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  1. I've heard of people going for a walk around the block before starting work to have distinct separation between home and work. Might be a bit extreme, but it probably works for some. I've been doing it long enough that I can switch into gear when I have to.
  2. I've worked from home the last 6 years. I can understand the social isolation when you are used to being surrounded by hundreds of people a day. I make a point of talking to my colleagues regularly (both work and non work related) to maintain a connection. Another thing I do is have separate spaces for my work and living. For me, I set myself up for work in the dining room, and don't spend much time in that space outside of work hours (easier with a laptop rather than a desktop). My partner sets herself up in our office and she does the same. I find it easier to have a dedicated working space that I can leave at the end of the day and not return to/think about. I do find it difficult at times switching off when I work from home (can respond to emails at all times of the day and night) but I make a point of trying to avoid that outside of business hours (where practical), and definitely don't look at my work phone or open my emails after Friday afternoon until Monday morning. For me the benefits outweigh any negatives, but you have to take the time to maintain relationships whilst locked at home. I have worked with people who couldn't handle it because they need the social interaction. Which is why I make a point of maintaining connections with people.
  3. I read he was coaching an academy team for City in Melbourne.
  4. He's also supposedly paid $1.4M, which is ridiculous.
  5. Surely the favourite Italian would be La Rocca? ------- Unrelated:
  6. Supermarkets at Baulkham Hills have had toilet paper the last two weeks, but I've always gone to the shop first thing in the morning on a Thursday or Friday (definitely wouldn't try the weekend). I've found the best time to shop is midweek (after deliveries have come in from the weekend) and first thing in the morning.
  7. Thought this was interesting, from the Deputy Chief Medical Officer's presser this arvo: So 11% of cases are hospitalised, and 10% of those are in intensive care.
  8. He did get sacked from a couple of those advertising jobs, after all. And the press conference thing is because that's after the Gov meetings, and people might criticise him if he waited until the following day. Probably better to issue dot point press releases and then go into detail the following morning. At the end of the day he's a (poor) marketing man who thrives best on slogans and stunts, not leadership and clear messaging when required.
  9. Bolsonaro is as dangerous as Trump. I'd say people would riot in the streets, but that'd make the virus spread worse.
  10. You know what you have to do. Day trip up the mountain.
  11. I'm not really surprised, tbh. Too expensive for Scotty to worry about (when he'd have to do it for all the other stranded citizens around the world). Would like to be proven wrong though. A friend of mines dad has been stuck in Saudi Arabia (for work) for weeks. First available flight they were told is April 1 but apparently the dates keep shifting.
  12. How long until Wendy adopts another cat? FYI it's good that you look after strays, the world needs more people willing to show kindness to other living creatures.
  13. To be fair, the more people on the flight, the more cost effective it is. But at least some Government is looking out for our overseas citizens. Curious whether they would have to quarantine in NZ or the flight will continue to AUS?
  14. Agree, it is commendable. But even they have had their moments with "questionable" connections to the region. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athletic_Bilbao_signing_policy#Players_from_outside_the_region
  15. She's always been a more pragmatic, consensus decision maker. But I agree with you, in a scenario like this, decisiveness and sticking to your guns is important. One of the biggest issues with the decision making in this so far (in Oz) is the wishy washy messaging and willingness to concede or backflip.
  16. ABC were reporting Vic and NSW were going in to lockdown on Sunday arvo. They had the meeting with state and fed Govs that night and Scomo and co pulled it back. It was pretty much going to happen before that (as ABC were reporting as much after the meeting). All it has done is delayed things by a week. The feds would argue for the sake of the economy (and job losses all at once), the states would argue they should've done it for public health and safety. Annabell Crabb wrote a good article about the differing responses (and priorities) of states and feds. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-25/coronavirus-mixed-messages-morrion-premiers/12089662
  17. I saw someone (rightly) call the 30 min limit almost sexism, because I don't know many men who would be in there for more than 30 mins, and very few women who would be there for less than 30 mins. The CEO of Toni and Guy said it was ridiculous to roll back the restrictions because it was putting hairdressers at risk regardless (and they'd already closed their franchises). Why is it dangerous for a health person to be in close proximity to the public for an extended period of time, and not other professions? ------- I posted this yesterday (from ABC):
  18. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    Hate the song (and Ben Lee), but very relevant.
  19. Never underestimate the selfishness of an individual. All you have to do is look at how many people are still flaunting the current rules (admittedly this is not helped by the terrible messaging and at times knee jerk reactions). I agree with you though. Surely Australians could be encouraged to holiday at home for an extended period to protect our community long term. It's all very interesting the challenges that arise through being such a global community nowadays (for better or worse).
  20. I love this country sometimes.
  21. https://www.espn.com.au/football/australian-a-league/story/4078186/football-federation-australias-last-opportunity-to-reset-and-fulfill-soccers-true-potential? Good article on the challenges and opportunities that'll come if (when?) Fox pulls the broadcast rights. Is it an opportunity to change the structure of football in this country?
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