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  1. It’s getting worrying now. Every interview I hear is all about giving the youth a chance. Don’t really know many quality experiences aussies still available to sign (unless we’re forcing them out of a contract)
  2. Didn’t Antonis just have a knee reconstruction?
  3. Any idea on the formation we may have lined up with?
  4. MacArthur to sign Benat... we sign Victory youth...
  5. Rumour doing the rounds it’s Anthony Lesiotis...
  6. You assuming I love what the club has become?
  7. Will we find out what our new kits look like or do we just wait for FIFA 21 in a few days to find out? Lol
  8. I thought it was odd reading this comment within the article. There is no real need for it: ‘It’s been pleasing to see that, throughout the process, Sydney FC has worked in good faith with their players in a respectful manner.’ then I looked at who the author was.... lol
  9. With reduced wages I doubt we would get anyone better.
  10. Which free transfers are available? Don’t think there are much better around (aussies).
  11. Im pretty certain they lost the playoff and theyre relegated. Edit: Just read they are challenging the relegation call for different reasons.
  12. Didnt think of that, would make sense. Although he would be dropping a division.
  13. Nico Martinez seems to be leaving Aris in Greece.
  14. Rumours are Fornaroli wants out at Perth. TBH I can see ESFC sign him if Le Fondre goes. Bobo has signed somewhere already...
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