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  1. Winter is already 3 months too long! Mind you...Summer often is these days too. Well Summers like the 2019-20 was.
  2. This is an August wind! Horrible!
  3. And now there's this... South African variant of COVID-19 can 'break through' Pfizer vaccine, Israeli study says https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-11/south-african-variant-can-break-through-pfizer-vaccine/100061552
  4. And....I don't disagree there Marron. The owners...and the rumblings are there from the fans too.
  5. Perfectly fair enough, Carns. I guess my point was that, for things to "gel" in one season, with a new manager, and many new players coming together for the first time, is a big ask...if you're asking for a premiership winning team.
  6. Thankyou, GE! I knew he didn't win...but yep...that was impressive... after their years in the doldrums (7th Heaven was the taunt here, for those last few years).
  7. Hmmmm...the thread name change tonight prompts me to revive this earlier post. And to add that, Ange didn't win in his first season with the Roar (as someone else pointed out recently), Arnie took 2 seasons to get SFC into winning shape, from memory, I think? And I can't remember when in the season Staj started at the Mariners...but they ended last year with the wooden spoon, didn't they? Or, if not, they were close. Like all supporters, I'm frustrated at our unimpressive situation. But...Rome wasn't built in a day, (to use a cliche), and it's less painful having more mode
  8. There's gotta be some good stuff in there. There was in the early 21st century! Here's a golden oldie, performed by 2 younger musicians. Beautiful!
  9. Just made another attempt to watch/listen...and skipped thru 30 or so songs. I was struck by the fact that probably 90% of them were "songs" preformed by semi-naked women. "Gangnam Style" was the only song I recognised....and Justin Beiber was the only artist whose name I recognised. Depressing...imho.
  10. Great minds....etc PS Did you listen to it all??
  11. ^^^ You guys really do love your trains, don't you!
  12. Where's the Coldplay? Sadly, I find most of that unlistenable. Lasted 50 secs at the start...and the last 30 seconds was even worse.
  13. OK...It's not about the Sydney train network, but it IS about a train! The Ghan transcontinental train has deadly makeover to promote the 2021 Parrtjima light festival https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-04-08/ghan-train-indigenous-artwork-promotes-parrtjima-light-festival/100053896
  14. Thanks for sharing that! I'll give it a go! And welcome to the Forums!
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