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  1. Yeah I edited my post - I figured that out. It doesn't rhyme with West/crest/chest and death - so it can't be from Glorious.
  2. Oooops! Forgot to say.... "I'm a fan of unusual lyrical patterns" - well...okayyyyy. All I know is that we live in the West ...we stand on a crest....with our hearts on our chest...and something (not sure if it's the standing on the crest, the singing...or the team....) is more glorious than death. PS I quite like the idea that there's a line about "the night falling upon us...."
  3. Well you're in the thick of it in the RBB. The rest of us are standing and applauding for the team.....but….it's not the same as actually participating. So.... no walk out as such. No doubt that would be fun - but at different points during the game - not as a much anticipated, much loved ritual as the teams come out (much loved - if the choice has maximum appeal) I'm actually not one for rituals. Didn't grow up with any religious or cultural rituals at all. BUT in this instance, I'd like one (as long as it had broad appeal) rather than the spontaneity you prefer. Everything else absolutely needs spontaneity, but a shared ritual with a walkout is something different. To me, its role is to call everyone to a common purpose, and to be accessible to everyone. There are limited times during a game when we can all join in - particularly for people at the other end of the stadium to the RBB (which isn't my situation at the new stadium, but I know what that's like). A WDWSF is one. A goal celebration is another. And a walkout is the third - which is the icebreaker for the game. Anyway - that's my 2 cents worth (for the 150th time)
  4. Onya Manfred! WFMB Working in my staffroom next door to where one of our school cleaners is working - most afternoons this happens (as it is now). This lady sings, hums and sometimes whistles softly as she works. She is of Ethiopian background, and sings in her language. She has a beautiful voice, and sounds both happy, and far away, as she sings. It's beautiful.
  5. Yep...water in a jug...but you do have to keep topping the cold water up. Or drop in an ice cube when the water warms up, which it does quite quickly.
  6. Sounds very sensible! You are still waiting on these PSA results Smoggy?
  7. You're sounding more and more like Manfred every day, Paul!
  8. Ahhhh... I noticed that the South end sounded a bit louder than the North, now that I think of it, so maybe you're right!
  9. I've never been to Marvel...only at AAMI twice, some seasons ago, and it was great! They have had some seasons of disruption to active support, but it seems like it's back and sounding strong. Well... the North end South end chant sounded good! As I said, I missed the walkout.
  10. Tell that to the people here (including the cops) - with competition from SFC's chant - which interferes a bit. From 4 years ago. PS It's good that the North Terrace seems to be back in action??
  11. I'm sure this isn't a representative enough forum to try to have something as important as the choice of a Walkout song get any further than a general discussion - but it is good to see the issue being discussed. Again. LOL I think most other clubs in the A League now do have something stirring played, or played and sung, as the teams walk out. This loosens the crowd up, and with some clubs, the walkout song now probably stirs their emotions, and people WANT to sing, and are PROUD to sing their club song. It eliminates that flat feeling that some games start with, and it unifies the whole stadium at the start of a game. Which is the main point of an anthem. Anyway, it's good that people here are chipping in with their thoughts....and I hope a few others come and do so. PS If any of the forumites, like @Edinburgh and @andypk who went to the Victory game drop in here, can they offer an opinion on the Vic supporters' reaction to their Walkout song? It's given me chills to hear it live in my couple of visits to AAMI, and I love hearing it on TV (but missed the start of our game on TV last weekend). They seem to take it seriously - although no doubt not everyone would have approved of the choice when it was first introduced.
  12. Sure. It probably wouldn't be necessary, because enough people are familiar with it, and are happy to sing it. And it's simple. PS I certainly wasn't suggesting you'd need it more than once or twice. But it's probably quite unnecessary.
  13. Thanks for the update, and for engaging on this issue, BD! Glad to hear all you've said here. Is it possible the RBB might consider trying These Colours, which is a more popular chant...for the walkout ....some time? With even a half decent response at a few games, it could be announced as a chant before the RBB actually starts - to alert people that its about to start? At later games, if people were more receptive to joining in than they are to Glorious, and if you wanted evetyone able to join in, you could put the lyrics to These Colours on the big screen for newcomers? Until it's solid.
  14. That's an interesting perspective Zach....well ...it is a series of interesting observations. I agree with pretty much all you say there - but the last observation made me think. By "on our current course", you mean people sitting at computers, or on their mobile phones interacting less with others face to face, and more in the cyber world? So, does forming communities like ours here (which does feel like a real community, even though it's not a face to face one) count as a community, I wonder?
  15. You're right - it was a hopeless venue for watching football - so maybe I was doing the same as you.
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