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  1. wendybr

    Vedran Janjetovic

    LOL Ask Mack! That's an interesting story!
  2. It doesn't help that, with the club's revolving door approach, the team members are still relatively new-ish to each other...compared to teams like the Victory and some others, where core players have played together/been team mates, and identified as members of THAT team for some years. I imagine that sort of "siege mentality" and the "mental strength to cope with adversity" strengthens season by season.
  3. I'm with Smoggy here. Any poor bastard whose split-second work place stuff-up is on display for the world to see, and to be commented on (which of course has happened) has suffered enough. I'd rather him get back in the saddle and use this humiliating mistake as further motivation for him to show whatever positive qualities he can muster. He must have been disoriented in terms of how far he had come out of the box - shouldn't have happened, of course, but I hope he is given the chance to get over it quickly.
  4. You've nothing to apologise for! You did your absolute best...and got nothing but frustration and disappointment for your effort! I'm glad that you vented here - it's healthy!
  5. Good post Jockman - although its content is sad. Hope your Sunday is a good one - compared to your Saturday!
  6. wendybr

    Why can't we score?

    A lack of self belief?? Or not necessarily?
  7. I could only laugh...not like! I like the first part but not the second!
  8. This is such a good post, Marron! That's what I used to feel at Parra too. And it's what you feel at AAMI - sitting with the city skyscrapers towering above the stadium when you face Melbourne's CBD. It's a stunning venue - and location.
  9. wendybr

    Melbourne Victory: Season 2018/19

    Fantastic atmosphere at last night's MV vs Adelaide game, from what I heard of the TV. For Victory when he next visits - what's the status of active support atm? Sounded like 2 groups going loud all game - plus Adelaide at times?? I heard the "We are North End" …"We are South End" chant towards the end f the game. Your supporters have lots to sing about this season - obviously! What's happening this season?
  10. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet....so they say. Didn't matter what they were called before....won't matter in the future. This!
  11. wendybr

    Why can't we score?

    It is interesting...and frustrating. IDK...but it must surely mean that we make ill advised choices, and our shots are ineffectual and not powerful enough? We often take a pot shot...which sails wide, or over....although we were more accurate last night...or we don't shoot with enough power, and it's easy to block, or for the keeper to stop? Better than trying to walk the ball in...as we have often done in previous seasons, I guess. But we clearly have lacked confidence, and that's understandable, and we take shots that are rarely unstoppable, well placed rockets. Now...over to you guys - the experts.
  12. ABJ is our most enjoyable player to watch since Shinji - IMHO.
  13. To be clear the is because I don't have to go to the Christmas gathering...not because of any innate excitement about the game. Oh how times have changed.
  14. Lol! He seems not to know how to get on with numerous members his team... given he's turned off quite a number of them. And doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of them consistently.
  15. In the ever hopeful imaginations of WSF members??
  16. "The Covert Agent can reveal City would listen to offers for Bruno Fornaroli, Luke Brattan and Anthony Caceres, with Joyce wanting to free up funds to sign Kearyn Baccus permanently and also to acquire another striker." Is that some sort of a joke??
  17. Is that remotely possible?
  18. Oooops! I forgot in my lengthy trip down memory lane on the previous page to mention the Wellington away trip. Everything about that was fantastic...on a smaller scale than the Adelaide GF of course. But my most strongest memory was the march from the pub in town to the stadium - with no instruments, I don't think...but with chanting and clapping. And with a friendly and good natured Wullington supporter leading our march waving one of their flags! It felt like he was giving us an escort! It was funny!
  19. wendybr

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    ^^^ Yes...that's true. But even that wasn't enough to have me like them! I forget exactly why......but, despite having briefly met you for the first time.... I left that game particularly not enjoying derbies. It wasn't just the result - which I'm sure went against us. The hostility from a certain proportion of the fans (probably on both sides) is what I dislike most. From memory, some in Blue that night were really aggro and gloatly was we left the stadium. I remember it being very unpleasant.
  20. wendybr

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    I've never liked them. Always been too aggro for me...too nerve-wracking and intense. Just saying.
  21. Fixed is it? Errr… look again Ed! PS This is a thread for the ever-serious football obsessed forumites. They don't come here to muck around. Mack'll be even more irritated with our defiance of his "Back on topic" directive.