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  1. If you said we got balls into Cox while in the box it would have been much more appropriate. It happened once but he was too slow on the release and Cox was blocked.
  2. Just replay the semi final between us and Brisbane to highlight what we expect from them. Losing 3-0 at home, come back, fight to the death and win the game
  3. DomJ

    Simon Cox

    I was wondering who the referee's were going to be in his first game. We might end up in a situation where it's cox vs c&^%s.
  4. Maybe the men's team can have shooting practice with the women.
  5. Kwame is watching the wrong match tapes.. he'd learn more from these players.
  6. Should change the Topic to 'Cricket Squad Development 2019/20 Part 1'
  7. Is that like a smoking gun.. Or a gun that's smoked.
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