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  1. Seems a bit ridiculous to me. Manchester Spirit.
  2. The major question is whether Robinson is the same quality of manager. All of those you listed had won major trophies previously, they had runs on the board. Robinson has won one trophy, for a knockout tournament between Canadian clubs. He hasn't done much else of note.
  3. Didn't they go from winless in 8 and last place to first? I remember how frustrating it was as a WSW fan, but it'd be awesome being a Reds fan and experiencing that.
  4. Postecoglou had a mediocre season with Brisbane before they went on to become record breakers and champions. I'm not saying Staj is on the same level as Ange, but sometimes it takes a while to clear out some dead weight and instill your philosophies. Agree that Staj has also got his players playing at their maximum ability. The stars havs aligned for them and best of luck to them. People said the only reason WSW won the plate in our first season was because other teams were inconsistent and that might play a part this year too. City, Adelaide and Macarthur, for example, can be hot an
  5. As my old man would call him, Phil the Greek. He looked like warmed up death when he came out of hospital the other week, it was only a matter of time.
  6. I honestly reckon Robinson would be a Coldplay fan, seems like a basic bitch. And Babbel posted photos at a U2 gig when they were in Sydney
  7. Not that I think either would be the next manager, for arguments sake, Popa and Muscat are both available and have won trophies.
  8. What's everyone's thoughts on Robinson so far? Do you think we should keep him as manager for next season and beyond? Personally I'm not convinced. I know the manager merry go round isn't helpful either, but I don't think he's going to win us trophies (it'd be great to be proven wrong). I'm the first to admit that the problems with the club are bigger than the manager and feel we need a technical director to oversee football matters too.
  9. Bad news, Xavier Rudd is Australian so probably already here and pretty sure Jack Johnson lives (or has a house) in Byron already
  10. Apparently they got an insurance payout last year. You'd assume it would be the same again this year? Would be devastating if it went under for good.
  11. It was spruiked that it would be 4 million vaxes by April, and the current figure is 500k. Close enough.
  12. Apparently the tram lines are still under Windsor Road heading towards Castle Hill.
  13. Pretty sure he's either in quarantine or it's just finished.
  14. The Reds are aiming to break the record for W-league attendance with this game. They've given away free tickets. They were hoping for 3k and have given away over 6k in pre sale.
  15. It is their motto/mantra this season. CCM have been bad for so long, they've damn well earned to be doing this well. Plus, WSW had a really great rivalry with them in our first few seasons. Both teams went toe-to-toe. It's good to see them finally do something on the pitch. And it's definitely some retribution for Staj.
  16. Are City still playing 3 ATB or have switched under Kisnorbo?
  17. Regurgitator did a kids album which isn't bad either. Pretty similar to a regular Gurge album tbh.
  18. Pysched out Wiggles could be quite good. Surprised it hasn't been done yet, tbh. A lot of today's musos would've been exposed to Wiggles when kids.
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