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  1. You could argue the same thing happened to Gillard, and Turnbull. They've all been shackled by their parties at times and forced to tow the party line (often for strategic reasons). And it often comes across as disingenuous. When they (and other pollies who were not leaders) are allowed to speak their mind freely (which is rare), you can get "the real Julia." .
  2. It feels that way because he's been around since he was a teen (I didn't know he was so young until a friend pointed it out, too).
  3. Shorten lost the election because he was unlikable and unelectable. Once the public had made their mind up (and there were continuous preferred leader polls showing this) the ALP were flogging a dead horse. Ironically, because of the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd fiasco, it was made more difficult to dump a leader. And it cost them in the end. And of course the media etc. didn't help their cause. But Shorten was never popular. And populism wins.
  4. Oar just turned 28, if Matt Simon can continue to get gigs, Oar has another 6-7 years in him minimum.
  5. Santa was there when Popa left and lived through Gombau, surely he knows better than most what it was like from the inside. Admittedly it got worse from there...
  6. No, I do not believe there is a genuine football brain making the decisions. Have any of the suits ever played the game at a decent level? Do they really have an eye to spot talent? I get that make the top 6 and "anything can happen", but like we'd actually do anything against the half decent sides. It's just an extra game, maybe two at a stretch. Or we fluke it, win two and lose GF #4. Being anywhere outside of top 3-4 is a failure of a season, IMO. Unless it's an obvious rebuilding season, blooding youth and building for the future (which is almost a pass). The only good thing Babbel did in the 1.5 seasons was play some of the kids, and even that has been patchy at times.
  7. Arthur Papas is another shout if he wants to leave Yokohama. Seems to have wraps on him. Others have mentioned guys like Crittenden from Blacktown.
  8. Would prefer we give it to Haliti, with Heff and Beauchamp to come in too when the W-league finishes. The season is a write off anyway, bring in some people who understand the mentality required for this club. We've got nothing to lose now. Give these guys the interim gig and find a proper replacement for the off season.
  9. Good article from George Megalogenis. https://www.smh.com.au/national/morrison-the-political-animal-who-missed-the-political-opportunity-to-lead-20200109-p53q6j.html
  10. Carns

    Cricket thread

    CBA bought it for $1.0075M, will tour it around to raise more money for bushfires and then donate it to the Bradman Museum in Bowral. Not bad PR for them.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jan/09/david-squires-on-newcastle-jets-and-the-ernie-merrick-circus
  12. How are they better off the pitch though? They've got their squad and recruitment sorted. We've arguably got better facilities/infrastructure, youth programs, membership numbers, community links and sponsorship dollars. Yes, we're a basketcase on the pitch, but things are decent off the pitch. If we were winning, everything would be relatively rosy.
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