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  1. You sound almost apologetic, Middy...you shouldn't be. It's great to see your team doing so well, after so long in the doldrums.
  2. Goat said "Hello darkness my old friend" ^^^ Mack replied "It ended after 90 minutes" In addition to so many insightful, intelligent.... and frustrated observations above, so many others made me chuckle when I got to read the first 2 pages here. Don't ever change, fellow forumites.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised...it does look like something from an alien world!
  4. Not good...but it sounds as though you've been fortunate to escape injuries and damage!
  5. Apologies if posted elsewhere... "A-League: How five substitutes rule has changed the game, Adam Peacock column, latest news, highlights" https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/adam-peacock-the-rule-change-thats-lit-up-the-aleague-and-why-it-must-stay-for-good/news-story/bcce93fca1ff7b67a436a75b7792831a
  6. Never really picked you as troll Jack. Not really.
  7. Your positivity is refreshing Btron, and is needed here...I agree. We do tend to be too critical in general. You haven't been unreasonably optimistic, and I shouldn't have suggested that you were the leader of any "camp". Sorry.
  8. I'm afraid I'm more in Hughseys' camp than Btron's, although I agree that we are better than in seasons past. We're better, but really haven't "gelled" yet, as CR sort of implied would take time. But the standard of most other teams seems to have lifted this season. Which is ironic after all that happened last year. And it's good for the A League. Compared to the firepower some teams have upfront, we're not close, unfortunately. And that isn't all that's wrong in the team. But hopefully, with more time, our team can gain more fluency and cohesion. As is often said here
  9. 3-4 to WU. Shame that wasn't the free to air game!
  10. Victory v WU...3-3 so far...exciting game!
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