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  1. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    The remaining group stage matches will all be broadcast on SBS! What a cluster**** from Optus! It'll take years to restore their reputation.
  2. Carns

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    6 weeks away and this is the best you can do? Pretty sure you've used this one before. Been too busy celebrating the greatest team in A-league history? Oh, wait...... You only came here to bask in Santa fawning, correct? Must be disappointed he didn't return to his first A-league home.
  3. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    It doesn't work on my laptop, but is working on my phone.
  4. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    I think the Saudi's were overawed by the occasion and lost the plot once they conceded after 13 mins. Their defence was almost non existent for much of the game and they were desperate to take hit and hope shots after 20 mins. No structure, no intent. I can see how it could look like they just didn't try, but I think it goes more to their mentality (I remember shades of that in the ACL finals). They haven't won a World Cup game since 1994, which was their first of five Cup appearances.
  5. If he finds some of his form before injury, then yes.
  6. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    Unfortunately, the pollies decided those games were all that were necessary for Aussies. After all, why would we care about anything bar Australian games :/
  7. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    All Australian games and the WC final are part of the Government's "anti-siphoning list" - so they must be shown on free to air. Everything else is up for grabs to the highest bidder (unfortunately).
  8. Carns

    Memberships 2018/19

    Members forum at Marconi 27th June. Register via member email.
  9. Unfortunately (unless form improves), The King is still contracted for another season. King Fathead, that is.
  10. Carns

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Lets hope they get the budget to actually do something of note.
  11. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    And he's gone... https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/lopetegui-sacked-by-spain-on-eve-of-world-cup
  12. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    The manager had the temerity to sign with Real Madrid for after the cup.
  13. I guess he's forgiven Popa for not taking him to Turkey (probably helps if you've been unemployed for a while).
  14. Carns

    World Cup 2018

    Agree with your whole post. Re: defence, my concern is our lapses in both warm up games which will be rightly punished by better opposition. That, and the fact that we've taken so long to get into our groove in games. If we switch off like this against France we'll really be up **** creek.