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  1. Great passion,determination and grit by our mob. Good to see us fight hard for that win. Didn’t give up towards the end. Our youngsters were impressive. Rate and Aquilina did very well on either flank. did anyone else see that offside call for Aquilina and was he not onside? There is a jets player on the other side of the pitch that kept him onside. I am pretty sure of that, although can’t confirm 100% it is the case. Anyone??? Bring on the derby.
  2. Agree. I didn’t think he was impressive at all. If anything he needs to do a lot more. Maybe just maybe we are watching a different game? 🤪
  3. Last 15 minutes I saw glimpses of a team that can’t put it together. Liking what I saw. Troisi is a worry for me. His passing game is below par for a player of his quality. Bring in the second half. Exciting.
  4. Thanks Smoggy. I am thinking thats the right decision, unless told otherwise.
  5. Hey all, i was thinking of Getting up to Newcastle tomorrow night but I am in Westmead, same postcode as Wentworthville. Is it worth going there and will I be let in? Anyone with any information, I would appreciate it very much. cheers Macak.
  6. We Are a hard side to watch. That first 15 minutes was the best 15 minutes i have seen in the last two Years. After that it was same old ****. This team has no desire, Love or passion For the club and these supporters. I am over it and **** have had enough.
  7. Where is the different set up? We look the same as last few weeks. Why bring in the player and then put him on the fn bench? same **** again.
  8. This is awesome. I hated his guts whilst in the east now j am so bloody funky brilliantly and overwhelmingly happy. This is great. Welcome on board.
  9. That’s an impressive score. Hope it was a good performance. Jebiga. Ništa od GC Knights.
  10. Well thank the Lord for the End to this woeful season. Glad to see the back of those two cow paddocks too. Bring on the next season and a new roster of quality players.
  11. I knew we were going to win. I guessed the score and minutes we would score. I also got the seconds and knew who would the scorers be. Had it all figured out before the game. shame I didn’t put money on it. Maybe next week. But again maybe not.
  12. Lorente not bad tonight. I can’t believe i am saying this.
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