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  1. Milligan has lined up a coaching gig at Southend when he retires. I'd say unlikely.
  2. Ninkovic actually requested he be left out. He's now 35 and didn't want to try and deal with the travel. It was known before the squads were announced that he wouldn't be a part of it. Wanted to focus on the campaign at home.
  3. One of the best games I've ever attended. Singing "We can't hear Urawa sing" to thousands in the home end and their song after the final whistle were pretty special.
  4. We lost 6-1 to Urawa (I was there). Surely there would be other 5 goal or worse deficits? I'm thinking maybe CCM? Edit: As mack said above...
  5. The dominance of Yokohama is ridiculous. They are absolutely destroying the Smurfs. And they're in preseason! Scary how good they are. Look at what Ange can do with competent, skilful players.
  6. Both teams lose 1-0 away. Will Sydney get the trifecta tomorrow vs. Ange's Yokohama?
  7. It's been happening every season for at least four seasons and nothing has really changed. The suits don't know what they're doing re: football nous, this much is obvious. Getting really sick of it.
  8. Seriously starting to question whether I want to keep stumping up for a membership (two actually) each season if this is what we get in return. Fourth season in a row (at least) of dross and it's a struggle to get any motivation to keep the faith. The club suits bank on the fact that loyalty will keep people coming back, no matter what shite they put on the pitch. But its really not easy to do with this tripe.
  9. Yep, we definitely need someone who wants to come take photos.
  10. Wasn't this the NPL team anyway? Wouldn't apply to them, regardless. I think the club has decided most Aleague trial games are not worth the hassle of hiring additional security etc. Hence most being BCD.
  11. As Psueds said, match day 2, China games postponed.
  12. Cut the cord, mate. As you get older you start to shed friends who go their own ways and start their own lives. If you're already having second thoughts about your relationship with these people, it'll most likely deteriorate further over time. Life is too short for **** friends. One thing I have realised is that some people are only in your life for a set period of time, and others are there for life. Learning that people come and go is very cathartic. They sound like they're not worth the effort, tbh.
  13. You are compared to Ed.
  14. Gameplay gets a lot better with the series, and it gets more interesting.
  15. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    Got to see them a couple of years back, excellent band. And he was a great guitarist too. One of my fav songs.
  16. It's the same with Aloisi and Rudan, can't criticise their mates.
  17. Would've been a lot more of this
  18. They're in the group of death again, Jeonbuk (Korean champs), Yokohama Marinos FC (Japanese champs) and Shanghai SIPG (Hulk, Oscar etc.) unless they dramatically alter the way they play, they won't get out of their group.
  19. Considering they'll be running the A-league, they have a vested interest in keeping other clubs out of the league for as long as possible. Can't ruin their investment!
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