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  1. Well said. Only other thing I'd add is that you could see the whole time he was perfectly calm and in control, whereas Grant et al were going full rabid. To be perfectly honest, i was actually worried he was going to talk himself into a yellow card the first 20mins or so. If it was your standard A-League ref, he would've then gotten a 2nd yellow and sent off in the second half. Faghani had a great game - now if only FFA/new A-League org can get him to train the other refs to such standards.
  2. Melbourne has been at its miserable best the whole time I've been here since Tuesday. Anyone flying down today - pack for rain and wind.
  3. Add 2. Loved Wellington so much from that away trip 2 yrs ago
  4. I remember watching him play back in my younger days and can't believe he's now going to coach MY team. Not sure about his coaching credentials and seems good on paper. Hopefully he's as great a coach as he was a player. Good on Tomi Juric to have a whisper in his ear
  5. Excited about this signing. Club management showing some serious intent with Babbel on board - now for this intent to translate into not just on-field results but also working towards repairing relationship with the fans.
  6. Probably 1 of the more positive/hopeful posts I've seen from you in awhile FCB!
  7. FFS, I booked leave dates for both Feb and March, the only set of dates I didn't book was April and now it's unavailable cos someone else in my team already has time off. Gonna be so pissed if it does end up being April 26 and can't go to Japan. Been looking forward to it for awhile! Will have to consider Korea instead, not a bad alternative
  8. Dammit, the clock is ticking. I'm pretty sure we find out on ACL draw day (dec 12) the dates we are playing, but the other half is adamant we only know teams in group on the day. Actual match dates will only be finalised 1-2 weeks after? I just want to know now so I can start booking flights. Got family to see in Singapore on the way to Japan, and fares sale is ending soon
  9. Here I thought I was the only looking up ACL matches tonight! I like that 3 of the 4 Japanese teams we could potentially play are within a stone's throw of Tokyo, train transport-wise. Makes away travel that much easier! Also did some geeky fixture analysis from last 2 years and am predicting matches in following order Away-Home-Away-Home-Home-Away. Matchday 1 to be away vs Japan 3rd club. Now I'm ready for egg to be thrown on my face come fixtures-release day An interesting bit of news: http://www.scmp.com/sport/hong-kong/article/2046961/hong-kongs-champions-league-debut-doubt-as
  10. Im a Gunners fan, but WSW have my heart & soul...Wanderers is life itself really. I'll be in WSW colours supporting our boys at this game next year
  11. I've finally calmed down enough to be able to post. What. a. frickin. night! Been under the weather all week, but there was no chance in hell I was gonna miss it. The emotion that welled up when Castelen scored evolved into full-blown tears (ops some sand got in) in my eyes when Dario scored that 5th goal. Unforgettable. This night will be up there in my memories together with the Parra live-site for ACL final.
  12. What an amazing trip it was! Will be going back next year. #besttripiveeverbeenon
  13. Flight booked for 6.45pm tomorrow, headed to airport straight from work. Into Wellington around midnight then to the hotel! Relieved to see pub sorted to watch matches on Friday and Saturday. See you all in Wellington!
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