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  1. You'd think that this would be his 'Jump The Shark' moment, but considering how other pollies/Nationals conduct themselves there will probably be zero consequences.
  2. The Feds need to establish JobKeeper again and pay those that are meant to stay home more than $600/week. Some people couldn't survive on that. I'm also sceptical about them potentially opening up construction again (in non hotspots) as that was a big transmission pathway before it was stopped. Does that mean you can only get supplies from your LGA/non affected areas? That isn't sustainable. This hodgepodge of some things allowed in some LGAs won't work and will lead to further confusion. Unfortunately the cat is out of the bag and they're already on the wrong side of the outbreak. It's n
  3. 1) There is minimal accountability in politics nowadays. Happens at both State and Federal levels (arguably even local unless there are corruption commissions established i.e. Wollongong Council or Salim Mehajer). 2) You have a mostly compliant media who will sing their praises providing they enact policies that the media agree with. Rest assured if the media turned against any of these leaders, the pressure on them would inevitably be insurmountable. See the difference in lockdown coverage over the last 16 months between NSW and Victoria.
  4. 62/135 in Israel in regular league football.
  5. $400k after tax i.e. almost double that in Australia.
  6. That looked marginally onside to me.
  7. When the ICAC was brought in in NSW by Nick Greiner (a Liberal) as Premier (he ran on an anti corruption platform) it eventually snared him for "technical" corruption and he resigned. I would hope that a Federal ICAC would have the power to investigate any politician of any political party and preferably historic corruption along with ongoing. Politicians have proven they will exploit whatever they can and are quite susceptible to being corrupted. Investigate every ******* one of them, IMO.
  8. Plus all you hear from them is spin and bullshit trying to save their own arses (the pollies at least). It's depressing if you listen to it all the time.
  9. Don't you know it's all lies and these people in hospital are paid actors? There is no reasoning with people who are deep enough into their paranoia.
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