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  1. wendybr

    Cricket thread

    All's fair in love, war...oh...and cricket I see. I used to watch it...but not sure I'd like it much now (from reading these comments).
  2. How Peter Fonda revolutionised Hollywood, but prophesied the end of the American Dream http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-17/how-peter-fonda-easy-rider-revolutionised-american-cinema/11424522
  3. wendybr

    Cricket thread

    Well at least this thread has a bit more action to it that the Squad Development Thread!
  4. wendybr

    Cricket thread

    Oh...I missed this did I?
  5. wendybr

    Cricket thread

    You guys are watching some violent combat sport...right?
  6. wendybr


    PUN Thread is over there, Sonar!! >>>>>
  7. I don't care...……………………………....to remember birthdays.
  8. You're just a big kid really - and long may that be the case!!
  9. Not sensitive ...really...but certainly too old to celebrate birthdays.
  10. Oh - just realised what you were getting at. Yes - no doubt. But our referendum would have had little consequence overall.... compared to the likely enormity of the consequences of Brexit.
  11. Wellll...Will you look at this! It only seems like this birthday rolled around about 6 months ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMOGGY!
  12. What? - in the home of the brave...land of the free - God's country? Surely not. Sad lol.
  13. Huge story this...as mentioned a few weeks ago. Attorney-General 'appalled' after disgraced financier Epstein found dead http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-10/jeffrey-epstein-found-dead-in-jail-cell/11402808 Only a day or so ago, Prince Andrew was named by one of the victims...although his name has been linked to JE for a long while...as have so many others of the rich and famous, including Clinton and Trump.
  14. Glad EmMac appreciated this post! Where's Cynth? I hear she likes long hair on men.
  15. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Self serve checkouts...
  16. That all sounds great... as long as you had a good view of all the action from inside the car (parked in the Sun).
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