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  1. Thanks Flytox - that's a distinction that's too technical for me! Either way for heaven's sake, the advertising needs to knock those with their heads in the sand OUT OF thinking it's just like flu. TBH those early ads made FAR too much of considering the elderly and those with underlying conditions. The first ad that ended with a person on a walking frame really sent out the message that if you're young and healthy, there's no need to worry. Sadly, we aren't such a community minded society as we'd like to think. The ads haven't cut through enough to a proportion of younger people.
  2. Google Classrooms, MS Teams and emails is how I'm in touch. We're putting up a few questions each day on an International Student Chat Google C lassroom, where they are meant to touch base to show they are up and tuned in to their work. Via those I'm in touch with all of them each day...one way or another. But it's only about 20 kids! If we don't hear from them , or if we're concerned, our bilingual aide will call kids, guardians and parents in China. She's beyond helpful, and integral to our ability to stay closely in touch. And then, class teachers will let me know if they're worried about anyone, or not hearing from any of them. No idea how you track 100s of kids as a teacher of 7 or 8 mainstream classes. But with ours (nearly all seniors) they're not here with parents, so I feel quadrupally responsible for making sure they're OK, and are actually working. Does that make sense?
  3. happy to join in....but I might feel like an idiot if I'm the only one doing it! LOL!!
  4. OK Thanks WHACKO - but it's also known as the other as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severe_acute_respiratory_syndrome_coronavirus_2
  5. Why aren't we calling this thing SARS Cov-2, which I think is its name. It's basically SARS, not flu. Obviously people are on a continuum of reactions - from asymptomatic and mild, to the extreme symptoms. But all the early talk about it not being much different to flu has been so damaging. The Emma Alberici program was interesting on ABC TV last night - spending time in Italy (been a good series). One doctor in quarantine said something like: "Comparing this to the flu is like comparing a match to a bomb." A striking (pardon the pun) image I think. Numerous doctors and medical staff over there have died from it. If we need to be scared into taking this seriously, so be it.
  6. All good points Carns! I didn't walk into the study at all on Sat - just needed a total break - although mine isn't a job that I've ever been able to (or inclined to) switch off from - but it's just intense this way. I'm STILL in my PJs. That's obviously one modification to make to what I've been doing - get up, shower and dress before turning on the computer!
  7. ^^^^ "No gathering with friends is worth someone's life," Mr Andrews said. Strong, simple and direct messaging.
  8. ^^ "I've heard people say the [rules] are very, very complex, this is what I'd say: there are many complex things in the world, this is not one of them. Stay at home," Mr Andrews said. Hahaha - was he a teacher in a past life?
  9. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-30/victoria-stage-3-coronavirus-restrictions-as-cases-rise/12101632 This guy is great!
  10. Good thinking, but it's a bit different for me. Only got 2 senior EAL/D classes, but support others across the school, and have a high level welfare and admin role for our International kids (as Int Student Coordinator). Currently trying to arrange all the stuff required for the immediate enrolment of 2 more Internationals, as well as talking to some kids who have retreated back home to China temporarily, but who are still enrolled and working on Google Classrooms. Good times! as the kids say...but I'm still in my PJs...having been at it solidly since 8.15, which is when we start. I'm not bored tho!
  11. Makes total sense - I'm so lucky and normally only have a 10 - 15 min drive to work....although with 2 two year periods of road work on the M2, it became 40mins! But I can see that would be a huge plus. I'm doing that too, and in "Classrooms" - all day - some days til 10pm lol. I miss the kids.
  12. To others here working from home....how are you finding it? Sure, not having to drive etc is good. But I found it unrelenting, and even though, on a normal day, I get little time to sit around and chat, I missed the social interactions. I could hardly bring myself to sit at the computer yesterday, so exhausted was I by working there all last week. I'm used to having to bring work home, but it kind of brings work right into your home in a profound way.
  13. No this is my favourite!
  14. Prob my favourite of his. Danny Diaz 2 years ago Beautiful. A story about being a kid. Getting stoned on nature. Nothing else. Innocence, youth and earth.
  15. For @Ossified David Martin 3 years ago (edited) These were the places of my youth in the 60's.....leaving Belfast for the day with friends....and they the most important thing in our lives then. Wee shops for lemonade and Tayto crisps. Time meant nothing and the Summers seemed to last for ever and each day was sunny and long. Going home in the late twilight and being impatient for the next day. (Those were the days of endless Summers). Memory can be anything we want.
  16. But but - it won't be her 30th then! PS She's done the right thing, of course.
  17. Well despite your attempt to wind me up...I'm very pleased you had a lovely walk.
  18. I thought we sorted this out once before?? You took a sanger with you! A sanger, not a sarnie!
  19. Was just reading this thread on Reddit. Not sure if will link? Truly heartbreaking!
  20. wendybr


    ^^^ My response is to post my No 1 cheer up song. Not sure if I've ever posted it on the forums before.... I'll saturate the Music thread if you don't watch out!
  21. Agree with all that. But re Gladys being a hard ass, well I say, not hard enough. The 2 days of declining numbers have been followed by today's increase (not sure what it is, but numbers are up). Surely the Ruby Princess cohort, who spread out across the nation would hardly have started to figure in the numbers....but will from here on? I think I heard that, in today's figures, only 5% were attributable to travel from overseas. As opposed to the vast majority of cases. By all means, returning overseas travellers should be quarantined ...should have happened weeks ago. But leaving today's announcement by Gladys at nothing more than that, means that things will escalate from here...imo.
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