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  1. lol not sure if serious because if anyone buys this on DVD they are ***** idiots. I got mine in a box set with the shinji tribute video and an RBB soundtrack CD. Top job with the packaging man. #justiceforerebus
  2. Bought the DVD, good work. #justiceforerebus
  3. Woolpack should have been first on that list with Roxy. Seems like the club is forgetting who supported us before we'd even won a game.
  4. Marconi have a festival on all day outside with food and booze.
  5. Roxy, wollie or Marconi are the best options. If you want an open festival atmosphere, pretty sure Marconi also have a family festival on all day in the carpark with kids rides, food and booze.
  6. Not too fussed about ANZ, more concerned about 4:30pm K.O on a non public holiday Saturday, WTF is that? On one hand the FFA want to maximise crowds and push ANZ and on the other they schedule a game at that time when people are working and playing football.
  7. Shut up and drum drummer boy! Seriously though, KGee stfu, if we're just a side show, mind your own business and let us protest if we want, it has nothing to do with you and you have no right to comment or demand to be entertained by us.
  8. I just spoke to the Club and they mentioned that there is a meeting between the club and the RBB this week to discuss some of these issues. They have suggested that we email this address with the concerns that we have active@wswanderersfc.com.au and that all emails will be passed onto the appropriate people. The club confirmed that the police do NOT have the final say if a fan is banned from the ground. All matters are referred to the club and if the club considers the offence trivial then they will give the supporter their membership card back. Perhaps we use this email address today to let the club know our feelings ( in a polite way ) and also to request that the club puts out an announcement this week on what they are going to do about the current situation. Great stuff. At least there is some dialogue. I understand why the police have their hands on their guns in a large crowd, but it still is intimating to see. It's all starting to get to a boiling point now though. Surely, all sides have reached the end of the line and action needs to happen, we need to sort out this s**t before the AFC hit town for the Asian Cup. A better question is why the **** do they have guns on them for crowd control at a sporting event?
  9. Why is everyone so angry? I thought most of the usual complainants went to games to watch the team not for the rbb, so what's it matter to you if everythings banned? Also calm down, three fence banners have been banned.
  10. Welcome to Asia. We did ok, I don't think we we're really outplayed for the majority of the match, the main difference was they didn't make mistakes and they were clinical in punishing us for ours. We really need to capitalise on our chances and play with a bit more flare...
  11. umm blakanite did storm out last night.... Sorry Balkanite So how about those statistics? 1 anecdote =/= statistical evidence. Can I see your statistical evidence on how much atmosphere flares add?Flares add 63% more atmosphere 50% of the time
  12. Because it's not about whether you them or not. It's the fact that it's affecting the club and with point reductions being threatened and fines it's not hard to see that why people are getting so worked up about it. All the pro pyro people here still continually are dodging the point that its on the verge of us costing us points and has already cost a huge fine and the majority do not want to see them. You can chop and choose to follow whatever laws you want but putting your own agenda ahead of the fans and the club is bullsh*t has no logical grounds for justification Just think, pictures of the smoke and colour beaming around asia right now, showing a fierce atmosphere. Opposition supporters would be drooling at the thought of experiencing this, maybe even increasing opposition support travelling to future games. Think of the fine money as the club spending thousands on an international marketing campain, a big thank you from tourism australia wouldnt be out of line either.
  13. If anything, a couple more flares might have put the goal scorer off and masked the crappy defending.
  14. Based on current form poljak has been our least effective this year. La Rocca offers vesatility and is in better form, easy choice.
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