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  1. Im offended Are you saying you find people from the Balkans offensive? I'M offended. Wait until Slater hears about "Racist homophobic RBB launches pogroms while also stealing lollies from small children". Im offended that you are offended I am offended at you being offended about him being offended.. As for what will the FFA do with the money...towards a HAL float at the mardi gras next month. im offended that you are offended at me being offended by him being offended
  2. How many would have expected Vedran to jump ship? Hope you're right though. Vedran is a Croat, i think the chance of any Croat in the A leauge jumping ship to WSW is possible
  3. and the comments section / poll is gone.... hahaha looks like too many people weren't outraged by the banner
  4. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/teams/western-sydney/wanderers-fan-base-rbb-refuse-to-back-down-over-their-lewd-banner/news-story/a3f7cc640a6c78fa1070c2063ee5c65f i know we dont like the terrorgraph but check out the comments lol, also a poll! 30% of people agree nothing should be done lol
  5. check out all the objections on the proposal submissions page... maybe we can swing the tide and enter some more support votes http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/?action=list_submissions&search=&job_id=7534.&title=&type=6,2
  6. http://www.news.com.au/sport/football/football-fans-upset-about-rioter-question-on-channel-9s-hot-seat/news-story/60ebc36d13022e8c5a093c7dc766b4fc
  7. just bought 2 tix in White and Black Bays PAX 10894
  8. Ok so a quick google shows this: Category D - White & Black is a unreserved seating ticket Section GA*WBBNE which should be bays 113-116 Category D - White is a unreserved seating ticket Section GA*WNW but cant find any info which bays this relates to Maybe WBBNE (stands for North East) And WNW (stands for North West) so perhaps bays 122-125
  9. What category should i be buying? Category D - white and black Category D - Black
  10. Looking at what is available, and knowing their history, I think they have stuffed this up. I went in and tried it as Wanderers fan, then smurf, then neutral. For us there is no cat A tickets available, no general admission available, the only alcohol free section set aside at all is amongst the smurf section in the picture but actually seems to be where they are placing the neutrals, and when I selected Cat B it gave me tickets right next to the smurf section. So according to ticketek WSW have sold out all but the upper deck, a few Cat B and a few restricted view tickets. yeah nah. There is no way that they have sold all the general admin for Wanderers. I can't even see how they'd have sold out of RBB given it was only open to RBB members. I'd be ringing them if I were you. EDIT: Also, you know that timer they have once you select your tickets, that gives you 10 min to finalise the purchase? It was starting for me the moment I entered the site! Ticketek Yeah that my thinking too, i have been trying to call them for the past week and keep gettiin a busy signal, today and yesterday are especially bad due to the AFL finals... They did the same for the monster trucks at ANZ, first they released all the crap tickets which has sold out and have now started to release better tickets 1 bay at a time, it just a waiting game and for when the next bay opens up then you gotta be quick to jump in and get the seat you want
  11. So is the RBB end sold out or are ticketek hoarding tickets and trying to sell the crappier tickets up on level 6 only to release more tickets closer to game day? im after 2 tickets near the RBB and its impossible to get anything... I refuse to believe they have sold out so far from game day, if so that bloody awesome!
  12. after 2 tickets in or near the RBB for the Derby, if anyone has one please let me know, thanks
  13. Vukie

    Kerem Bulut

    nah right thread... in the box 2 box podcast... or did i hear wrong...
  14. Vukie

    Kerem Bulut

    how about the sly dig where they are talking about what the WSW members think of the move to spotless, one of the presenters mutter under his breath "what all 3 of them" what a wanker
  15. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/sydney-derby-at-anz-stadium-set-for-opening-round-of-the-201617-aleague-season-20160608-gpeitz.html#comments A record crowd for an Australian club football match will likely feature in the opening round of the A-League season with a Sydney derby set to take place at ANZ Stadium. Football Federation Australia will release the draw for the 2016-17 season on Thursday and it is set to include Western Sydney Wanderers hosting Sydney FC at ANZ Stadium on Saturday night, October 8. A fixture normally reserved for the third round will be bumped to the opening weekend as part of an aggressive scheduling strategy that will likely trigger the biggest attendance in the competition's history. Derby opener: Western Sydney Wanderers and Sydney FC are set to face each other in the first round of the new A-League season. Photo: Getty Images Not only will the most in-demand match be played at the 83,000-capacity venue for the first time, but the Wanderers are set to take advantage of the opportunity to fill the house with very affordable ticket pricing All but one of the 12 previous meetings between the two clubs have been played in front of full houses with demand for tickets surging beyond supply which has often limited attendances of away fans. However, there should be no such problem on October 8 with sources suggesting initial forecasts for the opening round derby will lead to a crowd significantly greater than the record attendance of 55,436 set when Melbourne Victory hosted Adelaide United in the 2006-07 grand final. After announcing their plans to relocate to Olympic Park for three seasons during the construction of their new home in Parramatta Stadium, the Wanderers will begin the season with an ambitious drive to increase members and attendances. With five games scheduled for ANZ this season and the remainder at the 24,000-capacity Spotless Stadium, there is an opportunity for the club to increase a membership base which had 2000 on a waiting list last season due to the limited capacity at Pirtek Stadium. In a season being played against the backdrop of one of the most important broadcast negotiations in the game's history, the FFA is determined to make a strong start to the campaign after a meagre opening to the season last year. The FFA and clubs are in the middle of talks with Nine, Seven and Ten as well as Fox Sports for a bumper TV deal to commence in 2017. The FFA hopes to at least double the current deal, which is worth $40 million per year. The governing body is determined to get off to a strong start in terms of profile, reception, audiences and attendances and a potential record crowd at a Sydney derby is seen as the ideal launching pad for the season. The FFA is also hoping to lure big-name players with a centralised marquee fund. Details are set to be announced in the coming weeks. Last season started with barely a murmur as a result of the pay dispute between the players and FFA as well as a minimal advertising budget. However, Fairfax Media understands the governing body will unveil an above-the-line marketing plan leading up to the new season's kick-off on October 7. Despite filling Adelaide Oval on grand final day, champions Adelaide United do not have a match scheduled at the venue and will begin their season away to Newcastle. Check out the first comment, where does this guy get his stats from? Not sure how they can demand more money when even sbs the home of soccer want to dump it and soccer in this country gets zero ratings and falling crowds!! Don't think networks are that stupid, domestic soccer is desperate to get exposure but they rate less than netball and women's state cricket for viewing numbers. The networks could halve the current amount and still be getting the raw end of the deal. Big Bash will again smash the soccer in the summer, ideally they should back flip and move their comp back to winter which they ran away from, but they are scared of the major codes consigning them to even lower standings than this year, which was pretty poor. No market names, drawn out boring draws, a long way behind the major 3 codes in the country.
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