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  1. Is Adrian Luna someone we should be looking at?
  2. Bruce will have a Socceroos team mate in Apostolos Giannou. Might make it more worthwhile for Arnie to monitor Crete games.
  3. Bozanic would be a great acquisition. Still has a year to go on his contract with CCM though. The level of hate for our club would rise even beyond what it is now. I'd feel bad for CCM too, just when they saw some light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Andy King could be a replacement for Mutch and Baccus I guess.
  5. Does Andy Harper's PhD qualify him as a Soccerist?
  6. Dukes loan deal was just for last season. I guess it is not impossible for a new loan to be arranged, but I expect his Saudi club will be looking for a better return on their investment this time around. In his final post match interview of the season, Duke did not speak as though he was coming back. So I wouldn't be counting on it.
  7. I think Najjarine is a good signing. If I am interpreting the salary cap rules correctly, you can get exemptions for up to 13 players of 23 years of age or younger. This includes full exemptions for 4 home grown under 24y/o players, and $50 odd K exemptions (amounting to the minimum wage) from each of the salaries of up to 9 more under 24y/o's. Much better to use these exemptions on players who will actually get some game time rather than filling out the squad with youth that won't see a single minute. As it stands, our 2021/2022 squad is stacked with defenders and defensive midfielders.
  8. LOL. So the Wanderers IT staff could be ar$ed to make a new page for Gordon's contract extension.
  9. When CR arrived at the Wanderers 2 months out from the start of last season, all the decent talent was already signed to other clubs. He managed to negotiate the release of Ibini, Troisi, and Gordon from existing contracts with other clubs to dress up a very thin squad. Is it really fair to say he got everyone he wanted? For me, this preseason is the test of whether CR has the capability to assemble a quality team. The speculation posted above from A LeagueHub that McGowan is considering a transfer to the ISL is interesting, in light of the fact that he started most games when fit last
  10. I think there is an opportunity now to paint active support in a positive light. With every gathering of any type of crowd, there will always be a few that want to cause trouble. For too long NRL and AFL centric sports reporters have been ferociously toxic in their crticism of fan behaviour at football games, in vast contrast to the way they report crowd behaviour in their own sports. I hope that Ten and Paramount make a concious effort to reverse the stigma placed on football fans by unfriendly media. A TV series focussing on active support would be a good start, with each episode spent
  11. I like the attacking intent that Robbo brings. Fight hard, backs to the wall, etc. may be Westie traits, but gets dull to watch after a while. We have always been a dull team to watch for the neutral, up until this season (2014/2015 season aside). Robbos ambition for us to always be on the front foot is a refreshing change for me, apart from the fact that we sucked at it a lot of the time. I think that was a personell issue primarily, and am quietly optimistic that we will have a roster better equipped to employ Robbos tactics next season. I now he as bought in x number of players throug
  12. It's looking likely really. They started the season poorly due being limp up front. Arrival of Bobo midseason saw a boost. Le Fondre has joined for the last 5 games for 5 wins. They are far and away the form team now. Melbourne City are toothless up front without McClaren. Central Coast is probably their biggest hurdle.
  13. If we do lose Baccus and Kamau, I'd like to see us bring in 2 foreign strikers and a foreign attacking midfielder. Ibini and Yeboah off the bench, and if we don't resign Yeboah, then promote Auglah (as StringerBellend has suggested). Troisi can cover the three midfield positions (Dorrans, Ugarkovic and new AM) as needed. As good as Ziggy has been, I'd rather we replace him with a commanding foreign centre back, with Tass and Natta playing either side. If we could get a high quality Aussie attacking player in place of one of the 3 foreigners (e.g., Amini or D Petratos), then keep Ziggy as a rig
  14. Only one home derby too. Sydney FC hang your head in shame.
  15. Dimi Petratos's Saudi team has just been relegated to the 2nd division this week. Don't know where that leaves his contract, which still has a year to run. He is with the Avid Sports Group player agency and has played under CR at Newcastle. I rate Dimi highly. He has played well in the few chances he has had with the Socceroos. Holding his position as a foreigner at Al Wehda suggests he played well there, albeit in a bottom of the table team. I think Newcastle missed him big time this season. I'd be happy if he signed with us.
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