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  1. Definitely not a flattering photo, that's for sure!
  2. Yes...you might need antibiotics...or something else, if it's a bit infected! Look after yourself, Smoggy!
  3. OK...a forumite here suggested that he was a sleazy type, based on his interactions with various "soccer mums", as I recall.
  4. Ah OK...he must be able to present a more genial and charming image than he presents in real life. Was it you who had personal experience with one of your son's teams he coached? That was telling.
  5. Of course that was totally unacceptable... was he charged?
  6. Expert commentary...on what? Rudan's behaviour in the matter with Mel?
  7. Ahhh yes...I remember the first of those. The second...don't recall, but being protective of his players...Maybe? He wasn't nasty as a player....from what I recall of him.
  8. Hmmmm...not buying that Mel is as pure as the driven snow, to be honest ....but I won't go down that path. Evidence of *"total knob"?
  9. I don't think I remember that...was that when one of them knocked him over during the game?
  10. Awww...The Weasel? Seriously...who can't like Steve Corica? PS I'm sure you'll give me some good reasons...as (I think it was) you did for for Rudan. PPS Same for Clint Bolton...who had some negative comments....somewhere recently? PPPS Because they played for / manage/are associated with SFC doesn't count as a good reason (to me).
  11. Good article...from a week ago. The sick politics at the heart of this week's US crisis go deeper than Donald Trump http://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-10/us-toxic-politics-started-long-before-donald-trump-arrived/13042856
  12. But it wasn't just what he said on the day, it was what he'd been saying since before the election, and since. No...he didn't say "go and kill a police officer, and capture our enemies", but his rhetoric had portrayed the Dems as the enemy of the people/ the enemy of American society for YEARS. I do agree that it will be hard to pin this all on Trump. There would be some who totally believed that they were doing what Trump wanted them to do, but it's a stretch. Giuliani's words, using "with force", were totally inappropriate and would have incited some to radical action.
  13. IMO he never puts a foot wrong in his responses. As anyone sensible managing a team does, he uses "we", unlike a certain other manager, whose pressers so often featured "I" and "they" (his players) when discussing his team's performances. He just oozes good judgement, and inspires confidence, to my mind.
  14. Will the Federal govt step in now? They've been happy for the states to do all the heavy lifting on this. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-15/emirates-suspends-flights-to-and-from-melbourne-sydney-brisbane/13063572
  15. ^^^Sounds like something Smoggy or Ed would come up with!
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