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  1. Yeboah was a bench or impact player at Roar. He doesn't have the same impact on a game when he starts, much like Santa.
  2. Agents don't always get the payday they anticipate
  3. The good thing is, had we signed Zlatan rather than Alex, we'd be false favourites this afternoon. I hope it takes a while longer for them to recognise the quality of our BSL2 squad
  4. There hasn't been any noticeable change today in the price of WSW, in any of the AL futures markets as yet http://odds.aussportsbetting.com/betting?competitionid=5&function=outrightodds_oo2&outright=Minor+Premiers&websiteid=1856&oddsType=&swif=&whitelabel=#oo2
  5. Willkommen Alexander! He'll bring silverware to our club. I really can't ask for more than that
  6. Yeboah may have to settle for being our impact attacker off the bench. Every successful team has someone who can come on with 20/30 mins to go & impact the result
  7. If only the Bavarian was still trading
  8. Hey @sonar I know you're suffering with the ManFlu & I don't wish to make your day any worse, but, I withheld this info last night, not by design, but for a reason. We almost secured his services last season. #Checkthedate The Walker @MrWalkerAgent Alexander Meier set to be revealed by #WSW 10:44 AM · Jul 25, 2018·Twitter for iPhone
  9. Don't worry be happy, just critique all the starting 11's that others post
  10. That may be the starting projection, but, in my regular weekly convo's with him, he's becoming more & more confident of getting back on the pitch in some shape or form sooner than that.
  11. Close, remove Kamau & replace him with this bloke, as he will become our 12th man on the pitch, once his signing is announced. It's a level playing field now Smurfettes A-League Hub @AleagueHub The full story from @SmithiesTele https://dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/football/a-league/world-cup-referee-alireza-faghani-heading-to-the-aleague/news-story/49492563a79cfd6f956fd6107dc4ac12… 8:32 PM · Sep 19, 2019·Twitter Web App
  12. Greenwood is only on an NYL (amateur contract) & lets hope it stays that way. He's not officially an AL squad member, but, trains with the squad on a regular basis. It's not helping, he's not improving
  13. Soon, although his initial minutes may be in a trial v's Roar on the Gold Coast
  14. Thanks for that Papersun. Benny was a better diplomat than I'll ever be
  15. You're assuming again & reading far too much into his media comments & taking them too literally. He only says what he believes is relevant & isn't one to expand upon the minor details, particularly in english, which isn't his native or preferred language.
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