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  1. On the reviews page of Hawkesbury Radio. Someone let Grampa on Facebook again I give this station 1 for two reasons .there is no 0 and it ruins Saturday nights with piss poor commentary on soccer and other useless sports, saturday nights are for music not sport.dumb decision to broadcast sport on this station.nobody listens to it ,nobody wants it,everyone tunes to another station including me.more music ,no sport and no news on Saturday nights either ,non stop music would be better Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment Share Comments very intelligent response,NOT ,must be one of the boring commentators ,your response is just as boring as the commentary and the sport you call . Like · Reply · 5 mins · Edited monkeys can commentate better Like · Reply · Just now Can we get commentary monkeys?
  2. Mate you are delusional, The RBB won't end. Didn't we say the same about the NT once upon a time?, of course I like to think we are made of sterner stuff than the mexicans but this has just been exhausting for everyone
  3. If it wasn't already clear, the FFA don't want active support other than the cove. Sadly I think the end of the RBB is near
  4. Smurf tears with extra salt, so yummy and delicious. The nerve of the entitled prats to whinge about the refereeing when they get all the handouts in the world is amazing. You don't get it all your own way so it's fixed right? Delicious. I hope this is the start of their fall, come what may they will never take this moment away from us. Shove your invincibles, we da best.
  5. A couple of weeks ago I defended Ray Gatt I would like to now retract that statement.
  6. People need to be held to account for this......enough is enough. BTW Dimas laughing and a joking seconds after fulltime? F***. Right. Off
  7. they're the only stadium that tries to actually make you sit in your seat in a active bay. stupid things like putting your feet on the railing i've seen get pinged. *****. They toss people out of the ground for **** like that?
  8. Ne'er been to Suncorp away, excuse the ignorance but what sets them apart from every other incompetent security and secco force in the country?
  9. Can't see that changing sadly, unless.... it does have a new logo that needs to be incorporated to it. Not sure what they'd do with the old one, just retire it? Ringtoss at the easter show?
  10. Seeing as we are going to be hearing a lot about it over the coming months I thought this deserves it's own thread to keep tabs of the goings on. http://www.a-league.com.au/article/ffa-reveals-new-brand-and-logos-for-hyundai-a-league/1ps9b3d74ng0g1mkl12c13mm5c Football Federation Australia has revealed a dynamic new look which ties its professional leagues together – and introduces a first for sports branding in Australia. The new logos are the latest innovation for the Hyundai A-League, Westfield W-League and Foxtel Y-League following a new six-year broadcast rights deal and the official recognition of football as Australia’s largest club-based participation sport. Extensive market research shows the design appeals to a wider audience, particularly families and children, in line with FFA’s long term strategy. FFA chief executive David Gallop said the new logos would be used from the start of the 2017-18 seasons. “The logo design is inspired by football’s three outstanding features – atmosphere, diversity and unity,†Mr Gallop said. “Our fans create a wonderful atmosphere, we are part of the biggest sport in the world and there’s a place for everyone to become involved. “This is the perfect time to update our look and use the same logo across the board, especially to reinforce football’s on-going commitment to women’s football by connecting the Hyundai A-League with the Westfield W-League.†The brand strategy and design was developed in conjunction with FFA management, FFA’s brand agency Hulsbosch Design and two club chairmen as representatives of the leagues – Scott Barlow from Sydney FC and Simon Pearce from Melbourne City FC. For the first time in Australian sport, the brand of a professional league will become fluid and incorporate the colours of clubs competing as part of the league. All three league brands will assume the colour palette of clubs when utilised within club marketing and collateral, including the playing strip. This path was chosen to showcase the importance of bringing the leagues and clubs closer and acknowledging the importance of club brands in driving fan connection and audience growth. Orange will continue to be the colour used for the primary version of the Hyundai A-League logo and the Foxtel Y-League logo in recognition of the original brand created for the launch of the league in 2005.
  11. Has anyone got a good reason why we played Hamill yesterday over Antonis?
  12. Mitch to me just looked tired yesterday, whether it be heavy legs, frustration or both. Dude needs a refresher, either a light week at training or start him on the bench for Antonis in Brisbane just to get some energy back. It's not falling his way like it did last year but the effort hasn't waned.
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