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  1. Go back to 352, 343. The way we prepared for all year, before we signed Meier. technically we are below par, misplaced passes and poor first touches.
  2. I specifically asked a guy on twitter who was at the game if it was 3 or 4 atb. He said 4....hopefully he knows his stuff
  3. I was told by someone at the game that we had 4 at the back.... just what I heard
  4. We played a different formation today, whether it’s lack of players or babbel is trying things. I wouldn’t read too much into it
  5. He was training with a MLS team recently to keep fit.
  6. Alexander Meier??? “Alexander Meier is not yet busy with a career end. The legend of Eintracht Frankfurt has been without a club since summer, but is still speculating on an engagement with an "interesting" club." https://bit.ly/2lNxM0a
  7. Could it be a loan agreement rather than a release? -Different to what we have? Must be a tall target man
  8. Reckon Roly would have thrived in this formation playing as a CAM with two ST's in front of him.
  9. No Schwegler tomorrow. I would assume Wilmering will take his spot. I was confident...not so much now
  10. Yeh I know. This may rule him out from going to WU
  11. Mowbray never officially declined the move, only what he thought because he hadn’t heard from Graham yet. The move could still go ahead, by the sounds of it
  12. Just give Schwegler the Alex Tobin award already.... (or is it Johnny warren award?)
  13. Did Duke play as a wingback in Japan? He could cover that position as well
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