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  1. $700 each. **** that Around 5PM it was only $230 It was a new plane that was put in. Their stupid system automatically upped the priced when seats are nearing its final counts.
  2. Nailed it mate. It's all about him. As a certain Mr Trupiano pointed out to him on twitter Sometime that "me" ego is what makes a great striker different to a normal striker. Looking at Japan, they always have good striker, but noone have that ego to take the ball themselves and score goals. Always passing across the face of the goal.
  3. Who goes to a Shopping centre to queue for tickets? Don't they have the t'internet yet? Dare I say it... pissant town. Biggest fan wearing Barca jersey instead of Reds
  4. FFA will put it there for sure if WSW had 'home' rights for a GF. It's about the $$$ If the price and date is right, we can get sell out.
  5. Without the FFA debacle, this match would be the start of our full capacity sell-outs, given our form, winning streak, and top table position. And not to mention, coming into holiday period. Keeping our wins going, we will see more fans at next match, Top table clash against MV.
  6. Yeah, all their away game are in the same little south east asian region.
  7. Since when was Hopoate a WSW fan? " Hopoate - 2 fingers or more needed. those league players doesnt react to 1.
  8. Imagine wolves knocked out..
  9. Don't Darwin have either wet season or dry season?
  10. And we are wondering what our owners is doing behind the scene. Hes running around looking for more cash without any consideration on the supporters.
  11. It must've hurt the Maoists to use their idealogical heroes as kindling for a fear campaign. I bet they had their fingers crossed behind their backs the whole time. Not exactly scare campaign. Liberal is set to selling our electricity, that 49% lease is a ploy. Within the 49% lease, you get lease of 0% on Essential Energy (Country), 100% on Transgrid, about 51% Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy. So in the end only Essential Energy still run by government, the other will be run by private investors. Doesn't matter who gets in really, they all going to sell our electricity in the end. J
  12. And you know. all that stuff, you know. umm, you know right?
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