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  1. Lopar is not to blame for that goal. He was diving the right way and then the shot got deflected and the ball bounced over his legs.
  2. The girls are really worth watching. They have what the men's team doesn't: quality players. Watching the girls gets me through the tough times caused by the men's team.
  3. Yes, she shi*s all over Chris Beathe.
  4. Perth are 3-0 up against Adelaide with 5 minutes to go, Castro is running the show, pulling everyone's pants down. Next Sunday is not looking good ...
  5. Disappointing to see no improvement over the past 2 months. Some players make an effort (eg: Duke), but most lack top skills and quality (eg: Yeboah). Muller shows flashes of brilliance, but is not consistent and the others being poor around him doesn't help. From the youngsters, Sullivan seemed to give us a spark when he came on. Grozos continues to look hesitant any time the ball goes near him (I've never understood the hype around him). Russell didn't have a great game, he got ripped by Cacace for the 2nd goal. I was in the Babbel in camp, but after this, as far as I'm concerned, he can go. Just not sure who is available that would be better?
  6. Cheating dirty slimy time wasting tactics - bloody Iraqis fall over in a heap and roll a mile every time they get touched.
  7. 1-1. Iraqui player shook off 3 defenders (incl. Baccus) just outside the box and curled it to the far corner of the goal, in off the post.
  8. 1-0 to the good guys! Great goal - Piscopo gets fouled about 25m from goal and he puts the free kick in the top right corner.
  9. Had to use Google Translate to read it, but the good news is that he is keen to stay and the club wants him too!
  10. Couldn't agree any more. A hundred likes for your comment.
  11. Totally agree, loved it how the police were out of sight - present, but behind the scenes, as they should be. The only time I saw them inside the stadium was when in the 2nd half a few riot police slowly walked up towards the back of Bay 217 (I sit near the front of it). There was no commotion (that I could see or hear) and a few minutes later they walked back down with one Wanderers fan and a surf fan, but they weren't even holding onto them, so it was very civilised. Anyone sitting closer to this who may have seen more of what exactly happened?
  12. The outstanding efforts of the night go to the Swiss duo of Lopar and Schwegler, the RBB and the Iranian ref.
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