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  1. I have my 4 year grand daughter staying and she loves Wendy's Song from Bob the Builder.
  2. Any experts out there who can convert the 4pm shade line in Mack's first photo of the Eastern Stand into say 1 Oct, 1 Nov, 1 Dec, 1 Jan, etc for a 5pm or 7.50pm kickoff? I am in Row 21 in Tier 2 and wondering where the hot westerly sun will be shining. I remember too well cooking in the Parra Eastern Stand back in Feb 1991 when Czechoslovakia beat Australia 2-0.
  3. Great photos. So what was the ratio of Wanderers jerseys to Eels jerseys? I reckon 2:1 in the 2-3pm time slot? I saw a lone Roosters' jersey and thought he must have been lost. Good line at the WSW tent and our staff looked professional. Same can't be said for the Eels. And then NSW Rugby, Tigers, and Canterbury just filled the space with no one talking to them. A good interview with a Leeds fan about the upcoming game. It should be a fantastic night and just imagine Aaron Mooy turning up for Leeds if they win promotion to the Premier League.
  4. One sport I would like "priced-out" is Rugby Union due to the damage caused to the playing surface from scrums, rucks, mauls, etc. The National Rugby Championship is still running with their final on 27 OCT 18. With the recent wet weather you can just imagine what a scrum reset five times would do to the surface. They should just stay at Concord Oval.
  5. Here's a simple solution … there is a big push to bring back the North Sydney Bears. Recently saw them on a Foxtel Flashback and they played ok. Even a very young Jason Taylor. Rebrand the Parramatta Eels as the North Parramatta Bears and then we have both teams in Red and Black. They could also play Frank Hyde commentary reruns during the breaks … "It's long enough, it's high enough and it's straight between the posts".
  6. My mate and I have a guess at the crowd based on the number of cars parked around Richie Benaud oval as we walk in. Last night we thought a big one from the number of cars and people in the streets. But as someone once said, we have Lies, damned lies, and statistics. And that gets used for the crowds at Pirtek. How often have we had a crowd of only 12K when I would have said 15K? So last night for our final game, we broke 20K and that was great. Here are the Pirtek record crowds - too early for last night - http://www.austadiums.com/stadiums/stadiums_crowds.php?id=85 The AFL and NRL are masters at crowd counting and maybe the FFA need to learn something from them. From all the noise last night, I thought there were 35K there, and can't wait until we come back to a larger and rectangular stadium. My other story from last night was when the Roar flare was lit, someone new to our area, high in the Western stand, starting yelling, where is David Gallop, Roar need to lose points? He had had a few to drink and kept going strongly, so I turned around and showed him where DG was sitting only 4m away. And then he just went to another level ... thankfully for all of us, we scored and he forgot about DG
  7. Hes made the point that I made couple of weeks ago. Kick both the Reds and the Broncos out of Suncorp and give exclusive rights to the roar Kick both the tahs and easts out of the SFS and give exclusive rights to the stadium to the smurfs Do Sydney fc train at macquarie fields or is Simon getting his macquaries mixed up... ? They train at Macquarie University at North Ryde aka Macquarie Park.
  8. My son and I were at the NPL2 game last night and he knows a bit. He said after 5 mins ... Spirit will collapse from lack of match practice in the second half and Wanderers will have an easy win. Well blow me down ... 0-0 at half time and it ended up 6-0 nil and should have been 7 given the open goal tap-in that ended up on the road. The kid can finish well but remember Spirit ran out of gas. Their defence was gooooooooooooone. But I did see some crisp and incisive passing, especially to the number 9. Liam Youlley played well but he had a lot of room.
  9. Went to the MVC game at Etihad, sat near the North Terrace but on Level 2, and was a very long way away from the action. And Etihad has very small screens, so I was struggling when the ball was at the far end. Does anyone know how Etihad and Spotless compare in the size of the oval dimensions, ie. without the Etihad moveable seating - both side and end? And if we go to ANZ, will they force everyone to sit on the eastern side to improve the TV experience by showing a crowd? The people of the eastern side of Etihad on Levels 2 and 3 were being baked until the second half. The Eastern moveable seating at ground level was nearly full and not in sunlight, so assume for MVC members only. If we go to Spotless, I doubt we would see moveable seating. One thing I did find interesting was watching a game from an end-to-end perspective as opposed to my normal side-to-side at Parra. Still showed me we can't cross very well and waste most corners.
  10. Right so it was dissent for moving the cream? Or dissent at Williams for putting more cream down?If Williams used a bit of common sense it wouldn't have blown up (ie he wasn't moving the ball just the excess foam) Jamo throws his arms out wide, clearly saying "For ****'s sake!â€. That's what the card is for, I'd say. I agree re the dissent ... I was about 30m directly in front of what happened and Jamison clearly spoke back to him. But would a more mature ref just let it go as he had contributed to the situation? I think yes ... have a talk ... defuse the situation ... and get him to take the kick.
  11. Has anyone asked the players where they would like to play? When I saw the number of times we couldn't play at Spotless it got me thinking about what benefits the players get from playing at the same home ground?
  12. I observe many media outlets and it is very rare to see anything "forward looking" re the A-League. The classic example is as I sit here in Melbourne is there is very little about today's A-League game. Why would the AFL and NRL supporting media - print, radio, and TV - want to present anything positive about what is going to be a very big game? Let's keep the Essendon ball bouncing along ... and now we have the Qld junior Origin starts having a big night out. Nothing about MVC vs WSW? And tomorrow will be the same ... unless we have a flare ... or some boisterious supporters ... and then it will be a massive dump on our sport. We really need the A-League on free-to-air to get a balance to the NRL and AFL and also the game that is played every week of the year ... cricket.
  13. We need to grow the membership base and where ever we end up during the rebuild, there will need to be a well considered and executed marketing campaign to ensure we don't lose members. We love the familiarity of Parramatta but unsure about all other venues. The club and the FFA need to spend money to keep the members as well as grow. Is it free tickets for kids under say 10 to all football associations in Western Sydney? I think it will need to be more than free tickets - what do others think? As an aside ... I love seeing Wanderers in my travels. Went to the airport and purposely parked behind a large ute showing a big WSW sticker as knew my car would be safe behind it. All Wanderers are great drivers. Or the guy at the airport wearing his membership cap. A mate put up a Facebook photo for his local Rural Fire Service as the RFS Commissioner had turned up. I was more interested in seeing the young chap next to him in his Wanderers jersey. Just imagine the day when we start seeing less Barca or Man U jerseys and more WSW.
  14. And if we do decide on ANZ is it not the logical time to focus on increasing our membership base so when we move back to the upgraded Parramatta Stadium we can fill it. How embarrassing would it be if we only half-filled say a 35K stadium? The truth with cricket and the NRL today is the TV audience pays the bills. But nothing beats being at a full Pirtek guided by the RBB and a winning Wanderers.
  15. Some excellent work has gone in here - well done to everyone for their effort. I live in the Hills ... closer to the North Shore than say Baulkham Hills ... and getting to Pirtek is very easy. I need to put that out there when I say my preference would be ANZ. I went to seven games there for the Asian Cup and they all had an 'atmosphere'. The Final was a typical major Australian non-active sporting event ... Aussie ... Aussie ... Aussie .. Oi ... Oi ... Oi. But two games stood out for me - first game in the pouring rain when a small group of Wanderers supporters started the West chant. It was subliminal and I needed to clap. I just couldn't hear the drum beat to help me with the count so was hopelessly uncoordinated. Given they were 10 rows behind me, I know there was no drum. Just a few RBB with a few under the belt:) The second one included Iran with their coordinated chanting with hi-viz vested marshals urging the crowd on. We could learn from them with strategic placement of RBB chant leaders. We are the Wanderers and can make the right atmosphere anywhere. Just give the RBB the challenge and communicate to the rest of our supporters and it will work. You just see it on the TV for the away games and well done to the supporters who travelled to Perth last night. The last Victory game was great and the whole crowd got involved. And it got me thinking, what are the best chants for full stadium involvement? Do they need to be fined tuned when me move into say ANZ with four times the number of seats and possibly only 25% filled? What will Foxtel demand for TV viewing - all on one side - hopefully the Western. I like WDWSF and clearly remember the first time is was used at Pirtek. I would like to see a shortened version to get the crowd fired up before the start of the game, eg. one WDWSF to East, then South, then West. Maybe before the teams comes out to let the visitors know where they are or after we score a goal. I love West (and still struggle with it) but it gets all ages involved. Not a fan of extended dis-chants ... they also need to be very short and sharp ... and leave most people wondering what was actually said. Nowhere will be perfect and my main concern is our code competitors have the media and sponsors onside and our requirements will always be considered last and that will happen at Spotless. I love Pirtek this time of year as the playing surface is fantastic but the closer we get to the league season, the quality drop is plain to see. And then we have the worst of sports for our ground - the National Rugby Championship - where the scrums and rucks and mauls destroy our ground.
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