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  1. You'd be an alright bloke, if you weren't a toffee!
  2. So they can warehouse the product & **** it over just like Channel 7. That would only makes sense to those who wish to halt the rise of the world game down under.
  3. If you're offside, you're clearly seeking an advantage. Under the old interpretation, which was in vogue when I played, Lokolingoy would have also been deemed to be offside, as he was having a bludge or clearly seeking an advantage. Bring back the old interpretation & make attacking players accountable for their actions. Btw, **** the Nix. I don't feel sorry for them. #NixOut
  4. Is Aussie Pat a forgotten man or is he being prepared for an MT in the upcoming window?
  5. I've got no time for attacking players who have a bludge in an offside position. Also our Gk isn't going to win us any silverware. We lack cohesion & don't value possession.
  6. One of our 'strikers' was shown up by his younger sister again last night.
  7. Robbo has released 4 scholarship players & signed a couple of replacements since he arrived. He doesn't appear to muck around if players don't have the right attitude, a desire to improve or can contribute to the overall squad.
  8. Turner has crossed over to the dark side.
  9. They'll be at Bankwest in mid March. Plenty to digest in the twitter thread below.
  10. Mutch got some minutes under his belt against SU58 last week in a trial match. He'll be a useful addition when fully fit. #ShootFarken
  11. I'm guessing, but I don't think I'm far away from the actual words exchanged. Brimmer was trying to get under his skin whilst he waited to take the pen.
  12. Dorrans said to Brimmer, I've played in the premier League dropkick. Suck on that
  13. Rory was on the 2nd tier of our youth prospects. Original post has been edited as I may have confused RJ with Cristian Volpato, who did reside in Hunter's Hill & is currently on trial at Roma. CV was released by both SFC & WSW in consecutive years, before moving on to Aust Football Academy run by Tony Basha.
  14. Did anyone who attended the game capture any decent images of the Mac Bulls active supporters in the 'Bullpen', that they would like to share? Note - I have a reason for requesting them as I may use them in a social media post, I'm preparing.
  15. Taurus

    Mohamed Adam

    Ali Auglah has taken his opportunities & was probably considered a better long term option.
  16. Advantage us coming off a 10 day break.
  17. How good was Natta on debut. I've been singing his praises for a while, because he reminds me of a left footed version of Spira. Lad has quite a future & could play at a higher level.
  18. Not a bad result given our poor 1st half performance. The playing group should derive plenty of confidence from their 2nd half effort. 5th, I'll take that atm.
  19. He must, as I haven't spoken to Carl in the last couple of weeks
  20. Ok, so does anyone have a link to the interview that Bozza did with Robbo on FoxSportsNews tonight? Unfortunately, I can't find it on Kayo.
  21. Not sure what you want the club to say other than WSW have seen 40% - 50% of it's peak membership base, wander away in the last couple of seasons.
  22. 9.5k last I heard 10 days ago. Still more than the smurfs, from what I'm told.
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