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  1. Which free transfers are available? Don’t think there are much better around (aussies).
  2. Im pretty certain they lost the playoff and theyre relegated. Edit: Just read they are challenging the relegation call for different reasons.
  3. Didnt think of that, would make sense. Although he would be dropping a division.
  4. Nico Martinez seems to be leaving Aris in Greece.
  5. Rumours are Fornaroli wants out at Perth. TBH I can see ESFC sign him if Le Fondre goes. Bobo has signed somewhere already...
  6. So let the rumours of a us signing a '15-20goal' striker begin! Who's off contract? Aussie wise - I think Giannou is. havent seen enough of him yet though
  7. Poor guy, I remember Popa playing him out of his position for most of his stint with us. LW I believe. Has looked the goods since returning. Will always be remembered for scoring against Arsenal
  8. Would like to see an actual CAM play in that position.... Hoping Tass, Schwegler, Grozos and Kamau get a start. two goals for Duke will make him our top Scorer in a season I believe...
  9. In the end, Duke is an Aussie Striker, born and bred in West Sydney, scores 14 goals in a team coming 9th, half season played as a LW, scores in big games. We’re crazy to have not tied him down already
  10. With Muller out, where is Kosta Grozos these days? Injured?
  11. Don’t see the formation changing at all. You would assume Cox and Schwegler will start. Wouldn’t mind Russell playing LWB if Kamau is back.
  12. This game just showed how vital Baccus is in our midfield...bossing out there despite not playing for the past three weeks Should have beat City last week, Should have beat the Smurfs tonight: We'll be the dark horses of the finals series if we can get in there...
  13. A system that relies on the wings getting forward and overloading sides being played by two inexperienced and ineffective players. Not entirely the young ones faults, but whenever they got the ball they looked stranded. We had an overrun midfield because Muller doesn’t seem to defend (although attacking wise looks the part) ziegler had a routine header to clear the ball (1st goal). McGowan gives the ball away cheaply for the 3rd, then Ziegler commits to O’Neill unnecessarily and Jurman chops inman down in the box. All 3 at the back , just comical. JP is not the answer... Rant over!
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