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  1. It was I Wendy many moons ago... this version is the best ever.... Watch the first 2 minutes of this...
  2. See you there Edinburgh. Give me a call when you work out where your going for a beer pre game. Cheers
  3. @ThoughtsOfAGM I went to Tetsuyas cost $620 for 2 people...Was awesome but ****ed if I'd pay 20c to watch hand egg… https://t.co/kq7R4g7BKe

  4. RT @IndigenousX: So can we just throw out most of Parliament and fill it with black fellas now please?

  5. Best seats in the house... #Q&A #HottieQuestionTime @ ABC Sydney https://t.co/ekRgy79Xk4

  6. RT @AaronMooy: What a day ! Me leaving home at 15 to chase my dream and me 11 years later making my EPL debut never give up on your dreams…

  7. @tgywyw86 Got me #planes 😂😂😂

  8. @jessmoran13 @ThoughtsOfAGM Thanks Jess. I hope your well...not long now..😎

  9. @tgywyw86 @AlanJones Exactly my point.. Regardless the guy is a twat.. 😉

  10. RT @AbSecNSW: This is a great story from the NT about a remote community looking out for their own people, in their own way. https://t.co/M…

  11. Just outside Bathurst... #Bbrrrr... Inside your fridge is 4°..😨 @… https://t.co/tGkacnvng4

  12. @SocceroosActive @PabloFootball @dtan_au @JimLawrence63 @BlayneTreadgold Haha...Was a joke dude...Unlimited tea would be nice...😂

  13. @anacovic80 Wish I was...it was ******* freezing...😂

  14. RT @hudsl22: When @lesmurraySBS started following me, I remarked it was one of the greatest days of my life. Ergo- today is one of the sadd…

  15. RT @drumbada: Greatest club tweet so far. https://t.co/mcrLVg1LyF

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