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  1. Agree. Susaeta wanted to change direction quickly to go past Langkamp, but he slipped and, as he was falling, his foot made contact with Langkamp (ie. attacker-initiated contact), so I reckon Langkamp was just an innocent spectator in that.
  2. Gillesphey goes alright, so they'll be missing him and it's good for us.
  3. Tips: Draw Brisbane (if it goes ahead) Mariners Perth Bullsh1tters Pissants
  4. It's the day after, and the rain has been pouring all morning, so what else is there to do than watch and enjoy last night's performance again - here is the link to the 10-minute mini match: https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/video/western-sydney-wanderers-v-perth-glory-mini-match-a-league PS: At 6:35 in the video, as Duke is leaping over the advertising sign to celebrate his second goal, the RBB are in the background and there is a dude in the middle jumping up-and-down and waiving his crutch - kudos to the man who can do that with a broken leg!
  5. We defended throughout the game relatively comfortably, while we looked dangerous on the quick counterattacks. I reckon Perth could've tried for a few more halves tonight, but they weren't going to put the ball in the back of our net. The 3-0 result in the end I think is a bit flattering for Perth, they're very lucky that they weren't hit for 6. In summary, it was a proper thrashing ... I loved it, so more of this please!
  6. Great work SB, thank you! BTW, I did check the Hills Football website before posting my question, but I didn't check their FaceBook page. Note that the limit per transaction is one ticket, but if you need more, just repeated the steps to get more (for example, I repeated it 3 times to get 3 free tickets).
  7. The Club posted the following on Monday: "Registered players in Western Sydney will be able to access FREE tickets to the Wanderers clash against Wellington Phoenix on Monday 15 March at Bankwest Stadium. ... Registered participants can access the offer through their local Association by using the password allocated." My daughter and I are both registered football players at clubs in the Hills Football Association, but have not seen an "allocated password" yet from either the Association or our clubs. Does anyone know when or how will these passwords be allocated / communicated
  8. I’m not happy about giving away points in some games where we shouldn’t have, but I’m relatively comfortable with our position on the table because we’re still well in the race. It’s a very close table, there is only 6 points separating second place on 17 points and second last on 11 points. You win a couple of games in a row and you’re in the top three or, equally, lose a couple and you get close to the Victory ... makes for an exciting competition with plenty of rounds to go!
  9. You wanted consistency for 90 minutes? You got it. That was a truly sh!thouse performance in both halves.
  10. No bluebottles at Coledale Beach! It’s beautiful! (Apart from some washed up seaweed.)
  11. What's it called? We'll go to the beach first for a swim, then have a feed before the game.
  12. I have not been to Wollongong stadium before, can someone advise please which bays will be our away bays? (About to buy tickets.)
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