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  1. Ziegler isn't really a LB, is he? Thought he was a CB? Don't really think Babbel will go the Popa route with CBs across the backline. And particularly if Ziegler has zero match fitness.
  2. Carns

    FFA Cup 2019

    It's the best mix for this league. The foreigners will hopefully raise the quality of the league somewhat, and the kids can learn from seasoned pros (whilst hopefully getting game time when they are ready). The problem is that the foreign players can often be pretty hit and miss, but that's the nature of a league with very limited budgets and scouting networks compared to many other leagues. But if we focus on finding the hidden gems rather than bigger names, it's mutually beneficial.
  3. They sold their 2000 allocation very quickly, it is down in the south west corner. A mate of mine is a Smurf and bought 5 GA tickets (I believe he is still down near the away end) as tickets were not available in the active/away section.
  4. The worst (for the game itself, let alone a certain team) is Chris Beath. Whistle happy ****knuckle who makes it all about himself.
  5. Eventually they'll link up the north west and south west rail links via the airport.
  6. Guaranteed. Fox doesn't want to give away their marquee fixture for free.
  7. You can buy additional tickets for friends, family or bandwagoners. Every members seat is already "sold".
  8. FYI I am not defending the decision at all. It would just be an easier one for a bean counter to make than a bunch of people's homes. Mind you, the sprint car fans are pretty tribal and have been using the speedway for a very long time and would be rightly pissed off. It is the only venue of its type in Sydney that I am aware of. Just Googled and the Gov has said they'll rebuild it, no idea where though.
  9. Compulsory acquisition. It's basically a way for the Gov to take your house "for the greater good" i.e. for big infrastructure projects. I've had personal experience with it. My folks had to get our house heritage listed in order to save it from being acquired and demolished for a major road project. It's shitty, but the homeowners are compensated for it. The difficult task is getting "your moneys worth" for your home. You've got to fight them tooth and nail for everything. They want to acquire the property as cheaply as they can, and it is up to you to dig your heels in to hold out for the best deal possible. It really sucks when it happens, and no monetary value is the equivalent of taking someone's home literally out from under them. ------ A bit of cross-pollination from the other thread I saw you comment on, they're definitely taking the speedway (at least at the moment) for the new rail project. Which sucks, I spent many an evening there as a kid. But, it's for "the greater good". Do you take the speedway, or 30 homes? Neither is ideal.
  10. Instead of on the screen you could put it in the match day program if you wanted to get it out there. Obviously a lot of the rusted on tragics would already know it, and probably don't need lyrics.
  11. 20+ years of Labor corruption hasn't helped their cause with being popular with voters either. This one was always going to be a close call, Labor were never shoe-ins.
  12. They were garbage in the first half. Talay must've gotten right up em at half time because they were much improved in the second. Obviously the red card didn't help their cause. Tend to agree they'll be fighting it out for the spoon though, they haven't adequately replaced the talent they lost.
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