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  1. Fnck me!!! The sooner FIFA get rid off Lowy, Gallop and Co the better! I'm a massive Starwars fan, but it has absolutely nothing to do with football. The Sydney Derby at ANZ is the biggest game of the year and should be promoted as such in it's own right.
  2. lol I'd say there'd be more than 10 of us from this forum alone
  3. Saw this on facebook and had to share... Football **** Talk 2 hrs · Sydney FC captain Alex Brosque has revealed the inner conflict that comes with being the captain of the Smurfs, having grown up in South West Sydney. The Uruguayan-Australian said he was devastated when most of his own family stopped supporting the Sky Blues and began backing the Western Sydney Wanderers FC. “It is difficult. Sometimes I feel like a Serbian in Zagreb to be honest with you. Even when I try to fly under the radar and grab a chorizo from Greenway Plaza I get abused. When I hear the latinos in the Red and Black Bloc playing the drums while the Cove sings ‘Knick, knack, paddy whack, give a dog a bone…’ I start to question what the **** I’m doing with myself."
  4. Anyone bought tickets for this yet? Ticketmaster website is shite!
  5. Didn't take the kids to any of the games at Spotless last season, can anyone tell me if they still the jumping castle setup?
  6. Lol dude seriously how salty can you get! There is so much in your posts that cracks me up and I won't even bother responding to. But seriously suggesting Chile should be ashamed because they won on penalties and shouldn't celebrate? really? LOL So does that mean that every team that has ever won a World Cup, Copa America, Euro, Champions League, etc on penalties is not a true champion?
  7. First time I've not been randomly selected for the explosives test. Must've been the Wanderers jacket and beard
  8. Hey Prydz, depending on how the day pans out you might have 3 of us joining you
  9. Me!!Virgin?? That's a personal question Yep, Virgin to Melbourne then Adelaide. Landing 1pm in the pissant town Should be a few of us on that flight!
  10. Wouldn't mind the Tuesday night trek out to Kogarah
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