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  1. Well that was an amusing pre season distraction. Good timing with the season about to start.
  2. Carns

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    No. I feel the same.
  3. Carns

    Australian National Teams Thread 4

    Playing in Kuwait, 3:30AM KO tomorrow morning.
  4. Carns

    Daniel Alessi

    Signed for Marconi Italian Serie D side A.S.D Sasso Marconi https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/daniel-alessi-signs-for-italian-club-513906?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=insidesport_autopost
  5. That was an excellent interview, and I am enjoying the honesty from Babbel (it makes a nice change from people like Popa). It's refreshing. The highlighted bit I agree with completely. Why give the time to another journeyman when we can be blooding the next gen (providing they're good enough to step up). ------- Can others confirm that the last question re: the derby, Babbel's answer was cut off? I can't see it.
  6. https://www.transfermarkt.com/jan-kirchhoff/profil/spieler/49734
  7. Agree with your assessment of our CB stocks. For me the jury is still out on Tongyik. I, personally, haven't seen enough to make judgement on him. I know there are big wraps on the kid (but that happens with a lot of youth who don't necessarily go on to make the step up). Aspro for me regressed in the last year or so, and his pace is a big issue for a CB. I'm really hopeful having a first class defender as his manager will help Tongyik step up a bit (if he can break into the squad).
  8. Nick Ward, Matt Sim and Adrian Madaschi all say hi.
  9. Lowy used scare tactics. He said that the smaller federations would not have as much influence under a new system, claiming that the clubs and bigger states would simply overrule them and only the current setup would protect them. The head of the ACT fed was still supporting Lowy up until recently, but only changed his vote after continuous pressure from his own constituents.
  10. Polanski was my pick of that bunch for most realistic. Based on age, nationality, value and previous clubs.
  11. His arrogance during the press conference was astounding (but not surprising). My partner walked in the room whilst I was listening to it on my laptop, and without context of what was going on, she said: "He sounds like someone who is blaming everyone but himself".
  12. He wouldn't have to purchase land, to begin with. But agree that long term it would make more sense.
  13. I do not disagree with your assessment at all, I have my concerns regarding our form, signings and potential etc. But we've arguably won both the trophies in our cabinet through this method of football.