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  1. obviously those lefties want the same here
  2. Cuba very harmonious. So too zimbabwe.
  3. tbh there was social cohesion in the white only parts of apartheid south africa
  4. http://www.westsydneyfootball.com/topic/4974-are-our-goal-nets-too-deep/
  6. You all doubted me but it ******* happened. I'm proud to be a quintessential part of this reform. To say my post about the goal nets achieved nothing is now a blatant untruth. We finally have goal nets to be proud of. Admin: I have added a poll.
  7. Ex-****ng-scuse me? Let me guess I'm a racist for putting my country men first? Good to know where you stand on certain issues. No I'm trying to figure out what the **** you mean, as I have no idea what you're saying with that comment.
  8. yah i was talking about the guards, and also the fact that doctors and employees have been told not to say anything to the press. That's what made it equivalent, the fact that people are being told not to speak out.
  9. I don't see how the equivalence in this issue is false.
  10. Well yeah that's disgusting. Equally as disgusting as the seemingly institutionalised r a p e that we're all ignoring on Nauru right now.
  11. Sure it is champ Everyone is Rosa Parkes. No, but not everyone is you or mick. There are a large amount of people who can not tell the difference between Islam and the Arabic race. Some of those people are on the left, blindly suggesting you can't criticise Islam without being racist, and some of those people are on the right, blindly hating both because of racism. Now, you, I, and mick can separate the two concepts, but to suggest that race isn't a factor in some people's opinions is a farce.
  12. Racism is a factor. It's not the main factor, it shouldn't be a factor, but it is a factor.
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