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  1. This game just showed how vital Baccus is in our midfield...bossing out there despite not playing for the past three weeks Should have beat City last week, Should have beat the Smurfs tonight: We'll be the dark horses of the finals series if we can get in there...
  2. A system that relies on the wings getting forward and overloading sides being played by two inexperienced and ineffective players. Not entirely the young ones faults, but whenever they got the ball they looked stranded. We had an overrun midfield because Muller doesn’t seem to defend (although attacking wise looks the part) ziegler had a routine header to clear the ball (1st goal). McGowan gives the ball away cheaply for the 3rd, then Ziegler commits to O’Neill unnecessarily and Jurman chops inman down in the box. All 3 at the back , just comical. JP is not the answer... Rant over!
  3. Do we have a replacement for Georgievski? He’s been horrendous. Can’t think of one of the top of my head.
  4. Tass was our best CB in preseason, playing as the central CB in a back 3. Hoping at some point he is given that role again this season
  5. There’s always been the odd murmurs and rumours going around that WU may be struggling money wise.
  6. Diamanti is available and keen to stay another year in Oz
  7. It’s a Bossi article😂. How many can we get before the rescheduled derby?
  8. According to SST Marcarthur have missed out on Jurman.
  9. Muller off contract next season? was a bit of an X factor going forward today...
  10. I wonder if it’s because we had 4 keepers on the book at the start on the year
  11. Curious to see how different we play with JP at the helm. Dont know why, but I have a feeling we will go 442/4222 similar to Corica and talay... anyone seen them train In a particular setup?
  12. Dario Vidošić is free. A 6 month contract would suit us depending on how JP wants us to line up
  13. Are Nix in the comp next year 100%? if not swaying Talay to come over could be a lot easier.
  14. Babbel changed formation to suit Meier. With Cox in, and a player babbel supposedly wanted previously but couldn’t get in, I wonder if babbel now returns to his original 352 formation we saw against Leeds and All pre season.
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