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  1. Mesmerising...watched 3 times in a row!
  2. ^^^^Thank goodness people still have their senses of humour...well a lot do!
  3. Here or Mental Health thread? Maybe here...or both? Collective pessimism is bad for our health. But here's how you can temper it http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-27/collective-pessimism-bad-for-health-how-to-temper-it/12697224
  4. Deserves to be watched and posted at least once a year!
  5. ^^ No doubt. Pottering around in your local area is fine, but a lot of city driving is unpleasant and stressful...well, to me it is. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
  6. Fixed for Ed! Glad you agree Wendy Oh fiddle faddle! Good pickup...my post has been amended!
  7. Yes...we're smart! Who needs any extra complications doing something essentially unpleasant and potentially stressful?
  8. Even though I wouldn't drive a manual if you paid me. Why make life any more complicated than it has to be.
  9. I had reason to go to the International Terminal at Sydney airport yesterday evening. Talk about surreal, eerie and just very sad. There were 3 flights scheduled for the night. When I got there with a student flying home to China, there were about 10 other people waiting for check in counters to open (ALL were totally deserted) and a handful of security staff were standing around aimlessly (including 2 cops who cruised past us with huge weapons clutched to their chests). After an hour or so...people for two of the flights started arriving and queuing. People in hazmat suits who were maybe cleaning staff??? came and went...but 2 people in such gear also queued up, and appeared to be passengers (didn't have all the headgear on tho). EVERYONE had on masks, of course...travellers, airline staff and security. Leaving through Arrivals, we could see a few buses at a distance waiting to escort passengers to quarantine hotels, and a dozen cop cars...but totally, totally empty taxi ranks and car parks. A different world...it felt post apocalyptic. It really did.
  10. Throw in their new energy policy...and I'm not sure how history will judge this govt. But they lied and lied to remove a good govt, and have proven themselves to be self-serving, corrupt and incompetent over and over again. ☹☹
  11. Jordan Shanks is getting quite a profile. https://au.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/jordan-shanks-friendly-game-17138/
  12. Not a single "but" in this one Mack. What'dya say? An easy target??
  13. Only someone who has scrutinised him minutely (because he can't look away) would know.
  14. Methinks Mack protesteth too much! Here's one for you and Stringer to really get stuck into then. Lol...
  15. Nah...he's been busy! Here...giving to govt indecision, and idiots who refuse to wear a mask when it's mandated. From a month ago...
  16. Your comment made me wonder what the Comments after the article were saying. Wow...they were rightly supportive to a huge extent from the dozen or so I read! Heaps if older people saying their kids got them onto watching Friendlyjordies, and they admired his work. This is how I knew of him...plus thru Goat. The guy ...and this article...may have turned a new demographic in his direction, and in the direction of YouTube commentary. Lol PS One compared him to Jonathan Pie.
  17. Very sad to see that delirious passion so many here once felt reach this level of disappointment, frustration and disillusionment.
  18. How do you solve a problem like this? Lol....don't think you can. It's a new world, like it or not. https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/how-to-solve-a-problem-like-friendlyjordies-politicians-debate-new-age-commentator-20200918-p55x4a.html
  19. 13 tumours!! Well, after hobbling a bit, and recovering, you'll surely feel like a new man..... minus 13 tumours!! Hope you're fully recovered soon!
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