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  1. Couldn't agree any more. A hundred likes for your comment.
  2. Totally agree, loved it how the police were out of sight - present, but behind the scenes, as they should be. The only time I saw them inside the stadium was when in the 2nd half a few riot police slowly walked up towards the back of Bay 217 (I sit near the front of it). There was no commotion (that I could see or hear) and a few minutes later they walked back down with one Wanderers fan and a surf fan, but they weren't even holding onto them, so it was very civilised. Anyone sitting closer to this who may have seen more of what exactly happened?
  3. The outstanding efforts of the night go to the Swiss duo of Lopar and Schwegler, the RBB and the Iranian ref.
  4. Introduced the fluro yellow mankini on Borat ... can never be unseen.
  5. Great to hear! You should let the Club know. I'm sure they'd be grateful to hear from fans with good stories, not only when we have a whinge.
  6. I was looking for the thread about the members' forum on Tue 9 July at Bankwest Stadium, but couldn't find one, so I posted this here. (Mack - Feel free to move it to the right thread if you wish.) Is anyone going to the members' forum? What questions have you already submitted to the Club? (You can submit questions when you book your place.) I sent them this: The upcoming season is critical in the Club's history - you must get things right both on-field and off-field if you want the fans to return to the games and to bring back the atmosphere on match days that we have sadly lost over the past 3 years. The on-field matters are for the coaching and technical staff to sort out. I'm interested in the off-field initiatives you have to get fans to start to care and be interested in coming to games again. What discussions have you had with stadium security management, FFA and the Parramatta police LAC to ensure that active fans are not overzealously policed and we won't see past mistakes by officials repeated? Will we see a relaxation on limits on large flags, instruments, megaphones, tifos, etc or will such pointless restrictions continue? Will you be trialling a 'safe smoke' area like other clubs do (eg: in the MLS in the USA)? How do you propose to attract more active members and how will you encourage them to create the noise, colour and atmosphere that we all love as fans and is the only true differentiator of our football code from the other codes?
  7. I didn’t see the foul for which the free kick was given, but what the players in the wall did was a disgrace - just opened up like a whore’s legs! I expect my over 35s team to do a better job.
  8. LOL - That’s exactly the message I sent home to the missus who is watching it on TV.
  9. Totally agree. I put this complaint into every f***ing survey I've filled in for the club, but they don't seem to give a s***.
  10. It would not be too bad if we got to see the Smurfs lose there.
  11. bombagol

    Mark Bridge

    ^^^ That’s cr@p, sorry to hear. And it would’ve been even harder to take after the loss!
  12. bombagol

    Mark Bridge

    6 hours to get home from Newy? Why, what happened?
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