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  1. This is awesome. I hated his guts whilst in the east now j am so bloody funky brilliantly and overwhelmingly happy. This is great. Welcome on board.
  2. That’s an impressive score. Hope it was a good performance. Jebiga. Ništa od GC Knights.
  3. Well thank the Lord for the End to this woeful season. Glad to see the back of those two cow paddocks too. Bring on the next season and a new roster of quality players.
  4. I knew we were going to win. I guessed the score and minutes we would score. I also got the seconds and knew who would the scorers be. Had it all figured out before the game. shame I didn’t put money on it. Maybe next week. But again maybe not.
  5. Lorente not bad tonight. I can’t believe i am saying this.
  6. We all have one in us. Don’t expect anything else.
  7. Thanks Mack. I’ve forgotten about it. NOw I recall it. Cheers. By the way, Lorente is not good enough and our two central midfielders are possibly good enough for Parramatta FC. I hope Baccus comes in for the second half.
  8. I may be missing something but why is the RBB not there? What is going on?
  9. If we are all seeing this then there must be some truth to this comment. If it feels and smells like there is something going on then it must be real. if this issue is not taken up with the refs directly by the clubs senior heads then we are doomed. The fans must know that the club is doing something about this ref issue. I am also ready but unwillingly to not renew my membership next year if the club is not willing to stand up and do something.
  10. Something is truly not right. Those calls would have gone against us. When we need them they are not being called. If our CEO and our chairman say nothing to the FFAabiut the ref treatment of wanderers each game this season then They are either very stupid and willingly losing money and support or simply have a master plan in place that we are yet to see.
  11. Oh we can have all the possession in the world but do **** all with it. Sums up our season so far.
  12. I am lost for words. How do I feel about yer another uninspiring performance by this team? FU@@@D we look lost in the final third. Our game plan is incredibly easy to read. We have no penetration through the middle. We go wide and then Stuff it up with poor crosses. Defensively we are slow and scared, excluding Ziegler. Risdon would rather be anywhere else but here. He is not interested. Hamil has No confidence yet he is our captain. Go figure... I hope this all changes next season. This season must surely now be finished for us. I can’t see anything changing for the better. I am sure we’ll not be acquiring any new players this January window. Bring on 2019-2020 season.
  13. I was confident we were going to get up and finally have a win, turn our fortunes around and have a team that we are all very proud of. Instead, I continue to be disappointed, angry and hurt. I cannot believe just how one man whom I respect can **** it up so badly for us all. Vedrane, please don’t tell us how sorry you are. I am sorry to see you all be sorry for the shite you dish out each week. Just FIX IT . Play for this badge and people of Western Sydney. 18k is a good indication of what we all think of this squad, our owner, this season and these two muppet stadiums we call home. Finally, I’ll keep on coming to the games for the rest of this season but I must say I m highly likely not to give a Shite about any of it. Instead, I will probably just watch Netflix whilst sitting in my seat.
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