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  1. At least somebody gets it (not that I'd use a gasser i.e. gas barbecue).
  2. Certainly do. It's quite addictive. At least this type of smoking is (slightly) better on the body (maybe not the waistline).
  3. As a fellow barbecuer if he was looking for a specific tool/item it is quite feasible you could go to a number of places to find it. Didn't get it in Silverwater (those stores are adjacent to each other), tried Annandale on the way back and failing that had to detour to Casula. Barbecue is a very serious business
  4. At a guess I'd assume it was cheaper and easier (politically) to acquire basically farm land/a few properties rather than a more established area. Plus having to re-do the roads and infrastructure around the existing station. It's still pretty short sighted.
  5. Psueds is right. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_Derby_(A-League)#Competitive_matches
  6. Considering it's on 3 nights a week in prime time it's probably pretty popular.
  7. 867 days since ESFC last won. And Baumjohann is 0/8.
  8. Have been with Aussie Broadband for a few months and no complaints so far (I'm not doing ultrafast speeds). They had excellent reviews and Aussie based tech support etc.
  9. So if I read that correctly, if players were asking for more money within the cap, Popa had the say. Whereas if a player wanted an increase that would put them into a marquee category, Lederer would have to approve? Was there any truth that Jumpei was a marquee (purely for accounting purposes)?
  10. I honestly believe Popa thought he could win with whatever team he selected. He'd proven he could do it with 'rejects' (with the exception of the allusive A-league GF win) and figured he could do it again. I do remember there were also rumours of players asking for more money and either Popa or the club baulking at it too, so that was a factor. Not sure who had the final say on player wages/cap space etc. (either Popa or JT/Lederer). If only we had the creative accounting we seem to have now, then.
  11. Carns


    Mate of mine one New Years passed out up against the door in the ferry bathroom on the way to Manly. Made the trip to Manly, back to Circular Quay and back to Manly before they could get him out (covered in vomit). He managed to last until after midnight at Manly beach. On the bus on the way back to the city he again threw up in the aisle of the bus, and it proceeded to roll up and down the aisle for the rest of the trip.
  12. Mack has already summarised Muscat well, but he also qualified in ACL spots more seasons than not as manager. He, Popa, Arnie and Ange are the best Australian managers still going round at the moment based on previous form (Merrick is past it and was patchy). And we know Popa, Arnie and Ange are no chance.
  13. Second worst team in NSW! Only the team owned by other A-league teams is worse.
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