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  1. LMAO protest? Sure.... This country respects the opinions of the people and the people admire those that challenge authority... You people support a corporation. Financial metrics over a wider commercial market mean more than the satisfaction of even 50k paying members. Bring in delegation and watch the boys club in charge change their tune. How much will Foxtel and co contribute to the crony club once a team that doesn't care or doesn't invest the $$ gets dropped out of the prime comp? Not sure why people think that Babbel is not cut for it. It's easy to motivate a team of ****
  2. word slut 2018/19. The lesser known adult film award.
  3. Wow, oldest trick in the book fools the general population yet again.
  4. Definitely not but I was waiting on getting **** back for that. Happy to be a misfit in life my friend.
  5. Mate, whilst I understand where you were coming from on the parts of your post you're defending, the truth is i was only triggered because I was shocked by such a one sided post from a guy I expected more from. The reason I took it personally is because I've put up with a lot of **** from the club over the years and yet I kept my mouth shut, reacting only where it involved me and with whom it involved. Meanwhile, there were always level-headed people like you that brought those discussions out in the open whenever there was public interest. I don't give a **** about the ****s complai
  6. Wow man, this is quite an insolent response from you imo. I know of a lot of people that look to be getting well shafted in this wash up, myself included. I'm just waiting on the official letters to come through with exact seating before having to make some decisions on multiple memberships. So tell me, should I look at this from the point of view of customer satisfaction, game day experience or a purist football fan? Which part are you suggesting I'll be unnecessarily complaining about? I get that **** changes in life but I could've done without all the memberships I held onto
  7. Nanny state is a term that suggests protectionist order. We're not being protected, our laws are designed for civil order.
  8. ****, maybe I'll start to be taken more seriously about my Gulag merchandise.
  9. Forum needs more FFA Gulag T-shirts. Applying for trade mark before it gets snapped up.
  10. I get it, but I suggest most people should learn a new phrase in their limited database of a brain: virtue signalling. They don't care! We think we are progressive but all do is we place value on how things look.
  11. I only just saw this and whilst I agree with every thing said (in fact applaud it) I can't help but feel that the writing was on the wall for a long time now, not because (we were right all along) but because the responsible fight was never attempted. I warn that the following may trigger some that don't read my words carefully. When **** hit the fan late last season the common reaction on this very forum was to immediately throw the freedom of speech defence, to which I reiterate is not available in this country under the fictionalised imagery that most believe it to be. I only use this
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