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  1. We must have a different understanding of the meaning of the word You. 2 hours ago, theseeker said: You did. For example talk about him possibly scoring 20 goals a season. Have another look , massive amount of posts.
  2. You may have me confused with someone who knows far more about the round ball code than I. Edit: I can attest to Stringer being a Bellend. Afterall, he does also support Everton
  3. Cox a messiah? I must have missed all that praiseworthy commentary.
  4. Craig Moore has signalled his interest
  5. Our youth squad are known as WSW Reserves on the NYL website
  6. That was a dream of the previous mayor, but he got turfed out after one term. Liverpool now longer have a showground, we're paupers The Oasis concept sent a few politicians to prison & almost sent the L'Pool Council & Bulldogs RLFC to the wall
  7. IIRC, Nigro signed with an NPL club recently
  8. I doubt the Wanderbus will be full or over subscribed for this CCM game. More likely it gets cancelled if the #'s don't warrant it making the trek up the F3
  9. I have no issue with HPark or other burbs such as GHills etc attaching themselves to WSW, rather than the Come By Chance franchise. It makes perfect sense to me, given your residing in the area proceeds their AL bid
  10. He's obviously a tosser who is obsessed with other peeps lives, rather than his own sheltered existence. I've lived in #2170 & have done so for 20 years, since I lived on acreage in Kemps Creek #2178. There can be no doubt about the boundaries of Liverpool Council, who backed the WSW bid to the point of drawing up plans for a stadium in the recreational heart of Liverpool adjacent to the Whitlam Centre. A simply google search would verify where the Liverpool Council boundaries end & the Campbelltown / Macarthur boundaries begin. https://www.liverpool.nsw.gov.au/council/The-Liverpool-Area/maps-of-liverpool What any of this has to do with Babbel's sacking is puzzling to say the least. For the uninitiated, there is a dedicated thread for discussion regarding Macarthur Bulls. https://www.westsydneyfootball.com/forums/topic/7533-macarthur-fc-season-202021/?tab=comments#comment-678656
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