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  1. Yep...ours were rescheduled to Weeks 5-6. I would've thought if/when Yr 12s return in 2 weeks, it would be for Trials...where schools are able to accommodate them, with most students at school.
  2. PS I'm guessing you're in the Vote Angus Out group Paul?
  3. When will the Matildas play?
  4. Well... most schools would probably be having Yr12 kids do their Trial exams. They should be on this week and next week at my school, and at most schools, I think.
  5. That's terrible news, and explains why nothing's been said about it. It was initially to have been rolled out about now. My understanding iis that's it's a traditional vaccine, that may have allayed some of the hesitancy about...or rejection of, the current vaccines. We weren't a favoured customer, since we'd not contributed to the vaccine's development. So that's on the govt, I guess, but manufacturing issues can't be blamed on the govt. You'd hope it could get approval from the TGA, if all trials have been finalised, and then when supply issues are overcome, we'd be ready to
  6. Yep - and ironically, that's one of the points of agreement that you and many conspiracy theorists agree upon, FCB!
  7. That's wonderful news WB! It's for the best if he doesn't remember it! Long may he and your mum be together!!
  8. Two observations - both pretty obvious, of course. 1. The internet changed everything. People now have access to an almost an infinite selection of information - credible and from less reliable sources. In the past - where did you access more in depth information about any thing you wanted to know? From a text book, or an encyclopedia etc Now, anyone can ferret out a great deal more info from whatever sources. More specialised "knowledge" was generally the domain of the highly educated, the "experts" if you like, and they were respected. Not any more. 2. Now, with the "research" mad
  9. Is there any news of your dad, WB. Hope he is doing OK.
  10. Oh just saw this. Figured you'd have had something to say!
  11. Did he complain there was noone on the back post, when Souttar couldn't get to the ball, and we missed a chance?
  12. Mack can't even be watching .. Not a nibble from him.
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