooong week leading up to next Sunday.
  11. I put $5 each on premiership ($41) and championship ($29). I'm cheering
  12. Much better episode. Good work guys.
  13. Definitely. Also sounds awesome on TV hearing that huge drumbeat
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