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  1. WooHoo! We won!! For the first time ever in Jordan! Arnie didn't fail!!
  2. Yes - I like seeing them throw off the straightjacket that their education system back home seems to have been, and encouraging them to be a little playful. I usually have one student per class I call our "Chinese larrikin" (after delivering them an explanation of what a "larrikin" is, of course).
  3. I'd have to give my (almost all) Chinese kids a history lesson, before teaching them what it meant and how to use it! I'm tempted though!
  4. How long til it hits classrooms, I wonder.
  5. There is ideology involved on both sides. Pure idiocy plus self- interest along with ideology on one side... and data and ideology... on the other. I don't know whether he said anything of that nature, but he doesn't dispute the mess that is climate change, as far as I heard in that clip. He challenges the idea that humanity will unite to fight it (exactly what the evidence suggests) and he states that no one really knows how to stop it, with agreed upon practical measures...and that may well also be true. Not that we shouldn't try - OF COURSE we should.
  6. I did decide some time ago not to respond to your taunts about either of these guys - neither of whom I have listened to or watched since well before whatever I first posted that encouraged you to become obsessive about them. lol. Re the 2018 Cambridge Union address of 12 months ago...which I have seen some time in the past... I'm not entirely sure that a Wikipedia entry sums up what JP was on about. There ARE things in that clip that I would totally take exception to, in what he says about the status of CC as a global threat. Absolutely I disagree! But he was actually answering a question about whether humanity is likely to rally around, in response to the ravages of climate change, and unite to find solutions. "PFFFFFFT!" would actually be my reaction to that same question... on the basis of the global "rallying/unifying" on offer for the past 50 years. I'd be with him, unfortunately, in answering "No" NOT "No, we shouldn't be unifying", but "No - are you kidding? It's highly unlikely that enough will be done to avert the worst of it"- the beginnings of which are already upon us, it would seem. His response in that interview was rambling and, in my opinion, marked by the pessimism and depression that he says he has lived with all his life. I don't really know what else he's said about Climate Change, and basically, who cares? He's a psychologist who suffers from depression, not a climate scientist. He's being asked about human psychology, and its response to a global challenge, more than about whether Climate Change is real. Anyway - this clip isn't at all inspiring, quite the opposite. But he gives an honest, off the cuff and sadly realistic answer to the question of humanity's RESPONSE to Climate Change...and then rambles off topic, and does say some dubious stuff. I wouldn't say it's evidence that he's up there with Alan Jones as a Climate Change denier, tho. And to be honest, I'm far more disturbed by our political leaders' attitudes towards action on Climate Change, and mitigation strategies for dealing with it, than I am about his.
  7. Thankfully, now and then, there are a few good news stories...amongst all this sadness. 'Noah's ark' bus rescues koalas, monkeys, crocs from Qld bushfire danger http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-11-12/yeppoon-wildlife-sanctuary-fire-evacuation-bus-noahs-ark/11696722
  8. Easy to see your admiration for your elected representative! 🤣🤣
  9. You can only hope confronting situations like this change their minds, or wake them up.
  10. The school kids are trying, when they protest. Don't give Morrison and co the chance to claim that the silent majority are with them.
  11. One of the comments for that tweet. Check out @MoaniePandium’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/MoaniePandium/status/1194022050555293696?s=09
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