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  1. Good news. CRs attacking mindset should suit Bruce. Wonder whether Bruce saw the 12 - 2 result and thought "I wanna be a part of that"?
  2. The odd thing about our squad is that we only have two players in the age band of 24 to 29. This is supposed to be the peak age range for footballers. We have five players aged 33 or older, four of whom will be certain starters.
  3. I wonder whether the huge number of youth signings is related to the new player transfer system supposedly due to be unveiled next month. Maybe the owners are looking to capatalise on some diamonds in the rough.
  4. Watching him in the warm up he looks quite skillful. I think his decision making is his biggest weakness. Maybe Robinson can rectify this.
  5. If the club had sense they should have made the 3rd year of Zeigler's contract conditional on him having citizenship. Have we ever had a foreigner contract other than Zeigler's longer than 2 years?
  6. GD has tested positive for covid. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/1711624/dundee-boss-james-mcpake-confirms-graham-dorrans-is-self-isolating-after-testing-positive-for-covid-19/ Will he have to be clear before flying to Oz? Then 14 days quarantine on arrival.
  7. It is understandable that posters are cynical given the false hope we've been sucked into feeling at the beginning of each season. I am optimistic about this appointment though. Last season our squad was good enough to be top 4 in my opinion, but the team lacked cohesion with players continually getting in each other's way and not getting into good positions to receive the ball. We have lacked a coach that is player focussed to this degree since popa left. I am expecting to see the assuredness on the field again that we last saw under popa. Robbo actually pushed aside Garb's question about philosophy in the interview. His passion for creating pathways for youth was also expressed in an interview 3 months ago with Adam Peacock prior to the midseason hub, so I think he is genuine with it rather than it being imposed by the decrease in salary cap. If I was to be cynical about anything it would be the reason for him giving so many press conferences and interviews. It kinda looks like Lederer has freaked about the drop in memberships and has pushed Robbo out there to explain how he is going to fix things. popa = popovic . Dumb spellchecker. Won't let me enter double p
  8. I wonder whether Jackson Irvine has been approached by any A league clubs? He probably wouldn't want to make the step down at his age I guess.
  9. So was it the owners strategy all along to kill the CBA to allow individual negotiation with players?
  10. Sullivan has been the best of the young players to slot in at 10 for us before. Very surprising that he hasn't had a run since the restart, given 5 subs are allowed. Has he signed for someone else or something? Also wondering about squad rotation with the short backup against WU this Friday.
  11. Don't know what tantric means but aimless we are. Players from other teams (such as The Jets and the Phoenix) say in post match interviews that their coach provides clear and simple instructions on what they should be doing in given situations. As a result they play with assuredness, their teams have good chemistry and they quickly turn possession anywhere on the field into attacking moves. Our players look clueless on how to play out of some situations. I think this is most apparent when we are trying to play out from the back.
  12. Isn't it the owners themselves calling for a reduction in the salary cap? The big spending by some clubs make me wonder whether the owners are just foxing, trying to squeeze more money from the broadcast deal than the $1.6M proposed by the FFA. If so pretty greedy. Some money has to go to the women's league and to league running costs.
  13. I think our wingbacks have been putting the opposition on the back foot. We can probably get by without one of Kamau and Georgevski, but not both. Humidity was 94% which is high even for Brisbane. Scott Neville was interviewed on Thursday and said that he expected the heat was going to give them an advantage. The season is not dead yet. I reckon we'll need 38 points minimum to make the 6. That's 4 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses in our final 8 games. Difficult but still doable.
  14. Definitely a key game. Roar and Adelaide are in reach on the table, so essentially we have to outperform their results for the remainder of the season. We don't play Adelaide again, so tonight's match is our last chance to have a direct say in either of those teams fortunes.
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