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  1. What's the go with wearing a mask? Do we have to wear one when we are out of our seats?
  2. Mutch took control of the midfield with ease when he came on. If we have one of Dorrans and Mutch on the field at all times we will be in good stead. I thought Natta played extremely well, diffused a lot of very dangerous counter attacks that he probably wasn't entitled to. I'm a big Muller fan, but think Troisi better fits our structure and the way Robbo wants to play with his quick distribution to the front line. Muller is more focussed on keeping the ball himself and beating his man. Really happy with Yeboah. Amazing workrate in attack and defence, strikes on goal with venom. Kamau has an i
  3. The Feb 27 game has changed as well. We are now playing Adelaide instead of Central Coast. If this is due to us taking advantage of borders while they are open and saving the intra-state games for when they're closed, then great decision I say.
  4. Isn't it Duke that has insisted on remaining under contract with Al Taawoun? From what Duke is saying, it appears that Al Taawoun wanted him to terminate his own contract so that they would not have to pay him any more money. Since he has flatly refused, they are loaning him out so that at least some of his contract is financially covered externally.
  5. In fairness, you could probably put Shaun Evans in our ins roster ;).
  6. You f@ck*n beauty!!! RE: the return of Duke. Didn't he get a goal off the bench just days after arriving here from Japan last time? Covid quarantine will probably prevent him from hitting the ground running this time around though. I think some are judging McGowan pretty harshly; based on last year's form I guess. This year he hasn't put a foot wrong, and at this point in time is a safer option than both Tass and Natta. I would not be leaving him out of the starting lineup if fit.
  7. An interesting thing about the Avid Sports and Entertainment Group is that more than half the players on their books are Aussies. Some pretty highly sought after Aussie players too, at least from the A league point of view. I can imagine that player list being not so useful for the MLS though. It is a relatively new agency, I expect they will target signing many more young Aussies this year through their connection with Carl. I also note that Sydney FCs new wonderkid Nieuwnhof is represented by this agent. It would be hilarious if Carl enticed him to us.
  8. Wow, Robbo likes midfielders. Maybe he's nervous about Dorrans sloppiness on the ball. Just kidding. Although we have lots of midfielders, most are attacking minded. Mutch may be a solid holding midfielder allowing others to go forward with more confidence. We also have the option of pushing Troisi up front with Ibini if Cox doesnt work out.
  9. I think too much was made of the Federici saves. They were all within his reach, if he used his other hand in the Baccus save it would have looked routine. Federici was clearly confused by the fuss in the post match interview. Having said that, it was pleasing to see so many meaningful shots on goal from us, and intelligent movement off the ball to allow the attacking raids to happen. So much better than last year. No errors at all from the back three was a refreshing change too. The constant turnovers from Dorrans was a concern, but he surely deserves more time to acclimatise. In the fox
  10. Mohammad Al-Taay promoted to scholarship contract. https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/wanderers-continue-promote-within
  11. But we only have one fit keeper on the books at the minute. Can't risk not having a keeper on the bench. Robinson has said in an interview that he is in the market for a keeper, and that Margush would either be the number one or number two keeper depending on the quality of keepers available to sign.
  12. The club often announces a departure a couple of days prior to announcing a new signing. Hopefully that's the case this time and we get some good news shortly.
  13. I was surprised we didnt go for Tomi Juric. We are short on quality strikers. He seems to have fond memories of the club and is a local boy. Although, surely Djite would not be so hypocritical with the way he has responded over us snatching their local boy. Adelaide may have some delusion about juric being their hometown boy i suppose, because he played 7 games for them after being developed in the NSW state league followed by a couple of years in Croatia.
  14. This is better for us I think. More time for the new players to settle in. I don't understand why the original schedule was so dense with matches in the hottest part of the season anyway. Aiming for higher attendance during the school holidays perhaps? I'd rather they condense the back end of the season. Cooler weather, less fatigue.
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