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  1. Carns

    David Squires Cartoons

  2. Because there is an opening it will have a slight impact on the acoustics. But the roof overhead and being majority enclosed with allow the sound to reverberate considerably more than it ever did. Think about Spotless (which has gaps) when the RBB was loud (or ANZ when they go up under the roof), it was much more reverberant than it ever was at Parra. Short answer, yes, the gap will reduce it, but it would be negligible under the circumstances. And I agree that the advantage is it will allow for a small amount of breeze on hotter days (and will be a bit chillier for ACL midweek games - if and when we play them).
  3. Gives the ground an old school feel, fits in with western Sydney, and will hopefully be rarely seen if the place is full and rocking.
  4. Carns

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    Nike don't give a **** about us, so I don't give a **** about them. Next.
  5. Carns

    A-League Expansion Thread V3

    I agree, but it's pretty poor form from Fox too. They've obviously seen how shite the ratings are and want to save cash wherever they can.
  6. Did the club even post anything about this game? Seems a bit rich asking for a match analysis.
  7. Carns

    A-League Expansion Thread V3

    Vince Rugari reporting Fox are trying to get out of paying the $5M bonus that was promised if expansion teams were in Sydney and Melbourne by stating Western United doesn't have Melbourne in the name and isn't in Melbourne. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/fox-sports-threaten-to-withhold-5m-from-ffa-over-western-united-20190221-p50zeh.html
  8. Carns

    A-league 18/19 Round 20

    Then my job here is done.
  9. Carns

    A-league 18/19 Round 20

    Aggravating? Agitating? Castigating? Deteriorating? Defecating? Incapacitating? Isolating? Nauseating? Penetrating? Suffocating?
  10. Carns

    AFC Champions League 2019

    He may be better than Corica, but he's failed at every attempt in Asia (I don't think simply making it out of your group once is a significant enough success).
  11. Carns

    Melbourne City: Season 2018/19

    They're only interested in farming as many of the best Australian youth talent as possible. Mooy paid for the purchase of the club and Arzani will (if he reaches potential) will pay for much/all of the academy.
  12. Carns

    Melbourne City: Season 2018/19

    I honestly believe it is because Heart never established themselves as a unique entity. All they ever were was "not Victory". At least in Sydney there is an obvious and well established east/west divide, with decades of history - both sociologically and in a sporting sense. People in Melbourne are happy supporting sports outside of AFL (they also have a strong membership culture thanks to AFL), but a franchise that stands for nothing really is not appealing to anyone. Look at the South Sydney Expansion bid, a catch all grab at nothing. At least SWS is a defined area (and huge growth area).
  13. Carns

    Melbourne City: Season 2018/19

    If (and hopefully when) Canberra come in it must be Canberra United. They've already got women's and youth teams competing.
  14. Or those that have played in Germany, I'd assume. Quite the talent pool to pick from in BL1 and BL2.
  15. Yes, it was in Adelaide. Isn't the whole reason Coopers started sponsoring the stadium was due to sponsorship rules they were no longer allowed to sponsor the Reds? Conflicting sponsors or some shite with the FFA/AFC?