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  1. Hahaha...sorry...and thanks Hughsey! It'll happen sometime, but there's every chance I'll hate whatever it is, given the diversity of thought even amongst this little community. The banter about it is enjoyable though! And October is still such a long way off......
  2. Posting these for Middy - hope all is well with his family...he hasn't been visiting much lately. Don't think I've posted these before... but not sure.
  3. No need - I'll go find the old one - oh well the last one of the old threads. It's an all time forum classic!
  4. OK...I'll be off to the Music Thread then.
  5. Pffft! If you didn't love it, you'd have been off watching that Ninja thing on the tele! Probably half the country was doing so - or some other such stuff.
  6. 2 separate surveys surely? Oh boy - have we hijacked this thread!
  7. You're probably quite right - I would've said it was an ad for a car. It was quite high exposure I'd have thought - so subliminally, most people, unless very young, would have been exposed to it.
  8. Not snippy or snipey - just frustrated that, even amongst a dozen people, here and on the dedicated song threads, after all the hours that have been spent discussing it, no two people ever agree. Which indicates how hard it would be to get a stadium full of people to agree. And amongst the reasons what are always thrown up, are ...it needs to come about organically (marron), it should come from Western Sydney (lots of people), it isn't intimidating enough (most), it's too lame/commercial/woosie (most). Sigh.
  9. But but...you didn't hate it. In fact, you'd have recognised it...from some ad or other, I think.
  10. Pffft! If you say so! I should be grateful you even watched the relevant 15 seconds, let alone the whole 2 minutes.
  11. Come back tomorrow my friend...we're on a roll here! And it isn't about football!
  12. Great point Smoggy! To those in the know, how many of our iconic chants are based on original material from Western Sydney. And if the answer is as I think it is, then here is no reason to be precious about a walkout song not being from Western Sydney.
  13. I'm nowhere near tired - sorry to tell you! But I will be out of your hair tomorrow.
  14. That belongs in the Nostalgia Thread, and is not the worst suggestion I've ever heard here. It was a great way to loosen (all the non RBB) people up. Laugh alllll you like, but it actually was.
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