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  1. And Victory are just about to sign a top quality CB in Roderick Miranda… so it’s possible, just need to be ambitious enough and $$$
  2. Bit underwhelming if he is a marquee. Already two of Xanthis attackers are here in the league. I mean we had muller, would he be an upgrade? 17 games 2 goals last year. One goal he missed a pen and scored the rebound.
  3. Victor Sanchez departed WU due to COVID restrictions and all that. I wonder, with the lockdown we are in, if this is turning foreign players away from playing here?
  4. Tbh Jets have recruited well. I wonder if we are waiting till transfer ddeadline day in europe to pick up players?
  5. Baccus was preferred over Troisi in the last few games and if Baccus ain’t leaving, troisi may get the tap on the shoulder. or we sell him for money which would be good!
  6. Could be another loan move like Petratos' was.
  7. Going to assume they’re wleague signings, Not getting the hopes up lol
  8. I noticed a few people mention his name with those eyes emojis. I didnt think much of it at the time. Not sure if it's him based on @THEWANDERERSPOST recent post
  9. Noticed a few people on twitter hinting that we are interested in him.
  10. 2 Marquees + 2 designated players outside the cap (practically 4 marquees sort of). I think Rojas and Ikon are two of them, Brazilian winger would be one as well when he signs. I think Hemed would be one for us. The other 3??? Who knows?? Knowing our history, we will probably not use these spots.
  11. I wonder if Victory reduce $10 from Paramount subscriptions and add it in to their membership costs?
  12. Triantis looked like a solid CB when I saw him play a few NPL games. Played as a LCB in a 3 at the back formation. Can’t remember if he was a left footer. A league is another level though.
  13. We've had our last two announcements on Sundays. Dare I say we go three Sundays in a row?
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