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  1. Just scrolled past this thread..and had a chuckle at the use of "Clodhopping" in the match report. This is no doubt the best thread title ever! But, much as I enjoyed the use of the word, I hope we don't ever have cause to use it again in the future.
  2. Ooooo..just had a thought! I wonder if HAPPY/Spotty is happy at this announcement? He was a staunch #Gombau in supporter?
  3. But since I'm already here...I may as well chuck in some of these little guys. They haven't had much of a run on the forums lately, but hopefully they will next season.
  4. We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, I guess. I'm wary these days about a roller coaster ride that scaled the heights we rose to, and then plummeted so low, so quickly. But it certainly has felt like a crazy roller coaster ride from the start, and that we're on the way back up! Hopefully, a few who hopped off in recent times are ready to get back on , and we can get back some self belief. It's great to have something to get excited about throughout the long, dull off season. PS It's heartening to see the #Gombau out brigade (headed here from the start by Lloydy, FCB and SB) sounding a lot more excited these days.
  5. wendybr

    Post-Season Post-Mortem at Parra Bav

    Thanks for a lovely afternoon/evening with the BBC crowd! And great to have Whacko and his wife join in! PS I'll head straight in your direction at the next one Ed...I really wasn't avoiding you!
  6. wendybr

    Australian National Discussion V3

    Lol. The reality is likely to be brutal enough. We're allowed a fleeting moment of hope now and then...before reality sets in, I think.
  7. wendybr

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    I can see some of you buijs need to move over to the PUN Thread with this nonsense! Some people here hate puns.
  8. wendybr

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    Yeah..but you'll be faking it!
  9. wendybr

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    Lol - I'm sure you will. As will many other WSW supporters.... but...but... Pffft! Yeah.
  10. wendybr

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    The two posts above are very astute, of course....but I have a dead set prediction. Stevie Corica will be a lot harder to dislike and ridicule than Arnie was!
  11. wendybr

    Australian National Discussion V3

    FWIW - not much I know - but I'm really sorry to see McLaren out. Sigh.
  12. wendybr

    Perth Glory: Season 2018/19

    ^^^ Meh!
  13. wendybr

    Chris Ikonomidis