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  1. What's the record a league loss? Can we just get that record too. We may as well get all of them.
  2. Babbel comes on as player coach and scores own goal on purpose just to LoL
  3. Seems like bridge's injury will last the rest of the season and see him into retirement.
  4. we need someone like kosta barbarouses who can get in behind defenders, has a decent football brain, can finish and put in a good cross, unlike sotirio and kamau and fitzgerald.
  5. Yeah, this is what I'm doing actually. Works pretty well
  6. Anyone know if there is a live stream available for this? I'm on holidays and can't use the Foxtel go app where I am.
  7. doesn't he play basketball..
  8. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    The problem here is, you haven't got anywhere left to put these convicts. No matter the result, England's fans will ruin everything.
  9. DomJ

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    Aldi would be good. They are German, we have a German coach... Member discounts at Aldi, merch sales. It's a whole new untapped market. Lol
  10. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    I was just coming back to reply to this but seems like you saw it already
  11. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    If your internet speed is running too slow (unless that's with Optus as well), then how would that be an Optus problem? Has there been any word in the media about the coverage being extended to SBS for the next phase?
  12. DomJ

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    western sydney.. the heartland of crumble.. "well, it should be"
  13. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    if you smoke, you could give up for half a month and you would have got your $15 back
  14. DomJ

    World Cup 2018

    Optus opened up their coverage to non customers for their sport app.
  15. DomJ

    NRMA Gone.? Who's next.?

    https://www.mariestopes.org.au who better.. they are in westmead area and can probably give discounts to members. future crowd control. who needs the police shoot ***** - abort rbb - abort nrma - abort popa - abort foxe - abort gombau - abort