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  1. Former Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore has joined the ALeague. The man at the helm of the English top flight for nearly two decades as been appointed as a “special advisor” to all eleven A-League clubs. GOOD or BAD?
  2. Tickets to the ffa cup game are available online at Ticketebo. 60 bucks for a family ticket.
  3. Sorry didnt post one, i just caught breaking news on tv
  4. Lendlease sacked as developers of Allianz Stadium development.
  5. Not bad in second half, with a full youth team, the future is bright. Either Tass or Tate was most senior on the pitch for last 20 mins.
  6. Terrible, two shirts in one, top half same as last season, bottom half meh to say the least. At least its not orange....
  7. Atleast 5 of top tier red bays and all of lower red tier are sold out. Hopefully all of these member turn up.
  8. On the plus side, when u walk out after the game, you will know the next time will be the last at Souless
  9. CCM manager sitting in bay 109 on a scouting mission with monty
  10. Enjoy the game people but we are now out. Trains are a disaster and car park isnt an option. Getting stuck in traffic after game is my idea of fun.
  11. Train everywhere are afffected , no trains running as urgent signal repairs being carried out. We are stuck at seven hills
  12. Tosser of the day, the idiot who racially abused Jamie Young, deserves all he has coming his way. Enjoy watching your football on TV for the foreseeable future.
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