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  1. I think there's quite a high likelihood that there will be spread here... from however many Victorians have been holidaying here for the past few weeks. But I'd LOVE to be wrong.
  2. Not sure if this issue was posted when the scientist's letter to WHO was first published a few days ago. What a surprise....not! WHO says 'evidence emerging' of coronavirus spreading through the air http://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-08/who-says-evidence-emerging-of-coronavirus-spreading-through-air/12433308
  3. Thanks for posting WB! Beautiful!!
  4. Exactly...but that list hardly scratches the surface, of course. What if you are a member of a family with intergenerational unemployment and poverty, with few or no positive role models, or have grown up with a parent in and out of jail, with addiction problems. To "lift yourself up" is admirable, and many people do it. But it's not possible for all.
  5. No way I was going to be sucked in to a reasoned argument about an article I couldn't be bother to read. Legia is a bit more inclined to engage lately, which is nice to see. But I'm not sure if it's a sign we should be worried for him.
  6. Lol...I got sent it too. Headline was enough to deter me from opening the link. 😆😆
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/comedy/news/monty-python-twitter-eric-idle-pubs-open-restaurants-covid-john-cleese-a9601266.html
  8. Is there an obscure pun here somewhere....or are you just reprimanding us?
  9. He's a good man. I've watched that a few times... I hope he's doing OK.
  10. The PUN thread need some new blood...The Seeker is good at this! 😁😁
  11. The pun thread needs to be nurtured back to life. PS I thought about wrangling a reference to suckling (in the maternal sense) but couldn't quite manage it .
  12. Hey guys...there's still a "Let's have some Pun" thread! Just waiting for some new life!
  13. Thanks for reminding me about this great album...I listened to it a LOT way back then... That's a nice version! Here's the studio version.
  14. ^^^Makes your head spin, doesn't it?
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