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  1. Carns

    Macarthur FC

    The venues have protocols in place which make them "Covid safe". These include suitable distance between seats, plenty of entry/exit options and proper cleaning procedures. They have to be approved by the Gov and is not classified the same as other outdoor venues.
  2. The derby at ANZ would surely be due to Covid restrictions and wanting to maximise attendance with distancing etc?
  3. Carns

    Macarthur FC

    Two points on this squad: 1) The Spaniards should do OK in the heat, they'd be relatively used to playing in warm conditions (wonder how our Scotsman will go?). 2) Early pre season games are not really very indicative considering how long a brand new team has been together and are working on combinations/positioning etc. I think they'll do fine. Should comfortably be top 6, maybe higher providing injuries don't hamper them.
  4. A lot of it is learned behaviour from my old man. Big thing for me is to acknowledge it and apologise, and try and learn for next time. I know it'll keep happening, but if the frequency and intensity of it dissipates over time that's progress. Learning healthy coping mechanisms for my anxiety will play a big part too.
  5. Isn't he head of the academy?
  6. A follow up to this... this one is partly for @wendybr who asked how being a dad was (in the Car Thread ). My son turned one a few weeks ago. Fatherhood has been somewhat what I expected: amazing, challenging, full of love and stress all at the same time. He's a great little kid who is happy and healthy and a tornado of energy. He keeps us on our toes. I'm just grateful he's healthy, growing well and doing all the things he should be (and plenty he shouldn't! ) I was pretty daunted about having a boy, due to my strained relationship with my dad at times. He was a good man, but had a terrible father role model and struggled with showing affection at times. I know deep down he loved me, but we only really rekindled our relationship in my twenties. It was equal parts him and me though, moody teenagers aren't easy to deal with after all. But so far its been pretty good having our little man. I have moments where I get over stressed or lose my cool, and hate myself for it, but I'm trying to at least recognise, acknowledge and apologise for my behaviour to him and my partner. The joys of anxiety. I lose control and then hate myself for it. I must say it doesn't happen often, but it's something I need to keep working on. Most of the time it's good, we can be silly together and play and sing songs and do all the fun stuff. Part of fatherhood is getting to do lots of kid stuff all over again - I could probably do with a bit less Wiggles on repeat, but it is what it is. I'm going part time with work next year and will be looking after him two days a week, which I am really looking forward to. Both from a parenting perspective, but also to take a bit of a step back from work, which is simply a job and a means to earn a living to me now. I was fortunate that work were accepting of my proposal to go part time, and my partner is more than happy to work full time as she loves working and her job. Juggling fatherhood, work and a pandemic has been an interesting ride. Life definitely hasn't gotten easier, its tough. But in many ways much more satisfying too. The stress and anxiety hasn't gone away, and with a kid the responsibility is just never ending, but he puts a smile on my face every day, and I know there are plenty of people in much worse circumstances, so I am happy for what I have. We enjoy watching him grow and develop. It's amazing how much of his personality is already built in on day one! I can see a lot of me in him, for better or worse!
  7. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    Angus Young had a great quote years ago about this:
  8. What a first name! I assume he's related to Peter Triantis, ex ESFC?
  9. Nudie run and roly polys down the mountain on the cards?
  10. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    Haven't listened to it, but do you think the additional singing is due to going in a new direction or having members in prison and therefore not able to contribute?
  11. Carns

    Macarthur FC

    My bad, heard it on the Fox pod but they must still be talking just a rumour. Milicic has been an assistant or managed national teams. A national team is a very different beast to a club team (less time with players, not being able to "pick" your own players due to the cattle available). He's built a very good squad considering the current A-league squads re: budgetary constraints and Covid. This is his moment to show what he's got. I think he'll do well, not necessarily trophies, but they'll be up there if he's competent.
  12. Carns

    Macarthur FC

    Susueta has already signed. They've built a very good squad. Will be curious to see how Milicic sets them up, he's understudied with Popa and Postecoglou and had plenty of experience on his own with national teams. It's his time to show what he's made of with a club side.
  13. Nah mate, it's a nickname. Have never heard of The Cairngorns until you mentioned it. Will have to check it out one day, looks beautiful.
  14. Only got it a few years ago. Did a swap with a relative who is an Aberdeen and Scotland fan. He got WSW and Socceroos, I got Aberdeen and Scotland. My grandma was from Aberdeen and still have relatives there, Edinburgh and Inverness.
  15. Might have to throw on my Scotland strip this weekend! Always good to see new (or old) teams in tournaments.
  16. What the pluck are you lot going on about?
  17. Jeopardy is shown on SBS Viceland too.
  18. The influence of Murdoch and other conservative media is a massive issue in Oz though. The sheer volume of support for the Coalition will make Labor's job tough. And it doesn't help that they're pretty toothless right now.
  19. Reminds me of this from a few months back.
  20. I would assume he wants to stay in UK/Europe. Probably doesn't want to return home unless absolutely necessary. Probably hoping that a UK team picks up an injury and needs a replacement on the cheap.
  21. The fact they say NSW, not Sydney makes me think it'd be either CCM or Jets.
  22. Carns

    Ante Covic

    Crazy to think of the meteoric rise of this club. And subsequent fall. Seems like a lifetime ago, but only 6 years since the biggest moment in WSW's short history. Lets hope we can get some of that grit, mongrel and tenacity back.
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