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  1. wendybr

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Thank you!
  2. No no no....they stole Peter Costello's surplus, Unlimited! Nothing to do with Labor's actions.
  3. It was Cynth who replied...and you intended to thank, Taurus. What I was referring to was the discontentment of many working class voters say in rural QLD and the Hunter (just as these disenfrancised people turned against the Dems, and towards Trump in the US). I recall a commentator from QLD who referred to working class people in QLD voting for the Coalition "whilst clutching vomit bags". I was comforted by the idea of them clutching their vomit bags... but I'm pretty sure Labor has suffered a very big reality check...and that the traditional base can be won back. Unfotunately there is a risk that it will be at the expense of environnmental protections. We've seen it already today...with Anna P pushing for Adani to be settled...and I think it was Joel Fitzgibbon calling for more coal...and gas fields to be opened up. Jobs yes...much needed, but hopefully not too much of a knee-jerk reaction is what Labor will look to as they reevaluate their policies. Anyway...I do hope all goes well in your job search Taurus.
  4. wendybr

    Off Topic Thread 4

    What's the name of the doco, Goat?
  5. Fully agree with all that...but this result may, hopefully, act as a warning before we go too far down the US path.
  6. And one more https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/comment-australia-isnt-right-wing-its-cautious/ar-AABDXxD?ocid=spartandhp
  7. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/christmas-island-cash-in-budget-treasurer/ar-AABFA64?ocid=spartandhp
  8. Agree with most of that. The last bit is a bit harsh. Their platform didn't have any Labor supporters expressing toooo much doubt, from what I can recall. The Libs are pragmatic, and lie/scare their way in, over and over and over again. And Labor are too idealistic/naive.
  9. Great post BFTW! I forget who it was a day or two back, begging for "truth in advertising" type standards in election campaigns - and don't we need it! But we're too resigned to the bullshi.t to expect it. How come all our standards (elsewhere it's called false advertising) absolutely go out the window in political campaigns? Really, it's the law of the jungle, dog eat dog and "All's Fair in Love and War", sadly...isn't it, in politics.
  10. "Prime Minister Scott Morrison has scared his way back into office with the shameless lie that Labor was going to slug Australians with $387 billion of higher taxes, repeated so often it sounded true. " How can any of us be surprised! It's what they always do. And Labor walks into it time and again. Axe the Tax...Electricity Bill...GREAT BIG TAX etc. PS Labor should NEVER EVER have anyone called Bill in leadership again. Makes it too easy to come up with their "The Bill you can't afford" type slogans.
  11. Chris Bath and that Sports news bloke, her partner....well they were there in those early seasons.
  12. By the end of 9 months, you MIGHT get your answer, Cynth!
  13. It's OK....it's not personal Hawks!
  14. I think I heard on the News that the authorities asked fast food outlets to stop selling milkshakes during rallies?? it's a bit of a thing at the moment?