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  1. merch this year has been a let down. majority of the stuff on the store is still the same from last season. wheres the scarf that gombau has, why isnt that available on the store
  2. the a-league billboards this season are the most uninspiring yet. the mariners billboard on the f3 had more marketing worth than the ffa ones.
  3. anyone know how many tickets they've sold all up for this. hoping they didnt chuck up the sold out sign, to later find out that the council has capped the capacity to 2000.
  4. calling it now: 11. southern sydney 12. 2nd brisbane 13. south-east melbourne 14. south-west sydney
  5. anyone have the seating map for next season? looks like 5 game memberships havent been contacted about renewal yet.
  6. Better go to Brisbane then! (crosses fingers for Saturday fixture) this
  7. looks like it will be friday night against roar, wont be sunday with both sides backing up with acl duty. usually ffa go with friday and sunday games for the finals series.
  8. free for all, every man and his dog bought an acl away jersey. I got to the merch shop 10 minutes before kick-off and all they had left was mediums.
  9. credit where credit is due for the scheduling of the game against victory. It was a fantastic day out for families with school holidays combined with free easter show access. the only upside of playing at olympic park.
  10. You must have been sitting near me. WST were louder than the RBB in my seats, but WST were closer to the roof so opportunity for thesound to bounce around. They appeared to try to do the same chant acoupkeof times, but were usually a half beat off, turning both groups into a muddy mess. I don't mind two active groups (the more noise the merrier for me) but they need to be further apart like they are at Spotless so they can complement instead of compete. Credit to both RBB and WST tonight. 16k at ANZ can easily be a soulless affair, but I thought the crowd was buzzing a bit this evening. my thoughts exactly.
  11. #YesToCampbelltown for all the reasons listed previous and because spotless stadium is so ****.
  12. in sport wetherill park currently has the home and away jerseys both 50% off
  13. three straight wins in all competitions, finally some good football on the field we can be proud of, the season is finally turning around.
  14. content with grey will look good, refer to icc sydney theatre as an effective use of grey and red seating. as long as the stadium doesnt have the words eels or pirtek spelt out with blue and yellow seats I am content.
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