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  1. Not many players waiting in the wings to replace Grant either. Risdon was terrible for us and has played one competitive game this season.
  2. Anyone watching the game vs Taiwan/Chinese Taipei? It's on SBS Viceland if you don't have Fox. Should be pretty straightforward. Taiwan have a player called Emilio Estevez!
  3. Never fear! https://1194online.com/
  4. Only issue would be his wage demands. It was originally reported when he'd left the Japanese club that A-league clubs were saying no to him (and I assume that had to do with him asking too much money).
  5. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    Pretty sure they split up, but yes, she was.
  6. As I mentioned on here Manny, the Royal Oak is always pretty full with WSW fans most games. The big games are jam packed, can be tough with a large group. Great pub, but it may not suit everyone's individual needs. They did have issues back in S2 or S3 when the Victory fans used it for an away game and were attacked by some well 'ard hools. After that, they put a ban on large groups of away fans using the pub as their drinking hole. There have been no issues since and small numbers of away fans happily mix in.
  7. To be fair, it clicked when telling an anecdote about a different drunkard who couldn't fathom the idea of making it back up the steps. But it's still relevant.
  8. It's ridiculous! Hence the missus not coming. Look forward to having a chat next time.
  9. Haha! Yep! Awesome! We'll have to have a chat at the derby (if I make it before bub comes). Western Sydney Stadium: bringing people together
  10. Yeah, dude. Are we next to each other? Bay 219?
  11. Carns

    Music Thread 4

    Some of the current gen stuff in the pop realm: And Grimes (Canadian) is doing an entire album themed around climate change. Missy Higgins did stuff about climate change, and Flume did a song about the Great Barrier Reef. I'm sure there would be others in different genres too.
  12. I'm second row from the top and went solo as the better half, at nine months pregnant, was not keen to climb those stairs! Particularly if she had to get up to pee at all! There was a guy in the row above me who didn't come back after half time as he'd had a few beers and couldn't find the gusto to make the climb again. Watched from the corso level and/or the bar.
  13. A lot of my observations have already been made. WSW: It is obvious that there are many new players in the squad who will need time to gel, work out combinations and work on who is marking who. The first half was very poor. We made an average CCM team (but much improved on last year) look good. Communication was severely lacking and we were exposed with the back 3 too often. Against any of the frontrunners, we will be rightly punished if we play like that. We also had zero creativity in the CAM position, Sullivan looked out of his depth (is he more of a CM?), Grozos showed some real promise when he came on. As many have said, Meier was very underdone, but you can see he has quality. The big question is whether he is best utilised off the bench as he lacks pace and is obviously unfit. But he's tactically great and seems to have a great shot and eye for goal (from watching him in the warm up). Very impressed with Schweigler, he'll be an absolute boss. Sign him up for a couple of years! And Lopar, although giving me plenty of heart in mouth moments, was much more assured in goals. We were improved in the second half and held on for a (lucky) win. Refereeing: thought the Iranian referee did really well. He allowed the game to flow, warned players where necessary and didn't fall for some of the gamesmanship. The time it took for VAR/the ref to make the VAR review call, and then him running off to view on a little screen, is ridiculous. The implementation of VAR in general (and particularly in this country) is very poor. If we must have it, it needs serious improvement (personally, I'd prefer it scrapped entirely). Game day experience: How good is it to be home? It felt so good to travel down to Parra as we did for years before the last 3 years of hell. There was a real buzz in the city again. The pubs were busy, there was a stream of people walking together to the game, happy to be back in Parra. The stadium is phenomenal. Although it sucks to have one side of the stadium virtually dead due to corporates. When the RBB were in full swing and the stands got involved, it really started to feel like home. The derby is going to absolutely heave. I truly believe that if the game had been played at Homebush we would've drawn or lost. You could see the team feed off the momentum and having the fans close to the action and behind them 100% gave them the extra bit they needed to hold on.
  14. You're welcome mate. Just glad we're finally back at home and the season is starting! COYW!
  15. Spider has never been diplomatic, and always been a bit of a dickhead.
  16. He's back! https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/oct/10/david-squires-on-what-was-left-out-of-the-a-leagues-pre-season-anime-video
  17. As predicted, it was sitting at the post office, and they never sent me a notice to come pick it up.
  18. Highly unlikely we'll see him again in red and black, imo.
  19. I would assume based on "the new FFA" and A-league working group that those restrictions would've been removed to help encourage active support. I'll be disappointed if there isn't some sort of tifo. And, ideally, if it can be massive and hung from the roof, that'd be good too!
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