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  1. Holy ****! Not what you'd expect to hear.
  2. I get it, but the performance you can get out of some E cars can far exceed the performance of petrol cars. Yes, it doesn't sound as good, but they can really haul arse. I've been considering converting my old Datto over for a while but am waiting for the battery technology to improve enough so I don't need a shitload of 12V batteries in the car. The power to weight ratio will be ridiculous, and instant power. And automatic isn't driving, it's simply steering.
  3. Carns

    Perth Glory

    Youth player minimum wage is almost $48k Over 20 minimum is just over $64k https://www.a-league.com.au/salary-cap-system My guess is the average wage for a journeyman is closer to $100k.
  4. Carns

    Perth Glory

    Foxe must be fuming. Can't get a manager gig wherever he goes (unless he didn't want it).
  5. I'll be definitely canning the auto renewal x 2 memberships and am seriously considering ditching the memberships entirely (1 x foundation, 1 x second season). This club will continue to suck as much from us as they can, and frankly, I'm over it.
  6. AL Memes are usually right with these
  7. Things will get much messier over the next few weeks/months and the league will look very different next year (and probably for the foreseeable future). WSW have been preparing us for the mediocrity to come with the tripe served up over the last few years, I wonder how far we'll sink?
  8. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    If we're talking 80s mullets, I present a serious contender for the top prize, Iva Davies! With bonus drummer mullet.
  9. Agree with all that. Apparently many Russians miss when they had the power of the U.S.S.R and want to return some of the status Russia had as a country then, and admire the strong man tactics. Obviously it's a more diverse and complicated scenario than that, but at times he's increased his popularity by being absolutely ruthless.
  10. Putin is still relatively popular amongst Russians. But those who oppose him don't willingly "put up" with him. Moreso any opposition or protest is crushed with an iron fist. They regularly beat, jail and even murder people who they perceive as dessenting.
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