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  1. Treejack isn't welcome at WSW, but he may appeal to CCM given they lost DDS.
  2. We finished 8th again. #RobboOut
  3. He was linked with us during the January window. We signed a youth GK from the Jets, when the deal didn't proceed.
  4. Indeed. That's what held the release of the draw up initially.
  5. I know where they wanted to play it. They were told to f__k off.
  6. You'd be an alright bloke, if you weren't a toffee!
  7. So they can warehouse the product & **** it over just like Channel 7. That would only makes sense to those who wish to halt the rise of the world game down under.
  8. If you're offside, you're clearly seeking an advantage. Under the old interpretation, which was in vogue when I played, Lokolingoy would have also been deemed to be offside, as he was having a bludge or clearly seeking an advantage. Bring back the old interpretation & make attacking players accountable for their actions. Btw, **** the Nix. I don't feel sorry for them. #NixOut
  9. Is Aussie Pat a forgotten man or is he being prepared for an MT in the upcoming window?
  10. I've got no time for attacking players who have a bludge in an offside position. Also our Gk isn't going to win us any silverware. We lack cohesion & don't value possession.
  11. One of our 'strikers' was shown up by his younger sister again last night.
  12. Robbo has released 4 scholarship players & signed a couple of replacements since he arrived. He doesn't appear to muck around if players don't have the right attitude, a desire to improve or can contribute to the overall squad.
  13. Turner has crossed over to the dark side.
  14. They'll be at Bankwest in mid March. Plenty to digest in the twitter thread below.
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