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  1. * Furiously taking notes * 'Yes! Of course! This is good stuff. Why didn't I think of that?'
  2. Just be grateful he hasn't fashioned it into a mullet yet.
  3. And obviously another difference for Ange was he spoke Greek so could communicate easily with the local players. Obviously didn't save him in the end but it would make things a bit easier.
  4. The Mexican Nux fans are more Davila/Mexico/general football fans. There was a group of Mexicans who live in Sydney who decided to go to some football games in Sydney. They discovered that Davila was the only Mexican in the league and thus went to the ESFC vs Nux game, wearing Mexico colours and pretty much solely cheering him on. The Nux club management decided to capitalise on it, and since they're not playing in NZ, basically make the group fans for hire for their game vs WSW. They paid for the bus down to the Gong and gave them Nux flags etc. I think they offer something good for
  5. Player revolt (Garb alluded to similar). Greek players didn't like Popa and his ruthlessness.
  6. Management confirmed they're done. 28 years is a good run. Prefer them to call it quits than tarnish a legacy.
  7. 22 years since Everton won at Anfield. Hopefully we don't have to wait another 22 (if Ancelotti sticks around I'd say not).
  8. Agree with the sentiment. But the reality is you either play the game with Newscorp, or they absolutely roast you. It's ****ed, but pollies have to tow the line.
  9. It's different with a streaming service who rely on subscribers. It is in their interest to promote their product as it leads to more subscribers. Rather than a broadcaster who solely relies on advertising.
  10. Maybe he isn't showing enough in training to deserve a spot. Robinson has been quoted as saying he is honest with his players about where they need to improve, and maybe he hasn't shown enough yet to earn it (he's also got a lot of experienced players in front of him).
  11. As Davo said it's a deliberate strategy by FB to make the Gov look bad (with their 'broad' legislation) but all its done is make FB look worse. Particularly doing it to community groups or information services that people rely on in times of difficulty/emergency.
  12. Carns

    Sydney FC

    At least he raised money for charity by doing it. Over $12k from what I read. Good work.
  13. They should at least offer to buy us dinner first!
  14. Could they be returfing for the league season?
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