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  1. Hope none of the travelling Wanderers faithful were caught up in the volcano across the ditch. 3 Australians assumed dead with 11 still unaccounted for. A horrible scenario for all involved.
  2. I've got metal bowls about 30 cms in diameter that I fill with water for the dogs. And almost daily (at the moment) we have birds bathing in it. Usually minor birds etc. but I swear there was a cockatoo in there on the weekend. Poor bastards are obviously desperate for water, the dogs aren't too pleased though.
  3. I've maintained Babbel In the whole time, but it's getting tougher each week to defend him, tbh.
  4. You said you were after the game on the weekend. Or was that just heat of the moment? For the record I am still undecided (as I am unsure of the alternatives).
  5. I agree. Popa was notorious for this (but, he also gave too long a contract to guys like Vedran and Bridge - although we made money when selling The King). There are also difficulties maintaining it in a salary capped league, but it can be done.
  6. You know this game is on ABC, yeah? Still stupid Kiwi commentators though.
  7. Squires has said he goes to Smurf games. Personally, I think he satirises most teams pretty fairly.
  8. Agree. He pulled a chair leg from his jacket, not exactly going in to have a civilised discussion.
  9. He seems a lot like his old man who was relatively humble.
  10. He'll definitely get more "credibility" amongst some fans.
  11. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-05/onefour-rapper-jailed-over-violent-brawl-in-rooty-hill/11768448
  12. Not all are great. Being forced to socialise with people you aren't necessarily friends with. Having to be on your best behaviour (relatively speaking). Being at a location you don't necessarily want to be. Limited food and drink options. They can be great, but a lot of them are pretty ****. And are often organised by people who design them for their specific interests, not in everyone's interest.
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