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  1. I’m rewatching it now. 100% I actually don’t think we were too bad first half. Agree 2nd half terrible until we switched to a 4231 with the introduction of Ibini and Cox. Passing is still poor but would improve if we stayed with the formation.
  2. The formation we play usually allows the opposing teams LB and RB to bomb on down the line. Wilmering and Aquilina can’t commit too early as they may expose the CBs. So they get out eventually but by then we have given the wingbacks atleast 3-4 seconds to receive the ball and decide what to do next.
  3. If we had to Loan Tass out, then get rid of 3 at the back, but don’t see it happening.
  4. Disregarding the poor officiating again: We can’t play out. Forget formations, we can’t string 4-5 forward passes together. We give the ball away under pressure so easily. It took 60-70min for something to finally work (Kamau goal: quality). I’ll say it week in and week out: Muller is done. I don’t mind Troisi as an #8. Our wingbacks are not good enough to be a top 2 team in the system that we play.
  5. What’s amazing is that we have 1000 central midfielders and no one on the bench to sub baccus off at half time
  6. Tass, Baccus, Natta all have potential to be sold overseas. Knowing our club, we wouldnt be trading them out for another midfielder. JOD is a replacement for Ugarkovic, so it makes sense. Tass....no, wont be happening.
  7. There’s absolutely no way Tass will go on loan. He is a starting CB, it’s surely a communication error with Gatty, possibly another CB in Ziegler. Tass was only out because of an injury, not performance wise. CR is a lunatic if he allows Tass to go. With a two for one swap, it would allow room for another Aussie CB/LWB. Jurman in favour over in Greece? Is Jason Davidson a possibility???
  8. Going against the grain here, but I thought Troisi as an #8 was good. We held the ball better than having baccus there. Troisi had great stats last year with Adelaide, but didn’t play as a #10. He had a deeper role like he did tonight. Overall though, with the depth we have we should be top 2. It’s not good enough. We play a system that relies on wingbacks getting up and down and being a threat (eg. Popa had 2 Socceroos, Franjic and Davidson when he won the premiers plate). We’ve got two young kids doing their best, but they’re not top 2 team material (yet?). Baccus gives the ball aw
  9. Just watched the mini match again (dont know why)... Same problem we have had all season....we cant deal with crosses. This includes the GK and 3 CBs + WBs. Margush struggles to catch a cross and elects to punch. If you punch, you need to clear the 18yard box. 3 CB's barely offer any competition on crosses. McGowan being the centre of three, crosses usually evade him as their near or far post. Natta not good enough in the air, ziggy is okay. I wonder if Vukovic would be happy with a 6 month deal??? No real CB's available, will have to make do. We need some real he
  10. -Robinson basically called out Maclaren for diving. -muller is finished -Margush can’t punch clear -subs+switch the 4231 killed the game
  11. Noone and Nabbout play high and wide. Who from #WSW pick them up early? Natta and Gordon expected to get out there? That will open more space for Maclaren to punish us. Wingbacks to be way more defensive? Allows Atkinson and Jameson to cause trouble. This area (high and wide) will be our Achilles heel against a a team with 3 at the front, and very wide attacking players like Nabbout and Noone, even if we play well.
  12. Did Cox have his shirt? Yes. Was there enough force for him to fall forward? No Watch in slo-mo and it looks like a pen. Watch in real time and it’s clear you see a delayed dive. Glad VAR was having none of it. Speed and Archie on the other hand....
  13. Robinson switched to 4 at the back in the last game (way too late) when Ziggy came off. So u never know, he might change it eventually. WU play 352 as well, so basically we could just play what we have been playing. Don’t think we have played against many teams yet that play 352 ( Newcastle??).
  14. Mustapha Amini was at the game again
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