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  1. Stajcic in his press conference today said that he'd like some procedural fairness from the FFA ... Poor guy, I feel for him ... Ask the dozens of wrongly banned fans about how much procedural fairness you can typically expect from the FFA ...
  2. Is this the first time ever that the RBB haven’t done the Poznan?
  3. Does anyone know if ANZ stadium will issue pass-outs between the Y-League final and the A-League game? I'd like to watch the youngsters in the final, but don't want to get stuck in that shithole for an hour and a half between games.
  4. How the **** do you leave the biggest lump of lard completely free at the far post when you’re defending a corner? **** me!
  5. Me and the kids used to call him Shinji’s dad - lol.
  6. bombagol

    West Coast Collapse

    When he first appeared in the HAL, I was really hoping that he'd succeed and become a good referee because he used to play in my team about a good 15 years ago. Unfortunately, he is much the same as the others and makes too many big mistakes. He really ****ed us with this penalty decision.
  7. Yep, handling a loss against a **** team that we should beat easily any time is a piece of cake for any of us.
  8. The team is playing much better than I thought they would against quality opponents. Again, not putting away our chances is costing us, we should be winning this game. Big 2nd half needed, COYW!!!
  9. bombagol

    Unhappy New Year

    We must admit that Galekovic was a monster in goal last night. If it weren't for at least four of his outstanding saves, we could've won the game easily: * Kamau's shot before half time was just tipped around the post for a corner. * The save low down to his right from Baumjohann's shot. * Riera's penalty saved just as well. * A fierce shot (can't remember from who) just tipped over the bar. Apart from the two goals coming from two mistakes, I don't think Melb City created many clear cut chances as I can't remember Vedran having to pull off heroic saves like Galekovic did. Oh, and one more thing - people are critical of Baumjohann, but please remember that Melb City kicked the crap out of him every time he glided past a couple of defenders, the third one then hacked him down without mercy. I know it's hard, but hang in there people!
  10. bombagol

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    I'd prefer if he could play football.
  11. bombagol

    Football Media Discussion 2

    I reckon Kenny Lowe would be hilarious.
  12. bombagol

    Football Media Discussion 2

    It'd be more of a quality improvement initiative.
  13. Baccus vs Baccus ... This will be interesting!
  14. I think this is typical of Australian football teams, all the way up to the national team.
  15. In his post match interview MB wasn’t happy with the performance and so he shouldn’t be. At least he tells it how it is and doesn’t mince his words. I like that.