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  1. Safe standing was installed yesterday for the game. It will be removed again afterwards for the rest of the rugby league season.
  2. Most of those clubs have tried to move away from being mono-ethnic anyway, for many of the reasons listed above. But to explicitly state that you cannot celebrate your heritage, is plain offensive to some people (particularly when it was so poorly handled and not consistent).
  3. It was a terrible, reactionary policy to begin with. It was based on fear that if the ethnic clubs showed their heritage it would lead to the bad old days of the NSL. It was a policy that was also never consistent (Anglo-Saxon or Jewish teams (like Lowy's team Hakoah) could proudly display their heritage) and alienated many football fans. It should never have been implemented, and it is a good thing it is gone. Football should be proud of it's heritage and multiculturalism (not so reactionary to people who don't even care about the game).
  4. For historical perspective
  5. Massive news if it happens. Doubt he'd play for the first team (ever), but still an interesting development.
  6. The draw is this week and the games will commence in a few! Impatient, much?
  7. Draw for the Round of 32 is scheduled for June 26, so it'll start mid to late July.
  8. His Australian entries are done for the year. He is still doing his UK versions, latest one here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/jun/11/david-squires-on-womens-world-cup-arms-in-unnatural-positions-football
  9. Well, it is Florida. And THIS guy? On drugs? Surely not!
  10. I like that they've misspelled him name when welcoming him.
  11. He's got a year left on his deal and if Victory don't offer him a new one, he's free to talk to other clubs from Jan 2020. They'd potentially be able to offer him the best deal re: wages considering he'd be an early, key signing.
  12. Reminds me of this Definitely either a love it or hate it.
  13. **** I hate that ad. The tone of the vegan's voice really ******* grinds my gears. It's one of those irrational things that just gives me the shits.
  14. I feel it is lip service to try and attempt to retain some credibility. This sums it up for me:
  15. It's a bit late for apologies 6 years after it all kicked off. The article says the AFL's apology is not "reputation management". Yeah, right. Pretty convenient it comes out just as the doco shaming them does.
  16. Redmayne starting goalkeeper for the Roos, what a time to be alive!
  17. That's a pretty long list.
  18. Providing it was available to be viewed in some format I'd have no problem with it. I don't have Fox, never have. Throughout the years I've used a combination of the Telstra A-league streaming, illegal streaming, watching it at a mates place or the pub. But I always manage to see it. I'd be open to a streaming only option, but not every fan would be happy with that.
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