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  1. In, as always. Expecting McGree to tear us a new one, unless one or more of the single ladies of Western Sydney, kidnap him prior to the game & tie him to the bed posts. The challenge has been made ladies
  2. We sold Fathead for approx $1.3 million, in the twilight of his career. Keanu & Tass are both earmarked for sale to overseas clubs only
  3. Not in my opinion, but others may disagree.
  4. Some WSW players are destined to end up at Mac Bulls
  5. Monster Koutas played 90 minutes vs NWF or GHSA (Spirit) at VSP on Sunday night. He should be our central CB in any back 3, E.O.S.
  6. Plenty of marine device incidents have occurred at NPL games in the recent past & club were put on notice, that they'd lose 12 points if it happened again. That would possibly spell relegation this season
  7. Yes, members of the board want it too, whenever possible.
  8. Home games get me excited, coz I get to catch up, eat pizza & drink ales with plenty of homies. Trips to Kogarah don't do it for me, sorry. Even Allianz lost it's appeal towards the end, but I kept attending. ICYMI, I've attended WSW NPL trials games v's Sutho at Seymour Shaw (Miranda) on Saturday & v's Apia at WSW COE on Wednesday, since the Derby was called off. I got drenched on both occasions, but the spirit & desire on display, made it worth the effort. Next NPL trial v's SpiritFC is at Christie Park on Sunday evening, I'll see you there.
  9. Fabz the 2018/19 NYL POTY hadn't trained with the AL squad for many months. In other news JP has attended the last few NPL trials, mainly i would assume, to keep an eye on a misfiring JO'D, as i doubt he's discovered a passion for youth football all of a sudden. It would also be remiss on me, not to mention how good Natta was @ CB again last night. He was impregnable & plays the game at a level, well beyond his 17 years.
  10. Not BCD. Trials are open to all & are advertised on NSW Football's website. http://websites.sportstg.com/comp_info.cgi?a=ROUND&c=1-9353-0-551341-0&pool=1&round=10 We have 2 trials coming up in the North West at Christie Park. On Sunday at 7pm our NPL2 + potentially AL youth squad members will play Spirit FC & on Tuesday at 8pm, predominately our 20 B's will play Gladesville Ryde Magic.
  11. One is guaranteed a high # of mugs, will attend every WSW home ground. Be sultry rather than salty folks
  12. How can you not admire #ScoMo In recent weeks, his thoughts & prayers have produced drought breaking rains & put out the fires. Bloke deserves a knighthood
  13. Greenwood has finally been tossed into the sea Kalac Jnr has assumed the role of NPL2 custodian, with Jack Gibson as his understudy. Jamie Percevski did a calf injury in the 1st minute v's Apia last night. Head to twitter if you require further details on the trial played at WSW COE. In summary, we we're good value & Monge was a standout. He appears to be getting his confidence back, after the departure of Babbel.
  14. Nothing to report as yet, discussions are still at a primitive stage.
  15. @MathyouWSW, decline the invite if your partner isn't welcome, EOS.
  16. I suspect the game will be rescheduled for the weekend of 29th Feb & 1st March when we were expecting to have a bye. I may know more tonight
  17. I just received an SMS alert to evacuate to higher ground from Sandy Point & Pleasure Point. It's pretty crazy out there atm, as we've received a further 174mls of rain to 11pm tonight.
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