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  1. Should change the Topic to 'Cricket Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1'
  2. How do i get one of those in a medium?
  3. Is that like a smoking gun.. Or a gun that's smoked.
  4. Looks like pyro to me. Lifetime ban !
  5. After riding past this for the last 3 years and watching it go up I can say that seeing it complete and being able to walk around to all areas, the stadium is really quite impressive. After walking to the old CPC area and checking out the old view, it almost brought a tear to my eye. Heading directly behind the goals on the lower level the RBB definitely feels closer to the pitch and the second tier rake is unbelievable. I can see there will be some people who will probably struggle to get to the very top tier but still you feel incredibly close to the pitch. If the performances on the pitch fill the stands then this is definitely going to be rocking a la WSW vs Melb Victory.. Can't wait.. Speaking of the actual pitch, what are people's thoughts about it? I thought it was a bit 'thin' and seems like it hasn't really had time to bed in yet. I was expecting it to be a bit more plush and soft underfoot without that sunken soil feeling. I guess we'll see how i holds up after the first game of NRL is played on it but I think the groundskeepers are going to have their hands full.
  6. What's the record a league loss? Can we just get that record too. We may as well get all of them.
  7. Babbel comes on as player coach and scores own goal on purpose just to LoL
  8. Seems like bridge's injury will last the rest of the season and see him into retirement.
  9. we need someone like kosta barbarouses who can get in behind defenders, has a decent football brain, can finish and put in a good cross, unlike sotirio and kamau and fitzgerald.
  10. Anyone know if there is a live stream available for this? I'm on holidays and can't use the Foxtel go app where I am.
  11. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    The problem here is, you haven't got anywhere left to put these convicts. No matter the result, England's fans will ruin everything.
  12. Aldi would be good. They are German, we have a German coach... Member discounts at Aldi, merch sales. It's a whole new untapped market. Lol
  13. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    I was just coming back to reply to this but seems like you saw it already
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