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  1. So my mate just enrolled my indoor team in few competitions over the next few months, this could possibly mean me missing few more wsw games. Not sure how to feel about this.....
  2. I don't like cats, but that's my neighbors fault
  3. Lisa: I'm a monster! Homer: No, lisa, you're not a monster. The only monster here is the gambling monster that has enslaved your mother, and I call him Gamblor! We must save your mother from his neon claws!
  4. Hahaha, just watching that exact episode now lol
  5. I am not a seafood type of person as well besides Fish and Scallops, I don't touch seafood either
  6. *note to self* "Never send dick pics to female friends"
  7. Yes Marron, we know you're a teacher I work in a communications company that doesn't communicate very well
  8. So you work for the government then I'm from the west. I'm your classic Centrelink bludger Aren't you too? No I don't work for the government, but I do steal money of them as well Uggh me too I'm going away for a month to the US in two weeks time so I haven't taken any extra time off these holidays because I need all the leave I can get for my trip. The rest of my team are away, so I have my normal work plus their work and then all the work that would have come in over the past few day too... Makes me want to cry just thinking about it What do you guys do for a living? Got 3 weeks of holidays left. When you're on the dole, don't you have 52 weeks of holidays every year?
  9. I am master manipulator, I manipulate and steal money of people. You?
  10. I got plenty of work to get through tomorrow, and that's not including all the other work that I would have received during this past few days Not looking forward to it to be honest....
  11. I dont get the Seinfeld humor either...
  12. Might check out the bbc crew for next home game, depending if I have a game or not
  13. Why is the singles/relationship thread locked? What did I miss out on?
  14. so I can get free bulldogs memberships now?
  15. Money talks, if you are paid to make no sense, you will start making no sense because you got paid for it....
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