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  1. 214 WSW tickets sold so far
  2. Last count of WSW seats sold so I had before the map seating was restricted is 105... COYW
  3. Yep, non-active WSW isn’t available for sale.
  4. Anyone else having issues purchasing non-active tickets?
  5. sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but do we know if all seats are protected from the rain?
  6. In + 1, 2nd interstate game COYW POX 9095
  7. I'm also a member of an NRL club and i got an email this morning saying my membership package has been dispatched, 4 months before the season starts. If NRL clubs can do this with no issues, why can't WSW?
  8. I thought I read something from the Ipswich mayor about securing funds for a new stadium. My point was instead of the new Brisbane team playing its first few seasons out at suncoprp while it was being built, to instead let other teams in the comp and once the stadium is completed, allow the new Brisbane team in.
  9. The new Brisbane team could represent southern Brisbane (i.e. Ipswich, Redland City and Logan City) which has a current combined population of 652,000. It is a 1 hour drive from Ipswich to the Redlands, which is the same distance as Penrith to Sydney Olympic Park, so the catchment area isn't too widespread. However, because they shouldn't play out at Suncorp, the new South Brisbane should have their stadium built (20,000 capacity with option for 30,000 in future). Once their stadium is completed, they should be admitted into the A-league. During the time of construction, lets say 3-4 years because that's how long Parra is taking, put Canberra and Wollongong/Geelong in the league. City of Brisbane has population of 1.16 million if people were thinking it could cannibalise the current Roar supporter base.
  10. ******* lifetime away It is but I don't see the FFA introducing new teams during the lifetime of the next tv deal, it'll be giving Foxsports or whoever an extra game which they didn't pay for. They could introduce one or two new teams in the last season of the next tv deal to potentially bump up the asking price for the tv deal after that, as it could show the broadcasters how much bigger the A-league could get by tapping into new areas in Australia.
  11. Seeing the FFA most likely won't introduce new A-league teams during the next tv deal, we won't be seeing any new teams until at least the 2022/23 season. I would like to see Wollongong and Canberra be introduced in the 2022/23 season, then after the next 5 year tv deal for cities such as Perth and Brisbane to get another team.
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