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  1. wendybr

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Thanks for your insights, Paul!
  2. wendybr

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    You think Kenny has what it takes??
  3. wendybr

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Your thoughts on that, Paul???
  4. wendybr

    A-league 18/19 Rd 4

    Come on Newcastle! Clap clap....clap clap clap!
  5. Maybe the level of activity in the stands at the average Nix game at the Cake tin is so ….dull...that the music and the "dance cam" activity is welcomed there?? They wouldn't dare do it at any of our games....would they?
  6. I forget which game on the weekend I was watching - and they did play music over the stadium PS system during the game...I think as a corner was being set up....might have even been in our Wellington game?? Did anyone else notice that? I think there was some discussion pre season ….about this as a possibility ?
  7. Thanks for the work you put into compiling these stats Paul. It's always interesting to check them out!
  8. If the M*A*S*H reference was an "ancient" reference, this one is prehistoric, and most here probably wouldn't know it. But I do like ABJ as the nickname!
  9. Plus it's almost as long as the original name - which I haven't learnt how to spell. Smoggy wants a short cut.
  10. You don't like Bozza??
  11. Yes...it felt like a spark was ignited last weekend, and it was visible in that game. One that hasn't been evident for a few seasons. Last night's game was a joy to watch...and I feel like we have a team to get excited about again.