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  1. He is 35, no thank you. Personally I have great memories of Polenz, Poljak, La Rocca, Ono but those days are gone.
  2. Not a fan of the SWS bid but, I don't agree with holding back any team, I am a firm believer in sink or swim. I understand a club doing its best to protect its interests that's not an issue for me. The problem is the FFA listened... FFS
  3. Play time is over... No cake or sex. We're going to win the league!
  4. Might as well take a gamble on an unproven Aussie if that's the bar we're setting. #HaydenFoxeIn
  5. Reading that article just makes me want to sack everyone at the club.
  6. If they sacked him to bring back Popa...
  7. Kinda relieved. I had a feeling we were going to do something stupid like stick with Foxe or get Kewell in. Welcome.
  8. They know full well nothing can be done to remove 100% of dickheads from anything ever. But its better to be seen to be taking a hard line approach. Lets do something that will please the media. Who ignore mass evictions from other sporting events, for fighting and other "anti-social behavior". Where security is never increased. No one calls for the governing body to step in... But a tifo and a couple of flares every now and then is some how a bigger issue. Well if that is their attitude, **** them. You don't have to ignore the problems, but you do have to put them into perspective. Call
  9. Well spending a few minutes creating this made me less angry....
  10. So ******* pissed off... At least until I read this thread. Haven't been able to stop laughing since, you mother ****ers are hilarious.
  11. I still didn't see what happened in the replay. Ref just being a **** or did i miss something?
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