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  1. Pretty sure Babbel himself was announced on a Saturday.
  2. Be surprised if it’s Lafferty. Scottish press reporting he wants to go back to Hearts, so it doesn’t sound as if he fits Babbel’s criteria of being committed to “the project”.
  3. Is this a veiled hint from one in the know?
  4. Again, I think he’ll be a better player in a side with better players who are all being coached well.
  5. Score not important. They are two weeks from the start of their season. More importantly, we look a well coached side, even when the young guys come on.
  6. Anyone know if it's one of these games with unlimited substitutions allowed? I imagine it will be.
  7. Can we expect an announcement soon? This week?
  8. Sounds like a hothead. Banned for insulting a ref and for chucking a drink bottle at one of his own fans.
  9. Pretty sure I read that Naismith has all but signed for Hearts. They think highly of him, was voted player of the year by the fans and mentors the younger players. Be great if he came, but I don't see it.
  10. Thanks. Shuttle bus sounds good.
  11. How long does it take to walk there from Parramatta Station? Opal app says 24 mins, but the stadium website says 10. I've only ever driven there before, but that's a hassle.
  12. Interesting article here https://redandblackfootball.com/potential-january-marquee-signings/
  13. Also, what's the story with Risdon? Why is he not playing?
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