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  1. Fascinating! Thanks for posting Prydz!!
  2. This is interesting... The Asian Countries That Beat Covid-19 Have to Do It Again https://flip.it/SSJlwt
  3. Errr. the cat/dog/youngest child knocked it off the bench, and smashed it?? Alternatively, is your wife on board - and could she help you explain the hazards to the in-laws?
  4. One of Mack's favourite songs, as I recall ...adapted! PS Hope Mack is OK - he's been a bit quiet! This will cheer him up!
  5. But but....it's no different to flu!! He said he'd had a fever for days in the last statement from him I saw - which in itself is a dangerous state of affairs. Extraordinary to have the future monarch and the PM of a nations afflicted. It surely should send a message - that it's serious....even though there are still those protesting that "It's a conspiracy - with the world is being brought to its knees by nothing more than the flu."
  6. They unlock Wuhan this week? A friend from China (who lives here) sent me this, and said that people all over the rest of China felt "so so, sorry" for the people of Wuhan for being locked down/blocked off from the rest of China. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/coronavirus-china-national-mourning-wuhan-beijing-qingming-a9447276.html
  7. Thank you - I didn't "Like" your reply, but I appreciate it.
  8. 5-10 deaths per day?? Really?
  9. Ohhhhh no one could dislike this...moving and touching. And funny in a few places.
  10. Thanks Flytox! Sweden is going very badly, I heard on Insiders this morning?
  11. All good points Prydz - very good, and food for thought. I will defer to your research around this matter. One last thing I will say, though, is that I've heard from at least 3 televised sources - but can't quite recall who (one was from the UK, maybe even BJ?, one was from one or our health people in a TV update/interview, and I'm pretty sure one was from Jacinta Adern) that everyone should act as if they have it. Now it could be that THAT advice was targeted at, and is appropriate for the UK/Europe/US, rather than us at this stage...although prevention is better than a cure, as they say.
  12. Sorry - yes I amended my post. We don't know for how long. Some NRL bigwig reckons the NRL will be up and running by June -...so....you never know your luck! For a moment, I thought you meant holed up in a hotel for 90 days.
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