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  1. You would not begrudge Georgievski if he chose not to stick around for autograph signing, considering he has not been given a fair chance by Robinson. Especially considering Russell and Aquilina have hardly been setting the league alight. I can understand the thinking behind fast-tracking Aquilina's development, since under 23s are exempt from the salary cap, so the more first team under 23s you have the larger the salaries for the older players. But I'd be starting with Wilmering and Georgievski, with Aquilina the sub for LB and Russell the sub for RB. Aquilina seems to go better on the left,
  2. The Yeboah and Ibini substitutions initially made no impact. But when Tass was subbed and we changed to a back four, we had a dominant period and it appeared inevitable that we'd get an equaliser. That was until Dorrans was subbed for Muller, at which point we totally lost the midfield battle and struggled to hold Brisbane to just the two goals. Tass and McGowan were dire. Kamau played well and was prominent for the whole 90 minutes. Don't know what's wrong with Duke at the moment, his involvement seems way lower than normal. It could be because Kamau is pulling the strings now I guess.
  3. Two thirds of the squad are off contract at the end of the season. I think it's best to stick with CR next season and allow him to recruit a squad with the attributes to play his system. He was able to bring in a few players this season, but for the most part was stuck with Babbel's squad. Although in fairness to Babbel, Lederer and JT appeared to have more say than him in who was signed.
  4. If channel 9 regularly include the a league in their sports news, this could be the best possible exposure.
  5. I think bringing in a quality number 10 would change everything. It's pretty sad that we are still trying to determine which of our wingers or strikers can do the job. I wish CR could lure Dimi Petratos back to the a league. Last time I checked he was doing pretty well in Saudi though. The bright side for this season is that apart from one game against SFC, we don't have to play any of the 5 teams above us again before the finals. If the top 5 continue winning, they'll be taking points from the teams on our heals. The downside is that we have only managed one win from the 9 games aga
  6. Wow, I had no idea. This is great for clubs that develop their own talent. I wonder what the definition of home grown is? From 16 years of age sounds fair. Perhaps Natta is our only under 23s player that could spark overseas interest. He's just 18 years old.
  7. I don't have any issues with Troisi's comments. He was really just saying that he has no hard feelings about the boos which is good if you ask me.
  8. Don't know whether to laugh or cry. The three at the back still saw us dominated even against 10 men. Enough is enough. We just don't have the players to make this system work. It was only when we changed to a back four that we got back into the match. Finishing 6th and bowing out in the first week of the finals is the most I am hoping for now.
  9. Cox Duke Kamau Baccus Troisi Dorrans Wilmering Natta McGowan Gordon Surely Kamau has to start. Cox is not quick, but his movement off the ball is intelligent. He puts himself into a position to receive the ball in space, which gives him time to assess what to do with it.
  10. What do others think of Troisi in the defensive midfielder role? He protects the ball better than Baccus. Now that Dorrans is back, I wouldn't mind seeing how it would work with Baccus and Troisi switching positions.
  11. Could this mean that Tass is on his way to Newcastle ???? The plot thickens.
  12. So why is our team so poor Is it because Carlo won't play a back four Or is it unfair penalties Or attackers too stationary Or maybe a combination of all three
  13. My conspiracy theory is that Lederer has insisted that x number of youth players must be in the starting line up in order to build value into our youth system. When the FA bring in transfer fees, maximum profit for the club will be on players that have been with us from 16 years of age. I suggest that JPM kicked up a stink about this requirement from Lederer, while CR agreed to it. Pure speculation from me. CRs wing back system would be far more effective if Duke and Kamau were the wing backs. That would be a much better use of our attacking talent rather than trying to squeeze them all i
  14. Yeah, I agree with this. Before Mutch was brought in, defensive midfield was the only position we didn't have cover for. Maybe some youth players could step up, but pretty risky to rely on that in your spine. If the Olympics go ahead, we'll be relieved that we have him. Not to mention, it's pretty hard to bring foreigners in at the moment due to covid. We are supposed to have a reduced salary cap as well. Look at SFC bringing in Bobo in to replace Le Fondre.
  15. I've always been curious as to how Baccus would go as the attacking midfielder. He's quick, creative and can make a precision pass. His ability to steal the ball could lead directly to goals or goal assists if he was further up the park. Also, the risky play and failure to protect the ball properly would be far less damaging to the team if it occurs in the opposition's half of the field.
  16. I just think that the opposition are marking us more tightly in the first half and Ibini and Duke get the better of their markers with their physical strength.
  17. Although we were 2nd best in the first half against Wellington, I think Duke and Ibini showed that they are the best striker pairing to start the game with. If we move the ball quicker in the first half I think this duo will pay dividends.
  18. Don't they have South African, Japanese and Argentinian teams anymore? I don't follow it all.
  19. I think the rugby deal is a good measuring stick for what football should expect. The three year Stan deal includes men's and women's Australian national matches, Super Rugby, and 2nd tier competitions from Australia (.e., Shute Shield) and NZ. This is a lot of content for $33M per annum. I expect that the Super Rugby viewer ratings are similar to the A league's. Their season is shorter, but they have more teams competing then the A league. Ideally, the FA and APL would work together to provide a combined national and domestic football package, which would be more appealing then eith
  20. Lesiotis poised to depart. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/homesick-lesiotis-poised-for-shock-wanderers-exit-with-melbourne-return-looming
  21. Natta and Tass have both played a little as defensive midfielders in their formative years. It would be good if we could quickly switch from 3-5-2 to 4-2-3-1 when needed by pushing Mutch forward and having Tass or Natta play next to Dorrans. Probably too much of a step up for our young defenders though I guess.
  22. Love it. I'm a maths nerd though. I'd take it one step further to provide better perception of the gaps between teams. The average number of games played by each team is 10. So the current table normalised to 10 games for all teams would be: CCM 22 MCY 17 ADL 16 MCR 16 BRR 15 PGL 15 WSW 15 WUN 14 SFC 13 WLL 11 NWC 10 MVC 7 So really we are only 2 points from 2nd.
  23. Duke Muller - O'Doherty - Kamau Dorrans - Mutch Wilmering - Natta - Gordon - Russell Margush
  24. But not one of our midfielders has made the number 10 position their own. WU are open to a swap deal, perhaps we should be letting them take their pick.
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