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  1. Yes! We all know you see that all the time - headlines that bear little resemblance to the article. The headline implied something that was not borne out by the content or the tone of the article.
  2. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/embarrassment-for-the-project-as-its-forced-to-issue-a-correction-after-slamming-scott-morrison-in-a-rant-about-the-facts-when-the-pm-called-waleed-aly-a-liar-over-anti-muslim-smear/ar-BBV23uv?ocid=spartandhp "But we as a country know what our leaders have been saying about refugees and immigrants and Muslims for well over a decade.' MacDonald compared Mr Morrison's heated response to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. 'If anything paints a clearer picture on the state of Australian politics today it is this; after Waleed made that genuine, thoughtful, and reasoned contribution on Friday night — a plea for our community to come together — the Prime Minister of our country threatened to sue. 'In contrast, New Zealand's Prime Minister invited Waleed to her country to sit down for an interview. 'If you want to know why I'm here tonight and not Waleed that's why, that's where he is.'
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/australia/man-who-tackled-eggboy-has-outstanding-warrant-on-charges-relating-to-church-incident/ar-BBUYLPi?ocid=spartandhp This minister is inspiring.
  4. I think we've got that message! Nor would I. But that wasn't the question!
  5. Pffft! No No No - to call out the t shirt wearing bigot!! You're condemning Peterson for not calling him out (potentially after the guy queued for an hour or more to get his photo). But would YOU have called him out - if you were standing alongside him today for example? And.... would you have been likely to have done it, say....on Thursday of last week? Or before.
  6. Nooooo - to call out the t shirt wearing bigot!! You're condemning Peterson for not calling him out (potentially after the guy queued for an hour or more to get his photo taken with him). But would YOU have called him out - if you were standing alongside him today for example? And.... would you have been more...or less likely to have done called him out, say....on Thursday of last week? Or before last week's massacre?
  7. I agree. Yep I agree. You're saying he would have deliberately posed beside him to make the same point? I don't think you can state that with the same degree of confidence with which you could make the other assertions.
  8. Oh....And would you be more likely to have called him out today than you might have been a week ago?
  9. It's obviously a photo op...and that's how they're done...at the front of a 200 metre queue...which is what we saw. From my point of view, what you say above is all fair enough. As a matter of interest...if you found yourself in his vicinity, would you have called him out? Or engaged him in conversation? I totally recognise that posing to have a photo taken with him is different to commenting if you walked past him in the street - but just curious.
  10. He's an advocate of freedom of speech. There's no way he would have called him out....then. It would be interesting to see how someone like JP would react to Waleed's words. Waleed challenged politicians, shock jocks and others (like t-shirt manufacturers maybe) well... all of us, really, to consider how the current climate of ideas has contributed to the slaughter of 50 men, women and children at prayer. Which could actually have been the slaughter of 100 defenceless people. It may have been a watershed moment in history....or not. The slaughter of 80 something teens in Scandinavia didn't change things. But this may have caused some to reevaluate their stance. If the photo had been taken over the past 4 days it would have an unequivocal meaning - but it wasn't. Does the photo unsettle me - yeah - of course it does. It would be interesting to hear from him now - to see whether his reaction would be different.
  11. OK....gonna stick my neck out here. Putting that photo into context might be a fair thing to do. Maybe some of those who went with me to see him speak last year when he came out here might want to weigh in.... or not. None of us went to do anything other than see/hear him and judge for ourselves - none were devotees. There were 2 Right Wingers , 2 Lefties (of which I was one) and someone who started here a lefty I think...but moved away somewhat. His talk last time around did not touch on politics - not a word. Don't know about this time around. But at the end of his presentation (about his 12 rules) a queue of about 200 metres formed (seriously!), and people approached him for a signature in the book - or to thank him for the transformations he had brought in their lives - or whatever. None of the five of us joined the queue. But many queued for...I don't know how long and literally had a 30 seconds encounter with him. I'm pretty sure they could have a snap taken with him.... from memory. In fact it was billed as a photo opportunity. I don't know the circumstance in which that photo was taken...and I find the shirt objectionable....but what was to be done about that? In the light of Friday's atrocity, the shirt is now even more totally objectionable....and it's overlaid now with overtones that may well have been foreseeable (as Walid Ali noted in his brilliant reflection on Friday's events) but the event hadn't happened. But it's obvious that this guy wasn't someone JP had dinner with - but is likely someone who had queued for an hour ...til about 11pm or later - and had a 30 second photo op. The objections to JP based on a 30 second encounter with a supporter of this nature are an example of the demonization he has been subjected to for ever....and aren't proof that he is a ******* c*** in my view. It's too simple. And he has called out the alt right numerous times and never endorsed anything of a white supremacist nature ....which is probably partly why Yiannopolous called him out on Q&A the other week.
  12. wendybr

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Oh it's lovely! And so is the chorus of crickets and other creatures singing to the night sky outside here! Thanks Smoggy!
  13. wendybr

    Off Topic Thread 4

    That's it Goat! I know a number of people your age who have travelled the same path. But I do think it's as that analysis in the "Is the Left Eating Itself" vid observes. Most people my age wouldn't know much about the shift...or the issues you refer to. It's younger people on the whole....and it's social media that facilitates the proliferation those issues you refer to. And I think it is a worry that people like you are turned away by it. Not necessarily to go in the opposite direction, but to just opt out. It's a bit scary, when you think of people being alienated in the future. Not sure what the future holds....well no one does, but you know what I mean. PS It's what your "Friendly Gordies" guy is on about...and Jonathan Pie.