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  1. FFA have really **** the bed on this one.
  2. But, it's the Australian way! I agree with your sentiment though.
  3. Well that sucks (can understand the logistical issues surrounding it though).
  4. Worth clicking through and reading this thread. Lots of dodgy dealing going on and a pretty major conspiracy if proven true.
  5. The etymology of tit is difficult to determine exactly (be careful when Googling "tit" + "slur" ), but one place believes it may derive from "twit", not a female breast. Either way, it is specific to British English.
  6. Well the most appropriate word is a five letter word anyway.
  7. Re: Broadmeadows (Melbourne) and the Rona virus.
  8. Apologies, Google/Wiki said it was owned by Panthers.
  9. Penrith Stadium is owned by Panthers Leagues Club, so it would be dependent on them agreeing to it. And considering their sometime ambivalence to football (and wanting to prioritise their league team anyway) they may not be receptive.
  10. I know that dude. We were discussing keepers and when you mentioned ACL I couldn't help but bring up arguably our best ever keeper. Another massive factor for that glorious run was Popa at his peak. He literally turned a bunch of rejects into Premiers and than Champions of Asia (with different squads too). I just don't see JP being on the same level as Popa was then. But he's done alright for himself so far. That's why I'm happy to see what comes in the next few weeks and decide whether he deserves another shot with "his team". Hell, he might already have the job due to Covid and budget constraints due to reduced cap/revenue etc.
  11. Covic was a fringe Socceroo and literally made an almost impossible save to keep us in it (plus a lot of help from the ref). If Pendergrast or Suman find their inner Covic, great! I prefer to be a realist/pessimist, then I'm happily proven wrong if they do better than expected. I do not believe we have anywhere near the quality to win anything this season, and are there to make up the numbers. We've been a decidedly average team most of the season. Yes, JP gave us a bump, from a very low average. And I would like to see him exceed (low) expectations. But I do not expect us to do much of note. But, it is arguable that everyone is starting fresh considering the length of the lay off, and anything could happen.
  12. He also saved our arse numerous times from defenders who were ball watching, made terrible decisions or simply gave up. How many teams have ever won the comp or gone deep into finals with an NPL keeper (and one who hasn't played competitive games with his backline)?
  13. We're missing Lopar. Even if we win a few, we'll be bundled out of the comp early in the finals. These 5 or so games is a test for JP and any of the players that might hang around with a dramatically reduced salary cap next season.
  14. Excellent long read, Cynth. Obviously the piece is discussing the number of people simply turning a blind eye or not speaking up for their own benefit. However, I particularly enjoyed the following description. And the following two excerpts really struck a tone. ... I have said from the outset of Trump being in power that the Republicans will continue to side with him as long as they believe it is worth it to them politically. If they believe they are at risk of losing their jobs, their defence of him may change. The next 5 months leading to the election are going to be incredibly interesting to watch. I do not believe that they will all turn against him, as they are too deep in it now. But will they back peddle? Trump backed candidates have been getting trounced in local elections lately, his disapproval rating is at a record high. They will do everything within their power to enhance voter suppression. Will it be enough to keep him (and by extension them) in power? It's very interesting to realise that we are experiencing a defining period in history at the moment (both within the USA and the world). Is this the collapse of the empire that has been "world leader" for 70-80 years? That might be an extreme take, but I'm not sure if anyone could've really predicted what the US (both internally and on a global stage) would look like in 2020 looking from 2016. Who knows what it could look like in 2024 if he stays in power. Not having to worry about an re-election, just imagine what he'll try and do.
  15. My understanding was that the teams were already meant to be located within a hub, and that hub was most likely going to be in Sydney. To my knowledge the details of the proposal have not been announced yet.
  16. The team has been booed off a number of times at half time and after games the last few years (I understand that isn't exactly the same as what you are suggesting).
  17. Carns

    AFL Thread 2

    Didn't know this happened. James Brown was a very flawed man, but a lot of respect for this gesture. This was the pic that lead to this meeting for those who don't know.
  18. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    That would've been awesome. Saw them on their reunion tour and they were great, albeit slightly less chaotic than they would've been.
  19. The Simpsons recently announced the same. So you've got voice actors who've played that part for 30+ years, now saying they won't play that part any longer. Personally, I feel, if they don't want to do that anymore, that is their choice. And it is up to the viewing public whether they agree with it or not.
  20. They allow a certain amount of corporates in and Bankwest has plenty of space and shiny new facilities. Plus good broadcasting facilities. You'd imagine they worked out a cut price deal with the Gov to use it.
  21. Hope Simon Hill either gets a gig with Optus or FFA put him on a retainer until they get their streaming services up and running in a year or two. He's the voice of the A-league/Australian football right now and deserves another gig.
  22. Considering it's 3 years away they can reserve the venues now and league teams can work around it for 4-6 weeks. Shouldn't be a major issue. The revenue from the World Cup will be incentive enough to ensure Governments (both State and Fed) ensure there is minimal issues. I'm sure the NRL will go cap in hand for some sort of compensation, but there is more than enough time to sort out a relatively minor issue.
  23. Had to unfollow him on Twitter, he dialed up the crazy a little too much it wasn't even funny anymore.
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