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  1. stolen you know who you are that made this Well I just googled names for a new bay and stumbled across an article on the Northern Terrace.They now want to be known as the Caring Understanding Northern Terrace Supporters for short C.U.N.T.S they are a bunch or a pack or a terrace full of C.U.N.T.S so that title is already gone but will keep searching
  2. saw a cpc sticker at the boom gate in the city very very nice
  3. yes you can, you can walk around the whole stadium if you wanted ahah
  4. im not saying dont go but, after everything thats happend it might you know but **** the victory **** the victory melbourne boys are still number 2
  5. leaving at 5:00 tomorrow solid drive down **** yes!!! and remember melbourne police are more strict 1 speed over and your gone !

    Goal Chant

    tbh i miss the mosh in the wdwsf
  7. shuuu can we have details before the 26th i can never get on here without a laptop and im heading down on that day?
  8. that top one is through that little alley near the station ae

    Flag me up!

    he means the fist he hates it ahhaa
  10. yeah it is all the same walking through each gate aha looking to sell a bay 10 ticket anyone interested $20.00
  11. thanks to a top bloke Bruce L the legend bought me an active ticket ! yewww legend
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