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  1. That was a damned good A League moment, though!
  2. I thought, at first, you were continuing the joke comments, and were going to say that this team would be playing instead of our team! Nice gesture on the part of the club.
  3. I certainly agree with that, and that his team plays beautifully.
  4. Plus it just gives the Eurosnobs more reason to scorn the A League. Nope...I get no joy from seeing any Aussie team being humiliated. This is horrible.
  5. Meh....again. What's the point of having had a competitive team that's now a distant memory? It makes the contrast of then and now more painful.
  6. Yeah...but who needs our noses rubbed in it.
  7. Meh... It's a distant memory. I'd personally exchange it for a competitive team now. I honestly would.
  8. How bad does it make us then? How inferior does it make the A League?
  9. 3-0 Bad for Australian football imo. 😟😟
  10. Nah...I never enjoy seeing Oz teams being outclassed. And they're being slaughtered.
  11. Depressing to see how dominant the Japanese team is....so far.
  12. Should be a good game! https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/corica-wary-of-postecoglou-s-full-speed-yokohama
  13. Yep! Lightning is incredible here!
  14. Yes of course. So sad that Labor has lost so many like him. The world is too ******* complicated these days.
  15. Not sure if Pseud's post there needs this on not. I gave the YouTube clip a thumbs down...but although it's sad to see this guy's political views, his moment in the spotlight during the fires was a moment I will always treasure as I think back on it.
  16. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-02-17/holden-car-brand-axed-after-160-years-in-australia/11972092
  17. He's deflecting blame again. Nothing much he said there explains why he could not put together a competitive squad in this league, whilst others can. Agree with this. Go see the country...or whatever it is he's doing til he leaves, and ....do as Smoggy suggests.
  18. The numbers attending and the reaction at the end of the game would mean they're getting the message, surely?
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