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  1. twitter is magical https://t.co/FbcWVqBP03

  2. Got day drunk and was vomiting on a train home from the city by 6PM and my life has never felt more pathetic than right now.

  3. What a gracious way of saying goodbye. You'll always be my favourite person named Alberto. https://t.co/IicF0eikFq

  4. Dan: Mum, let me take you out for dinner!Mum: Nah, I'm going out with my friends instead. You can stay at home by yourself.#MothersDay

  5. Look guys, I'm not saying I'm the next Messi - but every game I've played this year my team has won and every game I haven't, they've lost.

  6. I have a real problem where I think every bald person I see is George from Masterchef.

  7. Curious to see who Popa brings in to fill the Madaschi-Sim role next season. Vital to our success.

  8. Another season, another team throwing shade at me. https://t.co/CJJ3EHZCIw

  9. If either MV or SFC win the ACL, as a Wanderers fan I get to claim the victory as our own because "our success inspired them" right?

  10. *gets to training*Coach: "Let's give a round of applause to our player who paid $800 to go across the country to see his team lose!"

  11. **** off to all of you non-sports people in my life who refuse to understand why Leceister winning is such a big deal.

  12. Boy does it feel good to be home.

  13. Adelaide has been a ghost town since about 8PM. This sucks.

  14. Congratulations to Adelaide, the more clinical on the night. All of the money and time worth. This club is something special. #COYW

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