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  1. Cant even blame the wind over there. Conditions were perfect. Dont know wtf was wrong with roly but he struggled. Wellington in 2nd half got on top through the burns and ljulic changes and by just going harder. And our manager's reluctance to bring subs on earlier. Santa was limping around after the match and we asked him if he was ok.. said he just got kicked a lot so a few bad knocks. Good away trip anyway. **** result. Told Daniel Mullen that he is amazing and to remind his team mates that he has an ACL medal 🤣
  2. Fair enough. Guess it depends on what he's seen and heard.
  3. Family. Staying up for annual Xmas with the in laws.
  4. In!!!! Best wifey in the world.
  5. Sorry BOSS. Gotta support Urawa. They were so nice to us on our visit to Japan, even after we offended the whole country unknowingly with a chant about their keeper. Plus Shinji is a legend there. In saying that, Al Hilal seem to be very very strong this year.
  6. No... Dont have the email. Whats PW?
  7. Why won't ticket master give me an option to buy away bay tix for 6th Nov??
  8. I wonder if BOSS will come back to say hi...
  9. Out. Work function. Probably would've chosen football training over this anyway
  10. Not sure if earlier but if it is maybe it's so they can bank the $$ into revenue line before the EOFY to put out strong results.
  11. They can have him. He is **** for football and knows **** all
  12. Oh don't feel for us.. We got to go to Japan
  13. **** yeah! Winning is when opposition captain asks you to stop singing a song.. (may or may not have been rude) The Japanese people are so ******* chilled.
  14. There's a pun in there......Maybe they'll Popa surprise...... Maybe they won't be going all out but will all be going out.. In Rappongi
  15. Just finished 3 hours of Mario Karting after the futsal. Needless to say my legs are sore but awesome day. Lucky we are all only representing the club in the stands not on the pitch 😂
  16. I found Adeleke.. Maybe we can use him for this one. He is just down the road offering unlimited drinks for 4000 yen.
  17. In. After watching Urawa the other day and the way they threw players forward and stacked offence I'm confident we will concede. They did look shakey at the back though.
  18. Hearing the cove have been a little bit naughty at NPL tonight... Spitting on players etc? Source: sockah twitter
  19. Off to Urawa vs Consadole today... Might use it as a test run to work out how the **** to get back to hotel after Wednesday's game given have to leave for airport by 6am ðŸ˜
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