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  1. Looking for 2 tickets anywhere for this weekend’s Perth game if there is any..
  2. Looking for 2 x tickets anywhere non active for Victory
  3. Was trying to purchase a ticket for the Brisbane game off ticketek in a particular section but the website won't let you choose seats and calling them is almost impossible (it's like talking to a **** dumb siri). So I'm trying my luck to see if anyone here has a spare ticket in Aisle 105.
  4. Hello all. I've got 1 Category B (concession) ticket to give away. Section 114-2. PM if interested.
  5. Yes that's the 'orange looking' jersey from the season just past. Forgot to add, only the home jersey was on sale. I did not see the white jersey with red sides away jersey.
  6. So i dropped by the Auburn store yesterday and bought a Season 16/17 jersey for $28 ($40 with a 30% discount). There are still some 15/16 jerseys (home and away) going for 50%, which I assume is $40 at 50%, so $20 (didn't look closely enough). Also there are some decent looking polo t shirts and round necks. Can't remember if there are any winter clothing, ie hoodies, jackets.
  7. 1x active concession to give away for tonight's Arsenal game. PM me...
  8. I dont speak Japanese but we can try and find someone who does.. There is a WSW AFC-ACL Away Days facebook group with a few Japanese nationals, may have some luck there.
  9. I am up for the rooftop kickabout. Lets make this happen!
  10. It's already started making new internationally.
  11. weeMan


    Gamba's stadium is the suita city football stadium, accessible by bus from ibaraki station on game day. I was there for the recent emperor's cup final and it's a great stadium for football. @West13 good to know you got the pass sorted out. Looks like it's April party time in Tokyo!
  12. weeMan


    Nice job Fairy! I'm out on 22nd via Melbourne. See you there! Lets all chat closer to date. I would be very keen to have a WSF meet up in Japan and also share ideas on where to go. I will be traveling alone. lol Great stuff... Would be keen for a meet up at the nearby izakayas with a few beers and cod sperm.
  13. Stupid article is stupid. AFC is more than just the J/K-League. When will "punters" get this into their heads. There's the whole SE Asia and Middle East too. MV had reasonable success with Surat Suka (sp) in the past. Plenty of Thai, Indo, Viet players that could do well in the A-League. The heat won't bother them either. Likewise with M.E players. Plenty there to try and entice. But for some "journos" they think +1 only equals Japanese or Korean. Its stupid. We had 16 nations play here 2 years ago from all over Asia. Exactly. Players in England earn more than A-league too, but that's bit where we get European players from! The nations in Asia that don't have big leagues still have good players. They don't though do they? Or at least very few look at the Asian cup. Might as well get an NPL player We drew 2-2 with Thailand, surely one of their top players is better than someone who won't come close to breaking into our national team Teerasil Dengda would do well in the HAL I reckon.
  14. weeMan


    You gonna play tour guide? Depends on what you wanna see in Tokyo I suppose?? I fly in Saturday, so hoping to also catch some J1 action that weekend.
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