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  1. Rallis is also known to talk a lot of ****.
  2. There is also the huge growth and development happening in southwest Sydney which will drastically change the dynamic of the area over the next decade. Maybe not to the same density as parts of Melbourne, but it will change significantly. Personally I am all for a team based in Campbelltown or surrounds, but I am not sure if it is fully ready for it yet? I was always of the belief that 5-10 years time is better, but would prefer them any day over a Southern Expansion (specifically that catch all bid, not a south Sydney region based team).
  3. Thought it was still a very scrappy game and performance. Risdon seemed to spend most of the game in his usual WSW form with a few moments of his Roos form. If CCM were a better team we would've been punished more than once. As they say, you can only beat what is in front of you, and there were a few positive signs, but I don't think we'd beat many more than CCM or Nux based on that performance.
  4. Carns

    David Squires Cartoons

  5. That didn't take long. Wankbest it is! (I'll still call it Parra though)
  6. Carns

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    That's true. Jedinak? Or a "mutual termination"?
  7. Carns

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    We've still been reluctant to splurge on 2 marquees (and I can see why with such quality at Pio and Cejudo). I agree that the issues more relate to three different managers picking players before leaving (and all with their preferred style of play and player).
  8. For an Everton fan you really are too positive about this lot.
  9. Carns

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Our defence is shite, we need every man we can to defend. We've got the second worst defensive record in the comp (only behind CCM).
  10. Carns

    Labinot Haliti

  11. What a cluster**** that was.