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  1. 822 – Derby CopWatch A few of the regulars from the pod went down - mainly Josh who literally basically only plays a trumpet and Mina who is a supporter - and they gave their details views on the overall logistics of getting there/stadium and the cops situation. https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/822-derby-copwatch/
  2. We're just a poor Man United (of 2016) relying on our keeper lol
  3. There's being critical of the players and the club, then there's being a negative Nancy and Debbie downer. Who the f*** would have said no to 10 points after four games, equal top playing average football? You can criticise players, I support that, but there's a game plan in place and they are following it - whether that's them under-performing or Babbel knowing he's limited with some injuries and adapting to what is available is possible. Saturday coming is a big test - new boys (albeit mostly all over 30) have a s*** load of experience and quality and they will want to stop us. Besart has a nice record against us and Diamanti surely hasn't forgotten 2014 with Guangzhou, so they will be up for it. It's time to recover, have them watch their derby back and see where they would could some damage. Playing at 7:30 should be cooler and maybe the heat was a factor, but in all the same they need to go out and show that we're not f***ing about this season and put a marker down. I agree Yeboah has been off the boil and Adam seems like a better fit on the wing or up front with AMFG and if Muller can start in place of Grozos and maybe Ziggy comes in for Jurman we should have enough in us to at least give them a game. Oh, and DANIEL F***ING LOPAR.
  4. Mate I actually hold myself to a standard of integrity.
  5. I stand corrected from my initial assessment - thanks all
  6. I see @Taurus is well ahead of the LFC derby thing and yes, I made a video also showing good and bad moments between WSW and BRI.
  7. Twas I and was taken an article by TWG. From my POV if you are only looking at yourself and not the team as a whole then your heads not in it but I do hope it wasn't meant in the way in which I thought it was. Thanks for the extra info @sonar
  8. 805 - Parallaxed And so it goes Wanderers 1 Sydney FC 0 in the first derby in Parramatta for many a year. A tense and physical match was witnessed by nearly 30K at Bankwest and all is well in Sydney and the A-League once again. Turner, Josh (Jaush) and Nick are joined by you to talk all things Sydney derby, ball experiments, praising players, referees and also previewing the next game against Brisbane Roar this Saturday. Sydney is red and black. https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/805-parallaxed/
  9. Bit suss on the 3:2 goal not given.
  10. I said on ATB leading up to the derby that this was a game that we have a solid defence that we haven't had since 15/16 with NTS and Aguilar (as well as Jaimeson and Golec/Neville) so it was big for Jurman and McGowan to show us that they are boss and f*** me they showed it. Jurman gave everything and is no nonsense, along with McGowan and the collective of the other 9 - Lopar represent, **** me - his reflexes are like a cat. That midfield of Sydney's is still damn good even with an ageing Ninkovic who is still quality and worries me as always, but O'Neill not having Brillante makes them a little so-so but they still bossed it even with the German DM master a part-passenger. Retre in for Zullo is a massive weakness and we saw it from a cheeky attempt to flick on and got rekt by a banging ball in from Danny G and Duke late in the box flying in - proper boss. For the rest of the game we were outplayed - no denying that - but like many have said defence win you championships and we've got a solid backline with a coming back to fitness Aussie Pat and the youngsters who are becoming regulars (Wilmering first derby didn't seem nervous). All-in-all a very good outing at Bankwest and I'll take another 26 of these results.
  11. 2:1 away in 2013 lol. Last win was 2:0 at home in 15/16 season.
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