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  1. That'd totally be my experience as well!
  2. Keogh said post game that he knew Margush tended to do it, looked out for it, and struck when he saw him so far out.
  3. $2 million... Davila hits Bullseye with $2 million Macarthur move (sbs.com.au)
  4. Ooops! You posted as I posted mine above! You...and Whacko were top of my list of "most likely" visitors here.
  5. Qantas' fault that there are false positives amongst the plane load of people returning from India.
  6. We start early at my school, at 8.15. Some of our kids are half asleep for the first hour of school. The Chinese kids I teach are often from boarding schools, which start at 7am, and where supervised study goes til 9 or 10 at night! So I guess they're exhausted at lights out time, would get off to sleep at a reasonable time, and would be ready for action/fitness on the oval by 6.30 or 7? At least they'd be awake for the start of lessons.
  7. I know from the International kids I teach that outdoor exercise is the way school starts in China (at 7am or earlier, according them...even in the snow!!). How much more fun to start school this way!! ^^^^
  8. Goodo! But if you have the fitness and agility to manage a bit of Shuffle...get stuck in. It looks a lot of fun. Just check out these kids... One of my favourite YouTube clips. 💕💕
  9. Was reminded of Smoggy's skipping (for fitness and feeling good) posts from a while back as I watched some shuffle dance clips. I think he ought to aim to incorporate a few of these moves into his skipping regime. This looks so much fun. Not the best of clips...but ok.
  10. People having internet fun with the massive tax-payer funded handouts pocketed by businesses like Harvey Norman.
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