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  1. Shut up and drum drummer boy! Seriously though, KGee stfu, if we're just a side show, mind your own business and let us protest if we want, it has nothing to do with you and you have no right to comment or demand to be entertained by us.
  2. I just spoke to the Club and they mentioned that there is a meeting between the club and the RBB this week to discuss some of these issues. They have suggested that we email this address with the concerns that we have active@wswanderersfc.com.au and that all emails will be passed onto the appropriate people. The club confirmed that the police do NOT have the final say if a fan is banned from the ground. All matters are referred to the club and if the club considers the offence trivial then they will give the supporter their membership card back. Perhaps we use this email address today to let the club know our feelings ( in a polite way ) and also to request that the club puts out an announcement this week on what they are going to do about the current situation. Great stuff. At least there is some dialogue. I understand why the police have their hands on their guns in a large crowd, but it still is intimating to see. It's all starting to get to a boiling point now though. Surely, all sides have reached the end of the line and action needs to happen, we need to sort out this s**t before the AFC hit town for the Asian Cup. A better question is why the **** do they have guns on them for crowd control at a sporting event?
  3. Why is everyone so angry? I thought most of the usual complainants went to games to watch the team not for the rbb, so what's it matter to you if everythings banned? Also calm down, three fence banners have been banned.
  4. Welcome to Asia. We did ok, I don't think we we're really outplayed for the majority of the match, the main difference was they didn't make mistakes and they were clinical in punishing us for ours. We really need to capitalise on our chances and play with a bit more flare...
  5. Do you normally stream it or something from iTunes instead of downloading it?That's strange. Can't you just start listening again and merely skip to the 1 hour mark? This happens to me sometimes. I stream it and if I get a sms or something it stops. It then takes up to 5 minutes for your website to respond and let me continue from where I was up to, its a bit annoying. #firstworldpodcastproblems Otherwise, good job guys.
  6. This would create more problems for us. Potentially but in all FFAs efforts to restrict us they have left this amazing loophole. Incompetents !!! They would leave you there, trouble would start, wsw would cop the blame, we'd lose 3 points and probably all be banned from attending any away game. Also, silent protests are pointless and achieve nothing.
  7. If you pay for your ticket and attend, do you really think the ffa will care what chants you sing? As for banners, they won't be approved and will be confiscated. A full away bay with members only will be seen as a success and justify the ffa in making these restrictions permanant next season. Empty away bays will at least make them consider they are locking people out and destroying the travelling culture of wanderers fans. As for supporting the boys, I agree they may need tge support. But the club? Well it goes both ways, where are they when we need their support against restrictions like these?
  8. Failure of what??? Ppl need to grow some balls n stand up , ffa have done nothing but serve the football fans crapFailure was the wrong word. I should have used "defeat". The FFA don't care about active support. If we boycott, but fans still turn up (which they will), regardless of how cramp the atmosphere is, the FFA will regard it as a win and life goes on for them. Basically what is happening in the NT. Melbourne Victory still get strong crowds with or without the NT. I've said it before but - every match the NT are vacant from their end, their relevance wanes. Pro-cotting would be more effective. Make more noise with more signs and more banners and anti ffa chants I know its drastic, but empty away bays at the SFS/gosford/newcastle would send a clear message. The ffa are delusional and would just claim the extra noise as a victory
  9. This also affects home games. It's not clear whether or not you can lend you're rbb membership to someone to use if you can't attend a game. Can the club confirm? Boycotting home games is pointless, they already have our money. Boycotting away games is what would be most effective if we were to go down that path.
  10. It can be pretty hard finding keepers in All Age. Everyone wants to run on the field. The might of Mount Pritchard hahahaIt's SDSFA.... You can guarantee the price will be very highAll Age at Mount Pritchard is $320 including ref fees for the season. You're expecting to get refs in Southern Districts? Dude out of 14 rounds I think we had a ref twice. Pre paying refs is bullshit. And Peaches, I read your ex left mid left in search of better quality coaching... and seems to have found it.
  11. Posting that, but no link? Come on mate!! Pick up your game!! Fine, I'll post it then. You know, in case people don't know what you're referring to... My bad, thank you, amazing clip
  12. What planet are you on ????Was the attack on our fans our fault? No it wasn't. Did it bring the game into disrepute? Yes it did. Are you saying the pyro show in Melbourne didn't bring the game into disrpute. Now who's 'blatantly lying?' You're right I'm not in the northern end but I've been within a metre of a flare being ripped at CCM last year and couldn't believe the carntz covering for their Farkwit mate and I can assure you I can count way past three. You're getting more delussional as you dribble each post. I'm a passionate football fan and have been for over 40 years. I have yet to be in any trouble with officialdom or involved in any controversial issues in that time which is more than I can say for a lot of people who have been following the Wanderers for 18 months or so. Coincedence? I think not. If you have read any of my posts in the past I have been telling anyone that cares to listen this will happen and now it has. You reap what you sow it's about time people here man up and accept they have caused this and will do what ever it takes to quell the situation for the good of our team. What is done is done, now it's time to fix the problem, NOT play the blame game. There's more to the incident than just the YouTube video you watched. The pyro doesn't bring the game into disrepute. It may make an interesting conversation at the watercooler, but it is nowhere near creating the controversy that the standard of refereeing has. Pyro has occurred in the A-League long before WSW. So you dobbed them all in and they received 5 year bans? No one said you're not passionate, but you're acting as if you are the expert on active support. You've also conveniently ignored everyone who has tried to explained the errors in some of your comments. A lot of RBB members are criminals? Jeez, mate. You're only one step away from calling all of us hooligans. You predicted that among tens of thousands of people there would be some sort of incident occur? You truly are a psychic. I predict that there will be a goal scored in the next round of A-League. Not play the blame game? You're the first to throw everyone in the RBB under the bus on any minor incident. You've essentially accused everyone in active support of being compliant when something 'unlawful' happens. You've not only demanded unreasonable collective punishments, but you refuse to engage in any reasonable dialogue. I don't claim to know the inner sanctum of the RBB, nor am I speaking on their behalf, but I can only imagine the frustration when they see fellow supporters so quick to trash all their hard work. Where on earth did that come from??? :smurfnono: The only person being a dickhead is you, dickhead. Not once has the guy called you anything personal or offensive, all he's done is give rational responses and waste his time on your dickhead comments.
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