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  1. WSW to get in behind CCM's midfield at will & create multiple chances. I'm expecting a convincing 3 or 4 nil victory
  2. We've tried to elude to it previously, as ABJ & some of the other visa players, weren't committed to the project at WSW over the last couple of seasons. MB hasn't said it now for no reason. None of our current crop of players would give a stuff & he's probably trying to get into ABJ's head & getting him to start thinking about his comments in the lead up to the Derby. #Sportsmanship
  3. I didn't spot Sullivan it that video. The blonde lad is Jake Trew from the u20's. If we assume the players not appearing in the video are only bench options at best, I'd reckon MB may go with this starting 11. Lopar McGowen, Tass, Jurman Tarek, Baccus, Pirmin, DG Grozos Meier, Duke
  4. No point risking any of Kamau, Yeboah or Ziegler, so early in the season, if they're not 100%
  5. Todays last training season at Wanderland 2.0 will be more insightful. I don't think you're far away from our starting back 6 (Kamau to start at RWB), but, Wilmering won't start at #10
  6. I've been able to print ff the ECARD, but, that still doesn't explain why we appear to stuff up a simply process each & every year
  7. Last season we scored & conceded 54 goals, in what was the worst defensive season in our short history. Over the last 3 seasons, we've gone from conceding 1.25 goals per game, under the custodianship of Spider & Redmayne, to conceding 1.75 gpg under Davide Del Giovine & Vedran in 17/18, to last seasons diabolical result of conceding 2.0 gpg. If we seek to return to the top echelon of the competition, we need to score 10 goals more per season & more importantly concede at least 15 goals or .60 gpg less. If we can't achieve this type of defensive result across the 26 rounds, given we've bolstered our defensive stocks & have a new home to play at, the focus must surely turn to the last line of defence, as being the area of greatest concern.
  8. Not much interest in here, so I won't proceed with the idea this season. I will however, be joining this competition & look forward to winning some of the Smurfs & other club supporters' moneyz Enrique @enriqueaplus9 Season starts tomorrow! Enter the tipping comp if keen! Taking over @PissantPower in organising. $30 entry fee. http://footytips.com.au/comps/gotta_be… Password to join is: milos19 ESPNfootytips Australia's largest tipping site footytips.com.au 12:53 PM · Oct 10, 2019·Twitter for iPhone
  9. I don't care if either is wrong, provided we lift the Premiers Plate & reclaim our spot in Asia
  10. No news is good news. I'm sure the media will be out & about seeking a story today
  11. Still waiting for pack to arrive. Member # <1500
  12. Thanks for posting @BigDukes I knew about most of the content of your post, from my discussions with the Woolie, but didn't think it appropriate to elaborate on here. It's disappointing that the decision doesn't rest with Eric, as I've always found him far minded & accommodating. I can understand there position to a point, as the RBB would quickly outgrow the venue again, which may again have a flow on effect on their current business model. But seriously, to deny mainstream WSW supporters such as members of this forum, with an opportunity to gather in reasonable numbers (50 max) & support their revenue base, whilst not taking over the venue, is nonsensical. Anyway, it's best we put all that crap from the last 3 years of being a nomadic tribe behind us & raise a glass to a fruitful & stress free season, both on the pitch at Wanderland 2.0 & in the terraces.
  13. Still waiting, only 4 days before season commences. Maybe they are delivering the foundation members packs last
  14. It's not a local decision. The bloke that manager all the pubs within the group, makes the decisions. I don't think he's got a real handle on what to expect tbh
  15. Royal Oak it is. I've made enquiries with the Woolie & they're not prepared to do anything for WSW fans, (get this) given we've not been venturing to their venue for the last 3 years. Whilst they're happy for WSW supporters to frequent their venue, 20 or so drank there before the Leeds game, they're not interested in allowing groups of WSW fans to congregate there as it brings unwarranted attention from the Fuzz. Anyone wishing to join the march, can do so at Phillips Park.
  16. What are you talking about? Sullivan started at 10, so being the only real change to our line up
  17. My m'ship pack has an ETA of 8th October
  18. Early in the pre-season we played with 2 x #10's & a #9. In recent games we've played with 1 x #10 & 2 x #9's. Either can work. Our selections will largely depend on the opponent we're facing & the players that are available to start the game.
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