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  1. I didn’t see the foul for which the free kick was given, but what the players in the wall did was a disgrace - just opened up like a whore’s legs! I expect my over 35s team to do a better job.
  2. LOL - That’s exactly the message I sent home to the missus who is watching it on TV.
  3. bombagol

    Western Sydney Stadium Open!

    Totally agree. I put this complaint into every f***ing survey I've filled in for the club, but they don't seem to give a s***.
  4. It would not be too bad if we got to see the Smurfs lose there.
  5. bombagol

    Mark Bridge

    ^^^ That’s cr@p, sorry to hear. And it would’ve been even harder to take after the loss!
  6. bombagol

    Mark Bridge

    6 hours to get home from Newy? Why, what happened?
  7. bombagol

    Finals Hopes Extinguished

    Garlic sauce is a must.
  8. bombagol

    A-league 18/19 Round 24

    On TV does it feel like there is not much distance between the box and the sideline on the near side at the SCG?
  9. Great tackle on Hamill by Elrich for Newcastle to score.
  10. What a cracker from best Baccus!
  11. F***ing hell Vedran, not again!
  12. bombagol

    City Crunched 3-0

    He counted legs, not heads.
  13. There’s more people on my morning train than in this stadium.
  14. We’ve just paid $22 for a junior ticket for my brother’s 9-year-old son. It was the cheapest GA ticket for juniors. Are you f***ing kidding me FFA???
  15. bombagol

    A-league 18/19 Round 23

    The Nix scored after 30 seconds! Did I see a black smokey among the Nix fans after that goal? Five-year bans coming?