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  1. haha i know what he was referring too.... i used to go to stereosonic for many years. For a brief moment, it was like the good old days haha
  2. trust me i was there was night.... stereo was in full force but it was beautiful!! P.S the stadium is amazing
  3. Seffa

    World Cup 2018

    trevor long on twitter said the SBS is broadcasting the entire WC now and optus will update us soon check his tweets
  4. According to the latest polls, AFL is the national sport of China whodathunkit?????
  5. to bring this thread back about the coach question: where do you think the highest we will finish under Babbel? what type of football do you think he will play?
  6. so its like NRL league pass? you need to be a telstra customer to access the content? does it have to be on your phone or can you create a username/id and then chromecast off other devices?
  7. im a massive Parramatta Eels fan and NRL in general. nothing makes me fume more than when the ref is literally right at the spot where the try is scored and the ref can literally see the white ball on green grass and the touch judges have not said a word to the main ref and without a doubt a blind person can see that its a try, just because there are in some cases there are say one or two defenders in the in goal area they send it to the bunker. Ive seen at times on the big screen the replay of the try in question not even shown, whats shown is the KFC bucket and two hands still until the decision is called. im not sure what is worse, Maccas in VAR, KFC in the bunker or the big bag kfc bucketheads?
  8. 4. gary van egmond 5. branko culina 6,. miron bliberg
  9. Na man, its heritage listed? if it wasnt the lebo builders would have turned it into units by now? HAHA
  10. https://comb.io/orc7XG BARNEY FOREVER, WIGGIM NEVER
  11. some of the best times had was at the roxy, massive area, big tv, decent drinks and food.
  12. and followed by a 2 hr VAR session to see if it was a penalty
  13. i just realized... the FFA wants the a-league with VAR to become like the NRL and NBA. i could have sworn with the amount of stoppages in play i thought the Eels and Oklahoma City Thunder were playing? was waiting for the try/no try
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