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  1. I got as far there as being called a racist. Dear God! I spend my days at school with international students, the majority of them Chinese kids. 2 are from Wuhan. You'd be very welcome to ask them if I'm a racist. FFS. The fact is, the vaccines have een made to have people react to the spike protein of the original virus, the wild virus, the virus identified in Wuhan...whatever you want to call it. But you know best in all matters, I'm sure. Yep...a waste of time attempting a discussion here. I'll leave you to your self congratulatory wisdom in all thing
  2. Plus...it doesn't just stay in the muscle...and the lymph nodes close by.
  3. Such benign language! Why use the term "protein piece", instead of the "spike protein"? That's what it is...the spike protein of the Wuhan virus. Why "teach" the cells in your body to manufacture the spike protein...and then eliminate it? Why?? Squirt in dead whole virus cells if you like, as vaccines have always done, and get my body to trigger an immune response. No problem with that. I'm really not keen on taking in something to train my cells to produce a virus spike protein, just to have my immune system then attack it and eliminate it.
  4. Good perspective, Unlimited. Good post. Trust me, I'm very aware of the old saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I am. At the same time, via our health experts, govt and their minions in the media, we have absolutely no information, no message about anything, other than, be afraid, no...be terrified...deadly Delta is on the rampage, there is nothing you can do to save yourself, your family, your community, except get vaccinated. Happy to be corrected on this.
  5. OK getting more empowered is about more than gaining knowledge of your immune system, and how to improve it, it's actually doing something about it...implementing changes in how you eat, perhaps use of supplements, getting more exercise, getting better sleep etc
  6. Jess I actually haven't wanted to share here the most negative aspects of a global campaign to vaccinate the population with an experimental gene therapy treatment. That is what these vaccinations are. Whether they work or not, they are experimental. This has never been done in any previous mass vaccination program. Yes, working on treatments for sick people (cancer patients) using manipulation of their RNA or DNA has been around for 20 years. That's working on sick people. Using this sort of approach on healthy populations has never been done before. Maybe i
  7. No worries my friend. I don't dispute that it's an opinion. But I haven't formed my opinions out of thin air, I can assure you. Anyway...given that Covid is likely to become endemic, as is accepted in places like the UK, and we will all get it sooner or later, this gives really good insights into how you can maximise your chances of getting through it better than you might otherwise do. Just good general health tips really...backed up by data.
  8. To Paul's last post... Dr Roger Seheult is absolutely wonderful. He is one of the many online doctors who will actually look at the Covid situation wholistically...and you can learn so much in general from his podcasts. They are long. I have got trapped by starting a few of them at 11pm, and finding myself unable to stop listening till the end...2 hours later. 🤣 I haven't listened to this one, but I will...thank you Paul. PS What makes so many of these doctors credible is that they have professional experience at the coal face. In US hospitals, and in private pr
  9. Re your 2nd last post.. No harm in exploring challenging ideas, and your last post is respectful of an amazing medication, which is good to see! PS I like emojis!
  10. The story about Ivermectin poisonings clogging up hospitals in Texas, preventing ERs from treating gunshot patients was a fabrication. The story went viral, and then versions of it appeared in numerous countries around the world, including here. Within a day. The doctor quoted in the story hadn't worked at the hospital for 2 months. Beyond anything else, the efforts to demonise a human medication on the WHO's Essential medicines list is a sign of a concerted effort to bury it. Cheap and generic - no money to be made from it - so no robust research, altho plenty of observati
  11. Dr John's latest today. Hilarious in the final 2-3 minutes. Ivermectin in Australia - YouTube Causing shortages in Australia? Utterly ludicrous! As he says, India makes it by the billion. I can give the govt a few contacts - as mentioned a while ago I did a search, and was beset by people wanting to know "how much" I wanted.
  12. Well - I don't want to sound too conspiratorial, but here, the Dougherty Institute (advising our govt) has strong links to some heavy duty vaccine developers/distributors eg One of their task groups - Vaccines Innovations Prioritisation Working Group Biggs group Project leader(s): Dr Christopher Morgan Collaborator(s): World Health Organisation, Gavi, PATH, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Dr Christopher Morgan is a member of the Vaccines Innovations Prioritisation Working Group, a multi-partner program of WHO, Gavi, PATH and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundatio
  13. That influencer person?? Not even sure of her name. lol No - John Campbell did a discussion on it.
  14. Possibly - to the first, but not like in the US. Certainly not my field of expertise though - lol.
  15. Higher sperm counts found in one study after the jab as well - but that is a bit scary if you ask me.
  16. I can't comment on the issue you keep steering us back to - I know of the situation, but that's all. Re the current issue, or one of them, doctors who have had Covid - say a year ago, are easily able to get tested for antibodies - proving that they have high levels of said antibodies, and therefore don't need a vaccine. Evidence seems to suggest that the antibodies last far longer than from the vaccines. Some are refusing to comply with mandatory jabs, saying that they are unnesessary, and there is no data on the effects of having a strong set of antibodies, and then getting jabbed.
  17. That would be the implication. Stuff coming out of the US would suggest that some of the regulatory bodies work hand in glove with the Pharmaceutical companies. And many of the critical care doctors there would absolutely believe that there is the smothering of treatments, in order to push through the vaccines.
  18. Because hundreds of other experts are not allowed any discussion. Medicine has never been a dictatorship until now. This guy is not anti - vax. To suggest any doctor is, is absurd. He has spoken about natural immunity from past infections with Covid, where the immunity is strong and doesn't require a vaccine to produce antibodies. And he discussed the UK approach to vaccinating children. Look at his readers' comments - typical for the Doctors on Youtube Dr DHAND’s upcoming social media ban? + A Message to my Followers
  19. Congratulations, Hughsey! 👏👏
  20. How many employees will that affect, Cynth? Would be interested to know the reaction.
  21. Not sure about the testing - but I do know of someone who is in a segregated workplace - separate toilets and break area.
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