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  1. Yeah! We'd hardly have to pay anything for taxes under these conditions!
  2. Not sure this is worth getting too excited about. Had enough of humiliation over the past few seasons. <whispers...but shhh..don't tell anyone I said that >
  3. Yes! I actually enjoy watching the earlier rounds, before we even join in.
  4. Thanks Carns. So....quite a while to wait.
  5. Yes to almost all of that (stll think Norway was clearly stronger though)!! Great post to put the whole thing in perspective.
  6. Thanks Btron... Yes to all that...but what is there between now and the A League starting. When do we start in the FFA Cup?
  7. Yes bring it on! That's already emerging...and fair enough! What else is there..on the pitch though? It felt so important for the Matildas to do well....to become a positive focus for football. What else is there?
  8. Jim Chalmers on Insiders. One of a number of younger generation Labor MPs who present so well.
  9. Will this impact on Boris, do we think...or do people in the UK not care? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48731774
  10. Hehehe.. I'm living Ed's worst nighhtmare at this moment. I'm lying on the lounge....watching the ABC morning TV ( which I never usually watch ) with 4 cats lying on top of me, asleep. 😻😸😻😹
  11. So...what is there to look forward to in an Oz football sense now?? Not with the women, with anything?
  12. "It was scintillating...it was thrilling......" commentators. No not really. We scrambled.... and clearly were second best all night.
  13. Why does any player try shirt pulling these days. Just stupid.
  14. Lol...they probably do, but I dont care.
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