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  1. which bay is the away end? I had a look at tickets earlier in the week and it showed northern concourse as away end, now its coming up with bay 1 on western concourse.
  2. i have not received the members presale email , how on earth did they butcher a simple members email. could someone please kindly forward me the code
  3. looking at ticketek, only rbb standing tickets remain, the rest are single seats in a few other sections. will be bring 2 mates for their first experience of the rbb, should be good
  4. are they really going to limit rbb to only have fulltime members? so many ppl enjoyed the rbb experience in the early years through one-off tickets and got hooked, no more of that happening.
  5. really sucks how they dont let anyone with white/black membership to sneak into the rbb anymore. is there any code to get seats into rbb for the derby at bankwest. i see the members code only gets you as much as rbb seating,
  6. merch this year has been a let down. majority of the stuff on the store is still the same from last season. wheres the scarf that gombau has, why isnt that available on the store
  7. the a-league billboards this season are the most uninspiring yet. the mariners billboard on the f3 had more marketing worth than the ffa ones.
  8. a great day out. always happy to have a new rbb scarf.
  9. anyone know how many tickets they've sold all up for this. hoping they didnt chuck up the sold out sign, to later find out that the council has capped the capacity to 2000.
  10. calling it now: 11. southern sydney 12. 2nd brisbane 13. south-east melbourne 14. south-west sydney
  11. surely next 4 will be 11. Southern Sydney (white/black/blue) @ kogarah until new St George Stadium (new home of ffa) is ready 12. Dandenong/Casey: Melbourne Rangers (blue/white/red) @aami park until dandenong stadium is ready 13. Brisbane Strikers (yellow/blue) @ revamped perry park 14. South-Western Sydney @ campbelltown stadium until new fairfield stadium is ready they would be 4 clubs who would potentially be up there in the top quarter of a-league clubs in terms of crowds and support. no point aiming for clubs whose goal is to try pull a bigger crowd than the jets ie. hobart, canbe
  12. anyone have the seating map for next season? looks like 5 game memberships havent been contacted about renewal yet.
  13. some strange scheduling having the city vs perth game at sunday 7pm. surely since daylight savings is over and the weather is cooler, a 3pm sunday afternoon kick-off would be more popular. all season long the 7pm sunday kick-off has been unpopular. and although yes fair enough it would be beneficial for the players ahead of the acl games on wednesday the following week to have our game on friday, i really do wish the roar game was a saturday night instead so that i could make the drive.
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