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  1. In, may as well wander along. Not much else to do on a Friday night when it's been 40+ degrees in the day
  2. Dumb move. He & his parents were offered a meeting with MB who suggested to him that he had a future at WSW, however, he took the easy route via CCM.
  3. Plenty of daylight in our academy. May take a year or two for a couple of them to make the progression to AL squad members, but they're coming
  4. No, Grozos. I don't rate Tokich, poor body positioning & doesn't value possession.
  5. Taurus

    2018/19 Injury Status

    Kosta would most likely return in the NYL Derby next Saturday
  6. He's been injured since Young Socceroos went to Asia 2 - 3 months ago. There's no lack of hype, the lad has got his own hastag #NoGrozosNoParty
  7. Grozos > daylight > Baccus Jnr > daylight > Tokich
  8. I hope we lose every game, coz we got it way too good to start with
  9. In, what else is there to do Hurry up Huey, throw it down
  10. At least we scored We go again Tuesday night
  11. Nope that was Moudi Najjar. RN declined the offer of a 2 year deal at WSW, to go OS on trial for 3 - 6 months. When he returned he signed a scholarship deal with Heart
  12. Aspro was offered a further contract with WSW, but chose to further his career at CCM